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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thinking about this some more. I think the design is decent. The colors do stand out compared to others, but then again, which modular is a "typical" structure in a town? The diner may be unusual, but so is Palace Cinema and especially Market Street. In all honesty, it will not be my favorite modular, but it is not bad. For a diner, I would have preferred what was submitted to Lego Ideas. That would be my image of a classic 50s diner, a one story structure that everyone can drive up to and have your order taken and served by someone wearing roller skates. I guess it is possible that this design preceded the Lego ideas one, thus the reason why the Ideas submission was rejected and they went forward with this one. Guess there was a market for a diner and pink cadillac after all. The pink cadillac works fine in this setting and time period. It would not surprise me if the designer is an Elvis fan and somehow desired to include a likeness of him in this set. Is it Elvis or an impersonator? You decide. We never saw the bottom of that particular minifig. My hope is that blue suede shoes are somehow implied. The drive in feature and roller skate server does not work well in this scenario since it is right in the middle of town. This would be one of those things you kind of choose to ignore for the sake of having the classic elements of a diner included. I agree with some that the building seems a bit simpler in design compared to others, but that is simply the nature of Art Deco. It is streamlined simpleness. Might not necessarily be a Day 1 purchase as I still might get DO to be caught up with what is available, but I can see getting it a little later in the year. I await the announcement and designer video with the assumption that this is indeed the new modular.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That certainly fits the image of a classic diner. I think of New York City style structures, which could incorporate more levels. Classic diners from the 50s era often were done in Art Deco. I think this borrows a lot of the classic diner image and makes it three stories to accommodate more uses for the building. It definitely has a South Beach (Miami) vibe to it with the color scheme. The car is meant to resemble a Pink Cadillac, which recalls the image of travelling the Mother Road, aka. Route 66 and stopping off at places such as this. So, the modular incorporates elements from both 50s style diners and Art Deco. Now, I need to search and see if anyone has come up with a specialized Route 66 road sign.
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Actually, in the earlier post, I was suggesting that PR might be a better fit, because the photo had it placed next to AS, thus revealing a bit too much of it's bad side.
  4. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    One curious thing I noted about the photo is that the design of the Diner creates an interesting dilemma. The gap on the left that leads to the stairs leaves one of the unattractive sides of AS exposed. Obviously, the sides of AS are designed to have modulars placed on either side of it in order to cover up the unsightly sides. If you end up buying the diner, then you might want to consider placing a modular that does not have a "bad" side to the left (looking at you, PR).
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Very interesting. Went to a movie with the kids and came home to this! Very tough to tell if it is real or fake Why it could be real: A nice design, something new, Lego knows many people would like a diner and/or an Art Deco structure, and some type of storyline is possible with the boxer and the Diner Why it might be fake: The nonstandard faces, a questionable source, no apparent new molds or parts in what I am seeing. Every modular introduces something new in terms of color and/or parts I actually kind of like it. It does not look like a corner building. Of course, if this IS it, you know that some people are going to cry foul at yet another coincidence between the similarities of a newly released set and an Ideas set that was not approved. Also, I can hear the groans about how the parts from the car take away from the building itself in the same sense of Palace Cinema. I find it amusing that there might be a gym right above a diner. Imagine eating your dinner and hearing all of the activity just above you! If it is a gym, then you would not really need a lot of parts for that part of the interior since they are mostly empty space anyway. That would allow for more part distribution for the vehicle and interior details of the diner itself. Maybe the third level is Jim's apartment? You know it is going to be funny if everyone likes this, gets excited about it, and then we find out that this is not the modular. It would be even more amusing in a sense if people preferred this one over what actually ends up being released. Real or not, at least we have something to talk about.
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think November 17 or somewhere around there is when Detectives Office was officially announced, and that was well after we already knew the name of the set and some details. Today also happens to be the last weekday before we get into the Black Friday week. It is hard to imagine an announcement getting made next week with Joker Manor, Taj Mahal, and all the BF promotions. After that, you are only about a month away. My guess is an announcement is either today or this thing is getting a delayed release. Good point about the January newsletter. Plus, they have to print the catalogs for the new year as well. It amazes me how no one knows anything, not even a set name or some type of vague description. I can see Lego keeping a lid on photos and specs, but for nothing to be known by this late in the year, that is a first. As far as post office rumors, that started in Brickset, and the poster admitted it was just a joke. No one in any other forum is spilling the beans either. As far as I can remember, Lego is not in the habit of announcing new stuff in December as the primary focus is to sell as much as they can for Christmas, so they are advertising what they already have. Disclaimer: All of this is just a guess, and no, I am not "panicking" that there is not going to be a modular. I just think that either a new precedent is being set, or its release is delayed.
  7. MOC - Derelict House

    Nice details, I like the caved in roof and tall grass indicating the place is not inhabited.
  8. [MOC] Winter Village Whoville House & The Grinch!

    Very nice! You even found a way to get the "antler" on Max.
  9. Playing in Space Since 1978

    This is really a nice scene. Easily supported, and I hope you make it to 10,000. It would really bridge various generations together as I believe that people of all ages would enjoy this scene for different reasons. If it ever gets made, I might just find a way to incorporate my meteorite collection into it. The microbuilds are great, and I like the imprint of the galaxy on the dish in the background. Excellent job!
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have wondered the same thing. There is no way you could figure out the exact instructions with only some photos to go on. In order for a clone job to be done, someone is going to have to get some inside information. I doubt any of the bootleggers would want to make a guess at it only to have to completely change their whole line of production when they do get the real instructions. Besides, who would want to buy a copy based on a guess of what the real instructions are for the set? As for announcing new sets close to the release date, one possible downside would be that those of us who are more financially challenged need time in order to save up to purchase the set if we do decide we want to own one. If there are not enough paydays between announcement and release, the new sets could sit on the shelves longer while we are trying to save up for it. I am very thankful we knew about the Saturn V long before its actual release. That allowed me to bank the VIP points and patiently await its release. Had it only been a month or so, I might still be trying to find one.
  11. Looking at the CC, it does seem to clash with the newer modulars. To me, it appears somewhat blockier and less detailed than the more current offerings. It is still a nice structure, and I would not mind having it in theory, however having it redone does create a couple of issues: (1) Those who already own it would not benefit much from a re release as it would presumably take the spot of the new one (similar to what happened with the Winter Village Toy Shop. (2) The original has neither an interior (important to many Lego fans) nor a storyline (important to the design team), therefore extra bricks would be needed to alleviate that. Consequently, that would drive up the price significantly. I really hope we go back to the 169.99 price as Assembly Square made me poor for a few months.
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would be fine with a police station if it was built in the spirit of the modulars. Focus on architecture/details, and we have a winner. The only thing I honestly fear would be it would get the DO treatment and have a lot of parts and space sacrificed for the sake of a storyline. The 45 police stations from City are more or less the same boxy white and blue structures with a breakaway prison cell. Honestly, the next modular should probably be an unemployment office, and the first person in line for the unemployment check should be whoever has been designing the jails over the years. What is that saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Fool me 45 times, well, that is a bit of a problem If they absolutely insist on an eventual police station with the tired and worn out breakout story, maybe the escape feature could be a brick built cake with the crowbar inside which is delivered to the inmate by a visitor. Fewer parts used, and you have your story. Something in the spirit of a New York City precinct would be nice. Also agree with your assessment of the Brick Bank. The whole building should have been the bank. Not that I disliked the laundromat, but would have been happier if it was its own structure.
  13. MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    Lovely! I am showing this to my co teacher in a World History class right now (we are on lunch break). Also lamenting over the fact that one cannot simply walk into a store and buy something like this.
  14. With the release and re release of a lot of large sets this year, I wonder how the Lego Stores are going to manage the variety of inventory. Let's face it, there is only so much shelf space available. The Dallas North Park store is not that big. It could literally take you a few seconds to go from the entrance to the Pick a Brick Wall at the back, provided no one is blocking you from walking a straight line. The whole Star Wars section for example cannot possibly accommodate every current model that Lego currently has for sale on the website, and this is in the absence of the huge MF set that everyone is after. Re releases have to compete for that precious shelf space that is already filled to the max. In order for them to maintain a variety of inventory, it is going to require a limited quantity of all sets, especially the really big ones. This could lead to disappointment during the upcoming run up to Christmas when everyone floods the store and the online site. It is not going to look good when all of the highly desired stuff is out of stock this side of New Year's because they can only make and stock so many of each set. Announcing yet another big one is going to require factory time and materials at the expense of something else. What MAB describes above only exacerbates the situation when scalpers try to corner the market by emptying the shelves of some of these sets. Honestly, I am beginning to think that Lego is all over the place with production and sets, which will lead to some upcoming shortages very soon. My suggestion to those who are looking to purchase Lego as gifts is: do it now.
  15. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    Was going to try to go to the Lego website to look at a couple of ideas for my boys for Christmas, but the page will not come up at all. I guess that means that purchasing Women of NASA is going to yield a similar experience to that of Saturn V or Millennium Falcon. Two hours until the Lego Store opens in my time zone. It would not surprise me to hear that people are already there waiting.