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  1. Big box on Lego Facebook?

    The big box would be the MF. There is a possibility that the second one could be the Winter Village set. September seems doable for an early release as I think the release date for the train last year was in October.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The idea certainly has merit, and a lot of people have a stated interest in having one. As long as the architecture style is interesting (not just a big box) and it is a challenging build, a Lego store would be great. There could be some very interesting Easter Egg tiles inside, similar to how they put the Cafe Corner tile into the Assembly Square.
  3. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    In San Antonio last week, there were a few on the shelves and several behind the counter, probably being held for customers.
  4. [MOC] Roman History Museum

    Great work! It captures the look and feel of a history museum well.
  5. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Maybe, but something tells me that a tram would have a significantly larger target audience than a ship in a bottle. For the tram, you would have collectors, train enthusiasts, kids and adults alike, and those who have city layouts. Ship in a bottle just seems like it has a narrower audience, like those just looking for a display piece. This gives me the feeling that decisions are based on more than just "will x number of people buy this"
  6. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I think a tram/trolley/streetcar could still pass a Lego Ideas review. Perhaps the last one failed because it was up against Voltron (which Lego obviously wanted from the previous round) and the apparently popular ship in the bottle, thus making the field too crowded. While City, Creator, and Winter Village has brought us trains, I do not recall ever seeing a motorized tram in recent years. These types of vehicles are widely recognized all over the world and are integral parts of many public transportation systems. In places like New Orleans and San Francisco, they are tourist attractions in their own right. It does not seem like the tram would have been too small to be approved. After all, we had the NASA minifigure battle pack from the last round make it, so I do not think size would be an issue. I would say, keep trying, and submit some of these vehicles. If they keep hitting 10,000 votes, sooner or later TLG is going to get the message that we really would like to see one made.
  7. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If this is a train station, I wonder if it will include some type of vehicle to go on the tracks. I would not expect a full train since that was released, but something like a handcar could be possible.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At first, I was kind of sad there would never be a chance to own a Cafe Corner or a Green Grocer without paying a lot of money. Now, when I see the Cafe Corner, it seems dated and does not fit in well with the newer buildings. Over the years, we have had new parts and design techniques introduced. There has been more focus to detail, especially with interiors in recent years. Cafe Corner sits completely empty inside, and it pales in comparison to some of the others that have come out since its time. Luckily, I have reached the point where there is not a need to be a completionist and get every one for the sake of having them all. It will save me some money. So far, I have all of the ones since the Fire Brigade with the exception of the Detective's Office and am fine with that. For those who missed out on the earlier ones and still would like to have them, perhaps a suggestion would be to bricklink the parts and be open to part and color substitutions. Rumor has it that the Blue Grocer is a lot cheaper. Now, if Lego did decide after all to rerelease an older modular, I would bet that it would not be identical to the original--kind of like the Winter Village Toy Shop.
  9. Big box on Lego Facebook?

    I hope it is the Millenium Falcon. As nice as it would be to have it, I do not feel the need to purchase it. The recent set from TFA will do for my collection. No doubt this will be incredibly expensive. I am already trying to save up for a trip overseas next summer and certainly do not need a "must have' set for hundreds of dollars throwing me off the trail.
  10. [MOC] Winter Village Pub

    This fits in well with the Winter Village. The interior looks very cozy.
  11. Roaring 1920s style Ritz Hotel - 31069 modular MOD

    Nice job! One mod to consider is to add bathrooms to the hotel rooms. It looks like there is enough room to do it if you move the beds around.
  12. I hate SDCC exclusives.

    Although I have yet to be furious about the existence of an ultrarare minifig, I can understand the frustration that this scenario provides. It does seem that most of the exclusives fall in the hands of scalpers and many people who would really appreciate owning the minifig (ie the true Lego fans) are often shut out. The only ultrarare that ever made me nervous was the Gamestop Elrond polybag. At the time, that was the only minifig of him, and I was not about to buy a video game just to get him. Thankfully two other versions of him finally came out in sets, and I was happy with those. If the printing was slightly different in a SDCC exclusive, it would probably not matter to most people, but to make it the only version of that minifig ever is kind of cruel. Not only is it a scalper's dream, but it encourages the Chinese knockoffs as well. I guess if I was at SDCC and my kid won an ultrarare, I would probably offer to buy them a set they really wanted in exchange for the minifig. Currently, my kids do not take care of toys well, including Lego, so the ultrarare would be in jeopardy in their hands (kind of like the kid who abused toys in Toy Story). If they knew how to take care of it, then it would be a different story.
  13. [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

    A lot of fantastic details to look at. My favorite part is the building facades, but the minibuilds and interior are very nice as well.
  14. [MOC] Man Cave Kitchen

    Very nice! Initially I was wondering where the Lego were and why we were looking at your kitchen,