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  1. No worries, I ended up partially pulling apart Effermans design, and then using some of the spare pieces from it to over engineer the supports (see photos lol). But I did achieve what I set out to do: lessen the "bank" of the Falcon, but still have a sturdy stand.
  2. Cheers, nah I have the stand, and instructions, but I thought I saw someone with a modded version that out it on the reverse angle/less aggressive bank. in other words, the mod would put the Falcon on a slight bank/tilt sideways, but only enough to give the illusion of flight, but still fit in a coffee table..
  3. Hi, just finished the Falcon (unmodded at this stage other than the 1x2 blue trans plate engine mod) I’ve also previously collected all the Technic pieces to make Efferman’s amazingly structural display stand. Having built it, I’ve realised the pose/bank of his stand is far too aggressive to fit the Falcon into my display coffee table. If anything, it would need to be on the reverse angle (if the stand was laid down on its side), but this doesn’t work due to the attachment points and structure design. I’m pretty sure I previously saw someone who had modded his stand to achieve this (a slight angle of bank, with 7 landing gear/feet removed), but can’t find it. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this (or photos), or is my only option trying to mod his stand, which I think would take quite some modding? Cheers for any help!
  4. ptrg

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Having built this with the cheaper older coloured ones, I can definitely say that you don’t really notice it, and like you mentioned - if anything it actually looks like it is worn parts. It’s not like the rebels could afford parts all from the same manufacturer - there is bound to be discrepancies in parts like engine covers etc
  5. ptrg

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Concur, any chance you could provide a quick list of the additional parts needed to pull this beauty off? Cheers
  6. ptrg

    [MF-MOD] "I've added some special modifications myself"

    I’d love to see instructions or a few breakdowns how you did this.. looks incredible, the circular shape is perfection.
  7. Hi James, any chance I could get the Tie Silencer Lxf file off you? Would love to mod my original into your perfect rendition! Thanks in advance! (Please send to: piran @ outlook . com )

  8. ptrg

    [MOC] TIE Silencer

    Hi, did anyone manage to replicate this? I’ve messaged @jameseilers but can’t seem to get on to him. Really would like to build this version, but the LXF file he posted a while back is now defunct. Could someone who has it please send it to me? cheers!
  9. ptrg

    [MOC] [LDD] Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer

    Hi @jameseilers any chance you could send me the Lxf files? Really want to upgrade my original set to your awesome build! Thank you (or if anyone else downloaded the now defunct Lxf file, could you please send it to me?) Cheers!
  10. ptrg

    [MOC] TIE Silencer

    Looks great! Had the official lego ship since release, but looking to update it. And chance you could post or send the LXF file? Cheers!
  11. ptrg

    [BL - WIP] 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Azrielsc- I love your engine mod! I landed a 10030 in old gray, but unfortunately it didn't have the 3 giant wheels (hence my discounted price).. I prefer your mod to the wheels anyway- so I'm hoping you could possibly either provide an LDD file of how you did it, or perhaps more angles of the engine build (detached)..? Cheers, Tom
  12. Incredible! You sir, are a master! I can only hope you make available your LDD file for us mere mortals to have a crack at this (especially seeing the prohibitive prices of the original UCS)..
  13. ptrg

    [MOC] My mini UCS Millennium Falcon

    If anyone's interested, and if it's ok with itsnickg (absolutely cool if he'd prefer for me not to do so), I studied his build and attempted to re-create it in LDD, and could share the file with anyone else who's keen to build it. I'd say as a rough guess that I got approx 90% correct, and everything else seems to work (due limited info/photos)- the tunnel to the cockpit is a bit different, as is the mandibles, but I did use the same idea of the arches side on. If anyone is keen for them, and if then itsnickg says it's cool by him, I'll upload them to share :)
  14. ptrg

    [MOC] My mini UCS Millennium Falcon

    Hey, hoping you could still provide some more pics, especially around the cockpit-tunnel section/quadrant, and how you built up around it.. Think I worked or most of the rest of the ship with a few mods to your mods lol! Cheers again, Tom
  15. ptrg

    [MOC] My mini UCS Millennium Falcon

    You're a legend for putting up those extra photos! Spend a hour or so in LDD re-creating the back "roof" as well as the top quadrant that has the radar on it. Hoping you can take and put up some more photos of the mandibles as well as the cockpit quadrant from a few different angles? Will be happy to share the LDD files once I have done them :) (if that's okay with you of course..) Also, I have the older falcon, so wondering if you have modified the engine area and the lower part of them?mif so, would a few more pics be possible? Cheers again for the awesome redesign!