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Found 4 results

  1. ptrg

    76161 UCS Batwing mods

    Hi, first post about doing a mod, but I felt pretty passionate about this one. Having grown up with the "original" Batman films, I loved the UCS Batmobile, and while I also love the lego Batwing, the elongated cockpit really struck me as a bit NQR. I tried various mods on mecabricks, and while the most accurate "shrinkage" (based on the original studio model) of the length of the cockpit would require the removable of (two) of the sections of 1/4 clear wall elements, this would require a full blown redesign of the seat and cockpit to fit it all in the remaining one. I also tried utilizing the new UCS A-wing canopy, but it's width isn't the 8 studs required (6 only), and again, a full redesign would be needed (which is a shame as it is a more accurate shape compared to this sets design) So finally, I settled on removing 2x BOW 1/4 4X4X1 which effectively shortened the length by about 2-3 studs (along with removal of other parts that were between the two cockpit sections). This allowed me to move the front of the canopy backwards 1 stud (more screen accurate) and also move the back "shell" (WALL ELEMENT CONE 3X6X6) forwards - again more screen accurate. To complete the look, I'm planning on printing some back vinyl to make the rear section of the canopy a sloping black area (rather than clear all the way back then a vertical black where the shell starts). The other major change I made was to remove some of the dark grey "detailing" to remain more screen accurate - especially the spoilers. I narrowed them by a stud to take advantage of the void below them created by removing the two LDG 2x6 bricks, which then allowed them to sit much more flush when down (with some detailing underneath 1 stud lower than the rest of the wing area) Instead of writing more, maybe I'll just show what I'm talking about, as it will hopefully make more sense that way. Happy with the overall result. Original model: Original studio model:
  2. Stop Motion Review (presentation) 6274 The Caribbean Clupper I think, all of you know this set ;) Year: 1989 Pieces: 378 Minifigs: 4 Bricklink Brickset Peeron
  3. Hello and welcome again with an Awesome Classic Set Review: Lego 1974 Smuggler's Hayride....... Theme: Castle Sub-Theme: Forestmen. This Set was Released in 1989. It has 40 Pieces, 2 Minifigures, 1 Black Horse. Is 1 of the 3 sets that came in the Triple Value Pack in 1989. Remarks: - Very Simple Set. The Section i love is how the side black fences are widen and shorten to accommodate the Animal Feed! - Unique Weapon: Brown Minifig, Utensil Pitchfork Type 1 - Hard Plastic. Very rare now days in Old Brown Color! - You get a red Saddle. Well, it is a part of the set but no active use for it! so i can consider it as bonus! Ok! Lets have a look at the Photos: -The Set ( Before Building ): 20160612_195019-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160612_202156-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -Extra Parts Added from my side! 20160612_201920-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -The Minifigures: 20160612_202320-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -The Set ( After Completion ) : 20160612_203403-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160612_203437-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160612_203449-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160612_203419-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr 20160612_203454-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -Final Look! 20160612_203325-1 by Lego Master, on Flickr -Overall: * I love this Set So Much ( could be related to old time memories ) * Very Complete ( Having 2 figures, Horse, suitable Weapons and Animal Feed ( if i am correct ) Rating: 10/10 Hope you Enjoyed it! :) Cheers!
  4. pcvando

    REVIEW: 6265 Sabre Island

    [pid][/pid] Here is my Review of the System Pirates set; Sabre Island. (6265) This set was released in 1989 and features 3 Minifigures; two imperial soldiers and one officer (Lt. de Martinet as stated by Lego) This set has 92pcs. It comes with the island and a rowboat. I have even more awesome System sets on the way! Let me know what you think of it, and leave your comments below!