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  1. VintageLegoEra

    Black Falcon's Fortress Updated

    Awesome! :)
  2. great review! just bought this set online..........looking forward to getting it! :)
  3. VintageLegoEra

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    OOOOMMMMMMGGGGG............Bring it up LEGO..... I will add it to rest of my modular buildings :)
  4. VintageLegoEra

    REVIEW: 10257 Carousel

    @WhiteFang: Thank you for this nice Review!
  5. VintageLegoEra

    10257 Carousel

    Finally will get this and no need to spend $$$$ on the old one :) Sadly, it lacks some shops like: Ice-cream, selling toys. Only Ticket Shop is there. They could made it much better!!!
  6. You are Welcome! :) I agree....ny self when i build these Vintage sets, i feel so sad missing that time as all the memories comes up into my minds and i just close my eyes to enjoy the memories....The reasone i love building these Sealed sets is jut to go back into past but of-course with new Era :).. i agree about the boxes, those vintage sets hold a special value to me as without them, i feel little annoyed ( i have some small castle sets without the boxes ) but life goes on :) i am going to build all my Castle/pirate sets so please stay tuned :) cherrs
  7. Indeed. My Self, i was seeing this theme as ugly theme few way long back, but then in just few years back, i just realized how this theme is beautiful and started to collect all the sets :)... Even there are so fun and awesome when they are in you hand .... thanks for sharing! :)
  8. i do the same :) cheers!
  9. not at all man! :) i paid for it 75 usd shipped!...i believe had it for great deal ...was 1 year back!
  10. VintageLegoEra

    ESL 5T La Contessa de Victoria

    This is just 99% like original. 1% not counted cos it is not real. Fantastic work!
  11. You are very welcome friend :). Indeed, old sets have very unique packing style and the parts too. These 1x1 rounf plates were presented in a sprue till the beginning of 1990 or 1992. Great choice! You will be soo happy with it! Cheers You mean: VintageLegoEra ; ) Always welcome and keep your eyes open for another unboxing soon!
  12. Sorry for keeping you waiting for long time....been very busy... it is done now, check it: Regards
  13. Hello Again , I suppose to make this review on Xmas 2016 , but went through series of busy times and just today i built the set and prepared for the review We will have this small nice set: Forestmen's Hideout . Also Called: The Robin Hood Tree *Theme: Castle. *Sub-Theme: Forestmen. *This Set was Released in 1988. It has: - 201 Pieces, - 2 Minifigures. - 2 Unique Shields - Good amount of weapons ( Spears, Wipes, Sword and Arrows ) *The Set is indeed a solid one but nothing that special about it Except that it opens and closes via hinge and has some nice rooms for hiding ( we will see later in the photos ) Lets Start! The Box: * The box it self is so valuable to me ( Love the Vintage design, look and details ) Unboxing: Inside the Box *It Comes with: 6 sealed Bags, 1 big Tree, 2 Green Plates, 1 Catalouge and an Instruction Booklet. The Build: * Love how this part was attached to tree back then!!! *Minifigures: * I have added an Extra Minifigure ( The one with Sword ) *The Set: Done! * Here when the set is Opened. * Nice hiding Rooms! Final Look Extra Parts: *Overall: The Sets Rate is: 9/10 ( Would be great if a horse was included ) but always we can include one! Thanks for looking and i hope you enjoyed this Review! Regards and see you in another Review Soon! Cheers
  14. VintageLegoEra

    Vintage LEGO 6246 Crocodile Cage Set ! Unboxing & Review !

    Thank!.....Glad to hear that The set and the box are still there ;) Enjoy i bro!
  15. Everyone has his own style. FOr me i love to keep them in box for some period of time, but i must build them....Now i am starting to build my sets which i feel so fun!