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  1. AFOLguy1970

    Lego Quality Reference

    FYI for those who own a modular Downtown Diner. I was looking at the interiors today and had not done so in a while. When I got to the gym (the level right above the diner), I discovered that 5 out of 16 reddish brown clip pieces used to hold the boxing ring section together had broken at the hook. Certainly, this is very frustrating, and I disassembled the ring entirely to avoid the eventual breakage of more of these parts. I will probably try to order the black version of this part and use them in place of the reddish/brown parts. I have to wonder how many other problems I have yet to discover in the many sets that I own and display. Online Pick a Brick has this as HOLDER Ø3.2 W/TUBE Ø3.2 HOLE ID:6341968/44873
  2. At that point, the only cost effective way to go would be to Bricklink or a reseller. The odds just are not in anyone's favor, especially if they are targeting a specific minifig.
  3. I am all for being friendly to the environment. Unfortunately, this new format for blind bags does not seem appropriate given the price and the audience. At the very least, I would like to see an option to purchase a complete collection (1 each) or have some other way such as a bar code to identify the bag. As far as being the "great equalizer" and making the in store process more fair by having it truly be blind, I do not see much of an advantage. Take the Muppets for example. Some people are not trying to get all 12. They might just want Kermit and Miss Piggy. These people have a 10 out of 12 chance of getting something they do not want. Others will want maybe 6 of the "A-listers" or so. Some of us do want all 12. Having it truly be blind now means I just went from a 0 out of 12 chance of landing Kermit at Walmart to a 1 out of 12 chance. At $5 a pop, that is going to be a no from me. Had I not felt the four bags yesterday, I would have ended up with 3x Janice and 1 Waldorf for $20. There has to be a better way.
  4. AFOLguy1970

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    That height adjustment really looks good. It makes the top floor seem like less of an "attic", and I like it better without the windows at the floor.
  5. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, however I think that the highest floor is very short, even compared to the middle floor. If the upper two floors were comparable in height, I think it would look fine.
  6. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I finished the BH, and it looks very nice. The experience was fun, and it was enjoyable to read the commentary in the instructions pointing back to other modulars. As always, there are new building techniques and some very interesting uses for parts that none of us even considered. I am fine with the color scheme, and the minifigs are good. There are many nice details and several minibuilds await in the interior. I find it comical, but understandable that we would have a luggage cart, however It is not going to get very far ;) Minor complaint: I am not a fan of the cabinet doors where they are used in the hotel rooms as they are very loose. More major complaint: while there has been discussion about its height and floor levels compared to other modulars, I have a bit of concern with the floors compared to each other. The middle floor is about a brick height lower then the bottom floor. The top floor is a brick height shorter than the middle floor, therefore the floor heights are gradually shrinking. If you separate the floors and place them next to each other, you will see what I mean. Later on, I might modify this by adding a brick layer to the top floor. Perhaps an extra flesh layer on the bottom exterior sections to match its surroundings, and then the interior walls will get the extra layer on top. That way, the doors do not meet the ceiling like they do now. Hopefully Bricks and Pieces will have the curved and straight flesh bricks necessary to make this adjustment. For the most part, I am fairly happy with the hotel. It is whimsical, but so are many of the modulars. One last observation: The barista and his coffee cart recall the original modular: the Cafe Corner. When I google images of Jamie Berard (the CC designer) with his glasses and look at this particular minifigure, I see a resemblance. Was that intended?
  7. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Just got back from the store, and the love for the BH is definitely there. I was sixth in line an hour and a half prior to opening. At opening, the line went fairly far back from the store entrance. One of the employees indicated that they did not get all expected shipments in, therefore some new sets were not in store. This might also explain why there is no GWP for today. As we were leaving the mall, I noticed there were not many BH's left. The only problem with waiting a few days for the GWP offer would of course be the risk of the main item you want being OOS, which is entirely possible. Now, it is time to start building the hotel!
  8. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe even before that. Last year, we were there an hour before opening and there were already a dozen people there. When the store opened, the line was big enough where I doubt that there was enough new stock for everyone. It is going to have to be an hour and a half this time. I told my son if he is going with me, he should bring a handheld video game or something to entertain him. I expect the usual onsite crash tonight with those trying to get it shipped to them. I prefer the store, mainly because I can start building it when I get home.
  9. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like it and certainly plan on buying it. The art gallery is definitely smaller than what I thought it would be. The rooms are about what I expected. Two on the middle floor, and the "suite" on top. It does not seem to blend well with the police station or bookshop with the mismatch of floor heights, but I think it could work in other combinations. It would also appear that Lego forgot to include the pre order button on its website.
  10. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A printed piece of Starry Night would be great since it is going to be released soon on its own. It would also be great if Lego could finally allow pre order for a modular. They have tested pre order on some other products, why not this one too? It would be really nice to somehow avoid the midnight computer crash or trying to get to the Lego Store early on January 1 with 80 other people (not an exaggeration, at least according to the experience last year).
  11. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For anyone building the Santa Sleigh set, were your instructions and sticker sheets crumpled? I bought two sets, and they both were in fairly bad shape when I opened the boxes.
  12. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It is hard to imagine really being able to do a hotel justice even if the whole building was devoted to it. Having an art gallery on the lowest level is definitely going to limit the size of any lobby a hotel might have. This does not bode well for a waiting area, cafe, breakfast room, elevator, etc. If it is triangular, it is going to also be very interesting to see how it connects with the others. I hope the Art Gallery does not have a theft story associated with it. That jail cell in Police Precinct already has to deal with the donut thief, the illegal cookie ring, and the bank robber.
  13. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thought about that, but what could be problematic is that I would also need the parts that make up the yoke, reins, the blocks that "fill in" the reindeer, and the parts that make up the harnesses on the reindeer. There is also a part that goes on the harness on top of the reindeer that looks to be either printed or has a sticker, and I would certainly want all 8 reindeer to have those as well. Sure, I end up with two sleighs and two Santas, however I could probably use a lot of those parts elsewhere to justify getting the second set.
  14. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am definitely going to stay up until 11PM or midnight for October 1 to make sure I order two of those sleigh sets. If last year was any indication of what this fall will be like, then anything we want this year has to be ordered immediately. It is doubtful the site would crash from people ensuring they get their sleighs, but is there anything else being released October 1 that could draw the hordes onto the website? Probably many others are planning on getting two sleighs in order to have the full team of reindeer. Hopefully, it will not be difficult to connect the whole team of eight. The one thing that surprises me about the sleigh is the lack of sleigh bells. No doubt this can somehow be modded to have something that appears as bells. Perhaps using silver round 1x1 plates will do the trick.
  15. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If it is a hotel, hopefully the whole building will be devoted to it. Even so, you would probably have 3 rooms at best in addition to the lobby. I can envision a couple of rooms above the ground level and then perhaps a larger suite above that. There could be an elevator. There might be a small cafe or breakfast room with the lobby. The minibuilds would include various furniture and a bag cart. Hopefully it is true. I would really like to see at least a temporary return to a one building/one function modular.