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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A colorful variety could work if done right. It would also be interesting to possibly see a mural embedded into the side of a building with several different colors. Each modular always brings something that has not yet been done, so the only thing I truly expect from the next one is that something new and unique will appear in the set.
  2. Death Star 499.99 Destiny's Bounty 159.99 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon 99.99 A-Wing Starfighter 39.99 =799.96
  3. Here is my take on this........Lego is doing great as far as demand is concerned. Problem is they cannot keep up with demand and this is frustrating a lot of people. The Lego factories are working night and day, and yet, they cannot fill demand with what is produced. Millennium Falcon and Saturn V are the obvious examples of where demand is huge, and supply is far less. Last June, I walked into the Dallas Lego Store about a week into the month hoping to purchase one of the newer Star Wars or Creator sets that came out. They were already wiped out on most of the new releases. Shelves were filled with various older sets. There were a couple of older sets I would have also been interested in, however they were no longer there either. An employee asked me if there was anything they could help me find. I told them none of the things I was hoping to find from the new catalog were actually in the store. The employee told me that several people told him the same thing in recent days. A couple of the sets I would have liked were missed by just a day or two. So, I bought very little and walked away empty handed. Found one of the sets at Target a couple of days later. Point is, people do not spend money if the item is not available for purchase. Sadly enough, I also notice that there are far fewer display models of the newer sets these days, because the store employees do not want to constantly have to explain why all of these new releases are not available. Of course, Assault on Hoth was one of the display models, because it is usually available for purchase. I hope to go back at the end of the month when I get paid. Hoping to see some of the Lego Ninjago sets and maybe some Creator sets and then pick one to build. In the back of my mind, I am preparing for little or none of the stuff to be there, especially once the movie comes out. Maybe the solutions would be to prioritize and try to pinpoint which sets will be in demand so that there is enough to go around. Obviously, they have not yet learned from the Saturn V fiasco since it repeated with the Millennium Falcon. They also need to fix the website to where it does not crash every single time there are new releases. I have said this before, but they really need to allow pre order. It would help establish where the demand is and would eliminate the mad rush at the Lego stores and online when the new releases come out.
  4. Judging from the comments, it looks like a repeat of the Saturn V fiasco. Glad this one is not on my bucket list. Congrats to those who got one, as long as your intentions are actually to enjoy it. Sorry for those who waited or tried to get one from the crashed website. Lego may be laying off some people, but I hope they retain a good tech team who can make a website be functional even in times of high demand. Or they could simply allow preorder to spread the demand to where it is not all on the site at once. It would also minimize the "Black Friday" moments at the Lego Store, which are becoming increasingly common due to these releases.
  5. [MOD] Laundromat Modular 16-wide from Brick Bank

    Nice job of separating out the laundromat and making the structure its own modular. I like the Brick Bank, and I like the laundromat, but I do not like the laundromat as part of the Brick Bank. Good job with the apartment and rooftop area as well. You can never have enough living space for all of the townsfolk.
  6. Modular with the best interior detail?

    I would say the Parisian Restaurant because it has no "ugly" side to it, making it great as a standalone structure. While the others are nice too, they have one or two sides which are not displayable, because the expectation is you will connect them to other buildings in order to hide the eyesores. There is nice detail in the restaurant with the seating area and kitchen. Then, you have the apartment above, and the artist studio above that. You also have two different outdoor seating areas, one of which is on the side and the back. Lots to look at on that modular!
  7. The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    Looks great! Making something the size of a full functioning hotel is certainly not easy.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I cringe at the storyline for this one
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yellow would be an interesting color. Perhaps a pastel yellow, sand yellow, or another realistic color used in buildings. So far, the range of the modulars has been rather eclectic. Sure, there are some similarities with some structures, but they are all definitely unique. Of course, the building does not necessarily have to be one or even two main colors. Even with the Brick Bank, they came up with the idea of the laundromat extension, presumably in part to add some color to the structure as a whole. My hope as always is that the building recalls an older style of architecture. The actual function of the building is not as important to me, although I am always curious to see what it will be.
  10. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I would guess none of those six as well. Had the pop up book made it, then it would have been a decent possibility. Gilmore's Girls needs a license and probably has a limited audience Wonders of Peru---nice but again, a very limited audience Research Aircraft--probably the one with the best chance among these, but Lego has made a lot of aircraft already, especially with Creator sets I am Your Father--Star Wars license, nuff said. Nasa Space Shuttle--shuttles are nothing new to Lego, so I imagine they would have their own in the works somewhere if they were interested Launch Umbilical Tower--Not everyone who bought a Saturn V would buy it. Besides, would the rocket even be in production by the time this could theoretically come out? It would not sell well in the absence of the rocket.
  11. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    It is a good thing too that they will meet the demand for this set. If they did not, you would only see more online problems the night of release and Black Friday style shopping at the Lego Stores every time a popular set gets released. Maybe you wont have people renting trucks and driving to every store they can in order to clean them out and make a quick buck while everyone else waits weeks or months for an affordable one. This is going to be one hot Christmas item, especially since there are a whole lot of people who would buy one if they simply saw the thing. We may be fully aware of Saturn V, but not so much the typical shopper, because they are never on the shelves to even prove their existence.
  12. Really glad that I am happy enough with the "cheap" $150 TFA version of the Falcon. Nice looking build, but not something I have to own. Vacations on the other hand, now those are necessary, so the $800 will be saved for those.
  13. Best Lego Ideas projects

    That castle really highlights the essence of Lego. See how many variations you can build out of the parts included. It is like a 5 in 1 Creator Castle set! Some people would definitely be buying that one. If you bought multiples, then it is on to bigger castles and army building.
  14. 10259 Winter Village Station

    I think the station will sell well as long as the train is also available. After that, they might have to offer a significant discount to get it off the shelves. It is not really a standalone set like the others.
  15. 10259 Winter Village Station

    Hmmmmm...... It seems neither that great nor that bad to me. The bus is nice, and it does fit in well with the train. Without providing another vehicle for the tracks like a small trolley or even a handcar, it does not make much sense to buy it unless you bought the train as well. It does look small for an $80 set. Another potential weakness--the rail crossing and the station access needs 3 of those straight tracks. The train set used only curved tracks to make a circle. Therefore, if you use three or four straight tracks to accommodate the crossing and station platform, you are going to have to find 3 our 4 more to balance out the other side in order to maintain the loop. No problem if you already have other tracks. But if the train was your only other railroad purchase, you are going to be unable to complete that layout.