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Found 31 results

  1. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece (This takes place sometime in 621) It was another pleasant day in Arlinsport. The well manucrued lawns of the University of Tiberia fluttered gently in the breeze, as Agnes Mesabi walked to a surprise meeting at the Mesabi Hall of Geology. A squat, and tough building, the Geology Hall was a recent addition to the University. It's construction, of course, was made possible with the new influx of funds the Mesabi family had charitably dumped into the University. While the Mesabi family was quite dreaded across the Brick Seas, their vast wealth and willingness to keep up appearances had lead them to dump large amounts of capital into Corrington's colonial educational institutions. This allowed for several educational institutions to add new facilities.... provided they put up with "Mesabi Shenanigans" on the premises. Agnes Count Mesabi's harridan of a wife, walked into the halls of the Geology building. Her stiletto heels clacked with each step, ominously announcing her arrival. In the research labratory, WTC Leader Karl Mordo chatted with a Professor of Minerology. "So you see, with these samples, we're hoping that we can identify a common pattern." Said Mordo gruffly. Agnes burst into the labratory. "Karl Mordo! My old friend and confidant. Can you guess why I'm here?" Said Agnes in a nail bitingly aggressive tone. " you've come to kill me then...." Said Mordo cooly. He reached into his holster, and drew a pistol. "At LEAST you had the decency to come do it YOURSELF!" "Hey, easy there Mordo..." said Agnes, a little slower, but no less agressively. "Let's talk this out..." With a quick motion, Agnes was behind the Professor, pistol in hand. "TRY SHOOTING ME THROUGH MY NERD SHIELD YOU ****!" She yelled, Aiming her pistol squarely at Mordo's forehead. [/url] The two aimed their pistols at each other for a solid 30 seconds, neither blinking. The Geology professor stood nervously, too afraid to say a word. A grad student cowered in the corner. "...So you're not here to kill me?" Asked Mordo mildly sheepishly. "What? No, I just thought I'd surprise you while I was here to giva a speech for the 'Women in Business' event." Said Agnes, mildly annoyed. The two lowered their pistols. The Geology Professor Scattered. "So, I had a proposal for the WTC to expand our business opportunities." said Agnes. "Involves some things with Oleon, involves the sale of some less than legal merchandise....." Mordo sighed. "You ran out of money in Namere again, didn't you?" "Look, overthrowing governments is hard and expensive! We're certainly not winning the hearts and minds at the moment. But I'm thinking throwing even more money at the situation will fix things." Said Agnes, rolling her eyes. Mordo grunted, and walked over to a chair. "I'm trying to use science to improve our prospecting, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need to find a different professor to work with, thanks to your antics." Agnes ignored him, and handed him a piece of paper. "Lemme just get your signature, and I'll keep the fact you just tried to kill me on the down low." Mordo glanced over the document. "You really like this Namere thing." He muttered. He signed the piece of paper, and handed a copy back to Agnes. Agnes turned and left. "Oh, and if I wanted you dead Mordo?" She paused, smiling to herself. "I'd just hire someone to do it." FIN Thanks for viewing the build! This continues my work on the Royal "University of Tiberia" project that I've had going since.... 2018. With the current rate of progress I'm making on it, (about 1000 studs per year) I should be done in 2027! Honestly, looking back on my project writeup, I'm not satisfied with what I have their, so I'll probably get it fixed. If anyone is interested in helping, do pm me in the meantime. Regardless, enjoyed building this one. I originally planned to have it be set in Mesabi Landing, leading to a more squat look, but I didn't feel like the style was really working for that settlement. So, I changed up some parts of the build, and set as a part of this project. Storywise, this ties in with my long neglected TMCRA, with Agnes trying to overthrow parts of Namere. Karl Mordo is @Darnok's player character, and he told me that the story was fine, as long as " Set it some time in the past." Thus, the disclaimer at the beginning. I'm also referencing his many prospecting builds on behalf of the WTC. I'm sure this also would lower the IC opinions of everyone of Agnes Mesabi.... if they weren't already rock bottom. Anyway, thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated, and lets hope this royal build gets done!
  2. Hi there, inhabitants of New Terra, pretty late, but here goes, presenting my first FB this month: The 'Royal Shipyards' in Breshaun With the ever growing demand for new ships in the waters of New Terra the naval yards in mainland Oleon alone cannot keep up. So some time ago already the 'Office Royal de la Marine' had decided to set up a branch of the 'Royal Shipyards' in the city of Breshaun, providing high-quality shipbuilding and ship maintenance expertise on-site. The compound is flourishing. It's constantly growing in size, and new buildings and installations are being added regularly, obvious proof of Oleon's expanding presence on the waves, as well as Breshaun's increasing importance for the Empire. Last month I presented a small peripheral facility to you, this time we're visiting the entrance of the 'Royal Shipyards' main compound situated directly at the mouth of Breshaun's harbor. about: Not much to say about it, could have been larger, but this month was pretty crowded. All is buildable, I'm kind of cool with the way the gate's arch turned out, the rest is rather regular business. The 'Crown-Wheel-Anchor'TM is the registered emblem of the 'Royal Shipyards' The architectural style is influenced by buildings I saw in Rochefort, France. It was a fun build, experienting with two colored walls and a SNOTed ceiling, but making the rider hold that letter was a real annoying job More of this shipyard is likely to follow. Thanks for watching, C&C as always very welcome! Vive le Roi!
  3. Ahoy there, fellow BoBS'ers. Nothing much today, just another little scene along the river a bit upstream of Lavalette. Up And Down The River While barrels full of peppercorn are floating downstream towards Lavalette - okay, sometimes they get stuck - the other direction is not less frequented. Here you can see a dedicated crew transporting a waterwheel to the side of a sawmill currently under construction a bit further upstream. As hard a task that might be - fortunately, there are always people who seem to have an even nastier job - apparently good enough an opportunity to make fun of those poor souls... There isn't really anything more to describe here About: Nothing much to tell here either... As usual, all can be built... and also as usual, placing those minifigs was the most annoying part. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  4. Ahoy once more, laddies. Long time no ship - shame on me - so I hope to make up for it by presenting something a little larger this time. États de Boussac Ordered and paid for by the Estates of the Province of Boussac, the États used to call the Great Northern Ocean her home for the past years, trading goods between Pontilla and Northern Oleon. But now she is one of the first larger Terramen to see regular service on the shipping lines between Halos and New Terra. With the increased traffic, the number of pirates and other threats increases, too. Being able to protect the more and more valuable cargo, larger and better protected ships are becoming essential for the merchant elite of Halos. As she can easily carry a broadside of 10 medium or even heavy guns, the États de Boussac surely has what it takes to prevail on the perilous waves. May Poseidon and Tyche bless her journeys! And the good ol' comparison shot: About: I think this is the biggest ship I've posted here so far. It's also my first attempt at a custom hull galleon. Therefore, the États is rather just a simple, non-fancy test ship to get a feeling for the shaping of such a hull. A 3D model I found online served as inspiration... and it didn't turn out too bad, I think. Using flex-tubes as rigging instead of the strings with handles I used to is still pretty new to me, getting them in place is even more annoying, but it looks better - in my eyes at least. What else? As usual, all can be built... And finally some numbers: waterline is 85 studs, beam is 22. Piece count is 'only' slightly over 7000, as internally, she only features the decks, but nothing else. Should still be large and massive enough to be at least a class 7 with the new ship classes. Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Fort Henri

    Hello again, here's another result of my landlubbing endeavors: Fort Henri On the northern shores of the Baie de Tyche, overlooking the town of Lavalette, lies the company's fortress at Lavalette - more commonly referred to as Fort Henri, after the town's first mayor - Henri Hollande. Its construction began as soon as the first settlers arrived, and now it protects the growing settlement and the entire bay. Fort Henri is one of the first forts in New Terra featuring a semaphore mast, which allows the garrison to communicate quickly with similar stations around Lavalette, even reaching as far as Windfall, increasing the chances for a successful defense in case of an attack on the island. For now, the fort is only equipped with light field guns, but the RNTC has plans to invest in additional defenses once the settlement grows. About: My first attempt at a star-fort, and I think it worked out alright. As usual, all can be built - if you have the 15.000 bricks necessary Oh, and most of the building time here went into the surface pattern/foliage Although its footprint is far larger than required for a large fortress, it'll only be licensed as a medium, because... that's what it looks like in my eyes. Thanks for watching! C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  6. Ahoy! Without long introduction, let's get right to it: Pioneers at Home Providing affordable, clean housing for their workers and families is one of the top priorities on the RNTC's development plan for Lavalette. Because a content worker is a productive worker. Therefore, simple but solid, standardized residences with enough separate space for two families are being built en masse, offering a new beginning - a new home for the pioneers working for the company. As you can see, after a long day of work on the plantations that are starting to pop up around the city, even a new home far away from their old lives is a home worth enjoying to return to. About: Well, it's a simple house, and it is meant to be just that. The design is something I'll try to recreate in future Lavalette builds. Nothing else to say - move along! Thanks for watching anyway, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  7. Hello, fellow land-lubbers and spice enthusiasts, one last build for the month, still in time! New Spices for the Old World After the huge commercial success following the introduction of peppercorn to the Île de Zeus - and its echo in the Old World - the RNTC has decided to use the prime agricultural conditions of Stéphanique to turn this relatively new spice into a cash crop. Here you can see workers bringing in the first of three possible harvests of the year. The fruits are collected at different stages of ripeness, in order to produce differing final products. Also, some part of the harvest will be transported back to the facilities in Lavalette by land, while the other part will be sent down the river in barrels, drenched in water, as a base for yet more varying products. The officials of the RNTC are confident that the demand for pepper in the Old World will skyrocket - and flush gigantic amounts of cash into the company's treasury. Plans for the massive expansion of the peppercorn business in Lavalette are on their way. About: This one... took a while. It's my first big time attempt at depicting vegetation, and all these silly little bits of green and grey had to be placed one after the other... I wanted to show a plantation that's been 'cut' into the jungle, as Lavalette is still in an early stage of its development, I thought this would fit better than simply to show a field full of peppercorn plants. And I'm quite content with the result. The only thing I have issues with is the rendered water here - two layers of transparent plates and tiles... but the result is rather boring. Hmm... next time I have to try something else, maybe something with less of a regular pattern. Oh, and the palm leafs are attached with clips to this part here. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  8. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] The 'Pélican'

    Ahoy, laddies! Presenting a hull experiment that went ship: The 'Pélican' The Pélican is one of many barges afloat in New Terra. A true workhorse - but not more. This type of ship isn't a glorious one, barely anyone remembers them once they've delivered their cargo. But without them, large parts of the thriving economy would simply brake down. Transport barges are the backbone of both inner and inter-island cargo supply, as their shallow draught permits them to travel on rivers, too. Time for a small spotlight on this sailing barge here, carrying timber from Eltina to Breshaun. And a comparison shot I haven't done in a long time: ... still larger than the IFS About: A while ago I was fiddling around with 1x4 curved slopes and flextubes, to create a hull. It didn't result in something I liked, I got bored, so I kicked it. Well, now I was in need of a medium transport ship, so I dug up the idea, and after some more fiddling around it worked out - et voilà - sailing barge. It's buildable, and should even be swooshable. I put some more effort into the rigging, to test out something new, and because otherwise this would just be a boring floating hull For now Pélican will be licensed as... yes, you've guessed correctly... a barge. But I think there's some margin here justifying a higher rating later on. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  9. Ahoy, y'all, today just a small scene... to get into the mood for some landscaping. Pioneers at Work With the first structures in Lavalette being erected, and more settlers arriving daily, the need for building materials on Stéphanique grows strongly. At the same time, in order to prepare the land surrounding the settlement for cultivation, large areas of the region's forests have to give way. So, naturally, the RNTC has hired a decent number of lumberjacks to deal with the tasks at hand. About: Not really much... just wanted to try out some foliage design, and depict the basics for settlement development. However, what was most frustrating in this was getting those chains right Thanks for looking, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  10. Ahoy, and happy new year 617! Contrary to me, the workers at the Royal Shipyards weren't completely useless over the holidays, but instead managed to build some ships. So without further ado: 'Centurion', 'Audacieuse' and 'Vigilante' The recent increase in pirate activity had caused some concern among the Duke of Corban's staff. But in response only some minor details were changed, some convoy routes were adapted, and the escorts' captains received orders to intensify their gunners' drill - but no additional matters were taken. However, these concerns turned into vigorous fury after the latest coup of infamous pirate Captain Morgan, who managed to overpower a whole convoy - and even capture two Oleander warships! It became clear that a response to this blatant and unprecedented aggression needed to be formulated. The first thing to do was obvious - more ships needed to be send over to Breshaun to be attached to the New Terra Fleet. Two of these can be seen here en route: Centurion - a brig of war carrying 20 8-pounders, and Audacieuse - a fast corvette armed with 20 12-pounders. Centurion - 20 Gun Brig of War 78x21 studs at the waterline, 4500+ pieces Audacieuse - 20 Gun Corvette 85x23 studs at the waterline, 4900+ pieces Vigilante - 38 Gun Frigate 101x23 studs at the waterline, 7000+ pieces About: Well... this was a lot of work. But I think it was well worth it, as all three turned out to be better looking than I expected they would when I started. In fact, the Vigilante should have gone to Oleon... but I decided to keep her for myself All ships might look similar - and yes, they are all based on the same basic principle. But each ship still had to be built up from scratch, and fiddled about with the details. The only thing I could copy to a relieving extend were the masts and sails - but sadly not the rigging So, this should cope with some of the increasing pirate activity - but to add to this: of course, if you don't tread on Oleon, you'll have nothing to fear Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  11. Ka-ching, fellow shareholders - and a classic ahoy, fellow BoBSers, I've gone land-lubbing for a while in preparation to get the Royal New Terra Company started, and this here is the first thing that came out of my endeavor: The RNTC School of Business in Breshaun The officials of the Royal New Terra Company meant business. Only a few weeks after the Duke of Vele had managed to gain the full backing for his plan from the High Council, His Majesty signed a royal charter for the company. Now, wheels were set in motion, preparations already made were carried out, and first ventures established. Among the first was the founding of a business school in Breshaun, hopefully soon enabling the RNTC to recruit its elite from a pool of qualified personal. For this purpose one of the newly erected upper class buildings West of Breshaun's harbor was purchased, fitted with a bell-tower, and equipped with the company's insignia. Now, all that was left to do was waiting for the school's director to arrive. About: This started out as a factory building, to be honest... but soon it became a study in half-offset-building, and it turned out to be quite good looking - well, at least from my point of view - so it had to get some more elaborate function. Coincidentally, at that point Bregir had just posted his Royal Society School in King's Harbor... aaaand voilà - business school What doesn't really come across is that the roof is actually shaped slightly concave - darn... 'cause that took a lot of time As usual, all could be build. The building itself, however doesn't have an interior - partly because of the hideous looks of the walls from the inside - and for the big part because I just couldn't be bothered Thanks for watching As always, C&C welcome Oh, this MOC is a starting gift for the RNTC. Vive le Roi!
  12. Ahoy there again, fellow brick-enthusiasts, today another brick in the wall that I call my landlubbing endeavor... aaand it's a place where bricks are made - who knew! Not the bricks you're looking for, though, but nonetheless 'important' - at least for the... City... of Breshaun The Brazzi Brothers' Brickyard in Breshaun December 21st - formally the beginning of the cold season in some parts of the old world, but next to a fire of several hundred degrees one could easily forget that Winter had arrived. The Brazzi Brothers probably didn't give it much of a thought neither. They just went about their business - their family business, to be more specific. Originating from southern Mardier, they had come to Breshaun almost 20 years ago in search for a new home far from the impacts of the Civil War raging in their home country. In Breshaun, they were among the first to set up a manufactury to produce large amounts of bricks - an investment that would soon turn out a huge asset in the development of the settlement into a thriving large town. And although today there are more and larger brickyards in and around Breshaun, it fills the three brothers with pride to have contributed - and still being contributive - to what is also their... City of Light. About: Hmm... not really much to say about this one. The oven had been in the making for a while, but I never came around building a house to go along with it. However, now it just had to be done, so I went for it The build itself is rather repetitive and unspectacular, but the details took a lot of time. I think, however, those bricky bricks aren't nice too nice to look at if used in masses... Need to change this in future builds... Oh, and I'm not really sure this is the way to actually make bricks... hmm... I might have to call Billund to find out... Anyway, I hope you can enjoy this a little, C&C welcome! Thanks for watching Vive le Roi!
  13. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] Work in Paradise

    Hey there, just a quick dream of a warmer place in November... Work in Paradise After having successfully taken mineral samples from different locations of the island, the Oleander expedition is participating in the peculiar wave riding ritual of the natives on Île d'Or - for the sake of a better cultural understanding. This will be licensed as a prospecting scene. I just didn't feel like doing the standard digging-a-hole MOC, so I interpreted bits of the info about Île d'Or and used that. Not much more to say about it, hope you enjoy it anyway C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  14. Ahoy, fellow Brickseasians! What's better than a ship? Correct, two ships. So here goes: 'Persévérante' and 'Comtesse de Praenia' These two new ships are the latest creations of the Royal Shipyards in Breshaun. Based on an innovative hull concept they were designed for speed and agility – both qualities which are prioritized by Oleander merchants as well as regarded crucial by Royal Navy officials in their efforts to secure Oleon's interests in the vastness of New Terra. To prove the versatility of their design, Breshaun's royal shipwrights decided to lay down two keels, a smaller one meant to become a topsail-schooner rigged merchantman, and a larger one designated to be launched as a light escort frigate. Work on both ships went smooth, even ahead of schedule, as the timber supply situation on Le Bellan has normalized by now compared to the time after hurricanes Helga and Stepho. After a series of early sea trials in September, Persévérante and Comtesse de Praenia now have to prove if they can live up to the expected performance. Persévérante Comtesse de Praenia About: Well, the hull concept started out as an experiment based on one part newly introduced to LDD by a recent update. Buildable? Yes. Stable? Well... depending on the number of added flex tubes anywhere on a scale from 'not-at-all' to 'not-childproof'. What else... I started with Persévérante, but as I had originally intended to build a merchantman yet ended up with a warship, I decided to build a second version – smaller and narrower – rigged as a topsail-schooner. And as it somehow didn't look like enough effort - despite being a new build (plus, there's no scale-function in LDD) - I added a full hull, which proved to be as annoying as the one on Santa Clara Unfortunately, I cannot show both ships in one shot, as both files are too large to be combined. So just some numbers: Persévérante: waterline 96 studs, overall length 142, beam 26, part count 6500+ Comtesse de Praenia: waterline 87 studs, overall length 135, beam 23, part count 6700+ Well, I hope you enjoy the two of them C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  15. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB1] The 'Triton'

    Ahoy, mateys! Time for a ship - first one in a while, therefore something a little larger. The 'Triton' With Oleon's colonial possessions growing in numbers and importance to Crown and nation, His Majesty has decided to reinforce La Royale's 'Flotte de l'Est' with a number of heavy hitters over the next couple of months. The first one that has recently arrived in the waters of New Terra is HRS Triton, a 60 gun Man-of-War, now moored in Breshaun harbor, using Oleon's largest city on LeBellan as her base of operations. Triton is a veteran of the Forty-Nine Years War, one of the few surviving vessels of the Oleander fleet back then, and for some months even served as the Grand Admiral's flagship. She may be old by now, but in the hands of a capable commander she can still deliver a devastating punch to her adversaries. About: As always, all parts exist, so Triton could be built. To be honest, Triton's hull is more than four years old by now. I started her when I wanted to try out a galleon design, but quickly lost interest, as my mind wandered to other projects... well, a clear sign of a very short attention span Anyways, recently I dug her up again and decided to finish her, so she could take her righteous place within BoBS. As Triton is prefab based/limited, she's quite narrow, and the hull technique is rather outdated in my eyes, too, but all in all she doesn't look too ill proportioned. Some numbers: Triton's piece count is a little under 7000, length at waterline is 97 studs, total length 126, beam 20. One day I might try my hands on a more sophisticated galleon design... maybe Until then, I hope Triton serves Oleon well. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  16. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB5] The 'Diligente'

    Ahoy once more, laddies! Yes, it's another ship. The last one - maybe even for a while, since I'm all out of medium ship-MOC ideas. Well, let's get to it: The 'Diligente' Convinced of the potential of a new hull design developed by naval architects at the Royal Shipyards in Breshaun, two keels were laid down. The first one would later be known as Commerce de Breshaun - which proved resistant to even the most perilous sea conditions. The second one was to become a warship, now finally launched in late May 616 AE - and she will hopefully be as seaworthy as her civil cousin! The Diligente is a frigate of 32 guns - 26 twelve-pounder long guns on the upper deck, 6 eight-pounders on the quarterdeck, plus eight-pounder bow- and stern-chasers. A nimble vessel, agile, yet armed to the teeth - may she serve the Empire diligently! about: As always - all can be built, except for flags and sails, and one would have to use minifig hands to assemble the handrails at the beakhead. Can't make out major differences to Commerce de Breshaun? Thanks, I take this as a compliment Diligente intentionally looks similar to a high degree to emphasize her affinity with Commerce de Breshaun, but it took a major effort during the redesign to keep this look The entire broadside concept had to be adapted to apply the new colors and to make space for gunports, yet increasing her structural integrity, not to mention (re-)rigging her, deck re-work, minifigs, and so on. With 6500+ parts, Diligente's piece-count is 1500 pieces higher than Commerce de Breshaun's. All in all I think I spent way more time redesigning Diligente than I spent on constructing Commerce de Breshaun in the first place - but she was worth every minute C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  17. Hello again, oh wait, that's ahoy again, of course! Today, another ship for the ever growing Oleander fleet. Proudly presenting: The 'Infatigable' Infatigable's keel was laid down four months ago in the smaller of the two 'Pontaniou' basins in Quilbignon, right next to La Recouvrance. But as the latter was launched shortly after, work on Infatigable was interrupted due to a shortage of timber after hurricanes Hilda and Stepho had devastated large parts of New Terra, as especially Le Bellan was in dire need of construction material. But work was resumed in April, and now she was finally launched and immediately attached to the New Terra Fleet. Infatigable is the fastest warship ever constructed in the Royal Shipyards in Quilbignon - a schooner, fast, agile, and equipped with sixteen 12-pounder long guns - lead-ship of her class, a majestic sight. She's on her way to Breshaun now, ready to indefatigably pursue her adversaries, and to enforce Oleon's rule wherever needed. about: Like most of my ships, Infatigable started with a look at the ship classification chart, as I needed ideas for a 5A1. But finding examples for large schooners of war turned out quite a quest. In fact I didn't find any reference ship that would be larger than a brig, but smaller than a corvette, so this is more of a fantasy ship. But nonetheless, Infatigable is easily one of my favorite ships so far. I'm really happy with her hull, which took me quite long to shape. As I wanted to build her as low as possible, I 'cut off' plate by plate, changing her base several times, until reaching what I think is a minimum height for me on this build. Again, she's a flush deck ship with no cabin box - just like Gladiateur - but I hope her side galleries being ornate blinds is presented better here. Some numbers: the length on her waterline is 88 studs, length over all is 116 studs, and her beam measures 21 studs. As always, she's buildable, and with proper rigging and some flex tubes support her mast should carry the weight of her huge sails IRL... but then, I won't build her Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  18. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB3] The 'Gladiateur'

    Ahoy ya scurvy sea dogs, Another day - another ship, this time: The 'Gladiateur' Gladiateur is a veteran brig of war, built for La Royale about a half a decade ago by the Royal Shipyards in Quilbignon. For most of her service life she was stationed in New Oleon, but now the Admiralty has decided to assign her to the New Terra Fleet. In preparation for this, she recently underwent an extended overhaul, during which her hull was structurally improved, and she received an armament of sixteen 12-pounder long guns. Experienced and well armed, Gladiateur is now entering the arena that is the Eastern Brick Seas, ready to strike devastating blows to her adversaries. And in comparison to the IFS: about: Yes, those really are prefabs! Well, in fact only the upper bow/stern elements are, the rest of the hull is made of curved slopes. Gladiateur is based on an older design, but being sort of the only of my prefab ships, that I really liked, I thought she'd deserve her place here in BoBS, and renewed her. Gladiateur is no spectacular ship, but she's a fighting workhorse, right what's needed on the waves these days - I hope you can like her despite her simplicity. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  19. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB2] 'Le Protecteur'

    Ahoy, laddies! As the Lord Chancellor said, there will be ships. But let's start small, shall we? Presenting: 'Le Protecteur' Being a light topsail schooner, agile and with a shallow draft, Le Protecteur excels at patrol duty in difficult waters, anti pirates sweeps, and reconnaissance missions, freeing La Royale's much needed heavy hitters for more challenging ventures. Crewed by experienced men, and captained by an able sea dog Le Protecteur will surely master the tasks ahead of her. about: Some of you might have recognized the resemblance to La Recouvrance. That's no coincidence. But Le Protecteur was in fact the ship to be launched first, and La Recouvrance was modeled only afterwards. I just never came around to post the ship, and the actual need to do so only arose... well, recently. As always, all can be built. And for quite some time I did have an urge to really build this ship... but then other ships happened Just FYI, her length at the waterline is 57 studs, LOA is 85, and she's 18 studs wide. For now she'll be a class 3A, let's see if that changes with the next ship list. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  20. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB2] The 'Scimitar'

    Ahoy mateys, A ship - who would have guessed?! Presenting: The 'Scimitar' The Scimitar is a rather unusual sight in the waters of New Terra. She is what most people these days would call a Xebec – a ship type clearly not common to the shipwrights of the Madrice Peninsula. And she wasn't built in Oleon. In fact, her true origins lie to the far south. She was bought by the Royal Shipyards from merchantmen who traded in Granoleon. Merchantmen from the Mokolei Empire, where expertly crafted Xebecs are used vastly as warships as well as traders. The Royal Shipyards were impressed by the Scimitar's cargo capacity, but astonished by her protective capacities. Arming a fast trade ship that heavily is something not very common outside the Rogian Sea, where pirates are a constant menace to merchant ships. But with the ever increasing trade volume here, more pirates are likely to try finding opportunities to prey on unprotected traders in the Eastern Brick Seas, also. So what better opportunity to learn new concepts and adapt to the new times than to buy a veteran ship, that excelled under such conditions. The Xebec design is now being studied extensively by the Royal Shipyards' master shipwrights, and the Scimitar has been given Oleander colors. Now she is ready to sail under her new flag. And - as always - IFS shaming about: This one was a tough one to build. Building the angled poop deck, and attaching it to the rest of the ship - without gravity and the magic capabilities of the opposable thumb - was, well... difficult. So was designing the latin yardarms (or what they are called) Credits for the 'eye' design go to Dunkleosteus. Some numbers: She's 92 studs long at the waterline, length overall is 135, and she is 23 studs wide. She's also my first ship to feature completely snoted decks. For now her intended class is a 5F, but I armed her a bit heavier than the average 5F, so that might change with the new ship list. I hope you like her, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  21. Aaaand it's me again, As threatened promised, here's the MOC I was referring to when I posted this scene. A River Runs Through It Captain's Log, April 29th, 616AE: In the early afternoon we finished setting up camp at the beach, and immediately afterwards I had two armed scouting parties sent out to make a perimeter check. Also, the royal geologist from Granoleon - who was assigned to my company by direct order of the Intendant Général des Finances - insisted to have his mission started right away. So I had him escorted by a 2nd platoon, and they went off into the jungle to take mineral samples from various locations. Let's see what they find. Not that I could be bothered. I'd much rather see a fresh water source located soon... and if somebody could catch some fish, that'd make my day! about: Again, not really much to tell, pretty basic stuff. It's a dull prospecting scene, but to add some fun, I tried myself on a little creek with some tiny (not so rapid) rapids and some fishy action. Still not too familiar with rockwork, but I hope it doesn't look too boring. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  22. Ahoy again, Just leaving this little scene here, as it's needed for my next MOC. Plus, it will serve as a starting point for next month's expedition into the interior of 'The Trap'. Claiming New Lands Captain's Log, stardate April 29th, 616AE: I've sent two of my men up the beach to gather some perimeter info. Meanwhile, the rest of the company has just finished transferring our equipment from the HRS Granoleon to the beaches. She's about to set sail again, back to Breshaun, and leave us here. We'll hopefully see her again in a month from now. Until then, we'll be on our own out here. But our orders are clear: We are to officially take possession of this island, which is commonly referred to as 'The Trap', and set up a base camp in shore sight. Once this is completed and secured, I will take my company of Royal Marines inland to find out what is and what isn't true about the rumors that some pirate has made this island his home. We are prepared to meet resistance, and I'm confident my men will prevail! For Oleon! about: Not much to say about this. The ship isn't new, and the ocean is a once more enlarged version of the one I've used before, and it only had LDD crash three times The rest isn't much larger than the picture is wide. Again, this is only meant as a start for something to be hopefully continued next month. I hope, you can enjoy it a bit, anyway Vive le Roi!
  23. Kolonialbeamter

    [COR - FB1] Design Sketches

    Hi guys, Yes, you've read that cor(rington)rectly This is my contribution to Bregir's King's Harbour contract offer. I thought, well, since Oleanders are generous folks, let's continue the generosity To Captain Jno. Cooke, most honorable Military Governor of King's Harbour on the island of Cocovia, Corrington. In the spirit of conciliation between Corrington and Oleon, the Royal Shipyards are humbled to present to you plans for a harbour station and a patrol boat, matching your contract's description. These plans match the high standards of all the Royal Shipyards work, and we sincerely hope they meet your requirements with satisfaction. Enclosed you will find the construction plans, along with some of our artist's impressions of the station. Quilbignon, April 21st 616AE Signed, The Executive Director of the Royal Shipyards Vive le Roi!
  24. Salida Este, Ferro Azure Sometimes it's good to sit down, string a fishing line and find a nice quiet pier. It takes your mind off the stress of trades, routes, and doubloons. A freebuild for Sailda Este. No license for this one. C&C welcome!
  25. Ahoy again, second FB incoming: The 'Commerce de Breshaun' The 'Commerce de Breshaun' is the first capital ship built in Breshaun's 'Royal Shipyards'. She was ordered and paid for by the Breshaun Chamber of Commerce, and donated to the 'Office Royal de la Marine' as a sign of gratitude for continued Royal support and investment. Constructed with a sleek hull, and rigged as a barque, she is a fast and agile sailer, able to keep up with the top speed ships of the Oleander merchant fleet. May her voyages be blessed by Poseidon so she will bring fortune to the Empire! Next, with a reduced number of sails, for you to see some deck details: And last, but not least - and almost already a tradition - IFS shaming: about: As always, all parts exist. This time a bit more emphasis on sails and rigging, although the hull also comes with some unique features. Her hull is exactly 100 studs long at the water line, making her slightly larger than 'La Recouvrance', and her beam is 23 studs wide. Credits for the 'Fleur de Lys' design go to Gideon! As you said, works out well on a ship I hope you enjoy her looks, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!