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  1. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A printed piece of Starry Night would be great since it is going to be released soon on its own. It would also be great if Lego could finally allow pre order for a modular. They have tested pre order on some other products, why not this one too? It would be really nice to somehow avoid the midnight computer crash or trying to get to the Lego Store early on January 1 with 80 other people (not an exaggeration, at least according to the experience last year).
  2. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For anyone building the Santa Sleigh set, were your instructions and sticker sheets crumpled? I bought two sets, and they both were in fairly bad shape when I opened the boxes.
  3. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It is hard to imagine really being able to do a hotel justice even if the whole building was devoted to it. Having an art gallery on the lowest level is definitely going to limit the size of any lobby a hotel might have. This does not bode well for a waiting area, cafe, breakfast room, elevator, etc. If it is triangular, it is going to also be very interesting to see how it connects with the others. I hope the Art Gallery does not have a theft story associated with it. That jail cell in Police Precinct already has to deal with the donut thief, the illegal cookie ring, and the bank robber.
  4. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thought about that, but what could be problematic is that I would also need the parts that make up the yoke, reins, the blocks that "fill in" the reindeer, and the parts that make up the harnesses on the reindeer. There is also a part that goes on the harness on top of the reindeer that looks to be either printed or has a sticker, and I would certainly want all 8 reindeer to have those as well. Sure, I end up with two sleighs and two Santas, however I could probably use a lot of those parts elsewhere to justify getting the second set.
  5. AFOLguy1970

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am definitely going to stay up until 11PM or midnight for October 1 to make sure I order two of those sleigh sets. If last year was any indication of what this fall will be like, then anything we want this year has to be ordered immediately. It is doubtful the site would crash from people ensuring they get their sleighs, but is there anything else being released October 1 that could draw the hordes onto the website? Probably many others are planning on getting two sleighs in order to have the full team of reindeer. Hopefully, it will not be difficult to connect the whole team of eight. The one thing that surprises me about the sleigh is the lack of sleigh bells. No doubt this can somehow be modded to have something that appears as bells. Perhaps using silver round 1x1 plates will do the trick.
  6. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If it is a hotel, hopefully the whole building will be devoted to it. Even so, you would probably have 3 rooms at best in addition to the lobby. I can envision a couple of rooms above the ground level and then perhaps a larger suite above that. There could be an elevator. There might be a small cafe or breakfast room with the lobby. The minibuilds would include various furniture and a bag cart. Hopefully it is true. I would really like to see at least a temporary return to a one building/one function modular.
  7. AFOLguy1970

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    I think it would be great if the announcement was made either in Belfast or the Lego Store in Southhampton. Something this historic deserves this type of reveal. I can see how it could be 12000 pieces or more, especially if they do the full ship. There would certainly need to be a steady support system to rest the model on. There will probably be a lot of interior support pieces that we will not see on the outside. There is plenty of room on the decks and around the ship to devote a lot of attention to detail. I would not expect an interior, although they might have a partial reveal here and there to show some of the more interesting areas. That might include the bridge, the grand staircase area, and maybe even a way to remove part of the hull to see the actual engine room and boiler areas.
  8. AFOLguy1970

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    When I saw the advent calendar, I know I had found my replacement for the yawner of an AC that Harry Potter came up with this year. I do not have several of those minifigs, especially in those variants and still needs some infinity stones. I think the calendar is going to appeal to a lot of people (self included). The only really weak point I see is the trans-blue action pieces will of course take up a slot, and they are not really a build.
  9. AFOLguy1970

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Unpopular opinions, eh? This might belong in an HP thread, but it could work here as well, especially since I will be going against a lot of HP fans. I think that HP Advent calendars have jumped the shark. They made a great AC that set up the Great Hall Christmas scene very well. Then, they came back and made a AC that set up the Yule Ball very well. I think both knocked it out of the park, and I somehow knew that the bar was now raised very high. I look at this year's AC and see a set that leaves me very little to get excited about. How many more Harrys, Hermiones, Dracos, and Rons do we need? The set is for the children you say? Ok then, how many Harrys, Hermiones, Dracos, and Rons do they want/need? OK, I get it with Harry--he is kind of the main guy and has to be in nearly every set. They even have a good print of him, which of course enrages those with Diagon Alley who feel like their Harry minifig is no longer something special. They have a few good printed pieces, but I cannot justify getting it for those. Presumably two days are going to be devoted to wall building. I think a grand total of two days even have anything to do with Christmas at all. I think I have an unpopular opinion because the youtube channels are drooling over it for reasons I cannot comprehend. Guess I will get the Star Wars one for the overpriced Christmas Baby Yoda that was highly predictable. --sigh-----
  10. I think so. After spending some time quietly in the "Lego Room", I always seem to feel a little bit better than I did before going in there. This would certainly be a great topic for someone to research. It would make a good dissertation.
  11. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If they actually did eliminate the baseplate and go to regular plates, it would be curious how they handle the photos of the newest modular with the older ones.
  12. AFOLguy1970

    [MOC] Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

    Truly wonderful! This is also a great way to show my sons that math is important after all!
  13. AFOLguy1970

    10278 Police Station

    Wow, I am surprised that they held out that long! Had there been only 22 at Dallas North Park, they would not have made it past the first hour. There were fifty people in line, ten ahead of us. Almost all of the 10 had a Police Station and a Trouble on Tatooine set. I will bet that store is fairly wiped out on inventory at this moment. The display at the entrance to the story barely had anything at all since they will not display something that is not available.
  14. AFOLguy1970

    Lego Store in Chicago downtown (video)

    Very nice video. Actually, the inventory levels look excellent for this time of year. They had several in demand sets such as the Star Destroyer, Millenium Falcon, Hogwarts Castle, etc. Had I been there, there would have been some sets for me to pick up. You should see the Dallas Lego Store in North Park. That would be the definitive example of a store with wiped out inventory. Yesterday, most of the shelves were stocked with the new stuff, but after seeing that line to get in, I would bet they dont have much right now.
  15. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, you're right. Pretty much all of the Lego Western Hemisphere fan base is trying to get in or through checkout. Epic fail.