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  1. AFOLguy1970

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Wow, that would certainly be the costliest Ideas set ever. I wonder what most people are willing to pay for Voltron.
  2. AFOLguy1970

    MOC: The Brixton Hotel

    Great interior! The elevators remind me of the ones in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Thankfully, yours do not have that inherent problem the ones in the movie have
  3. AFOLguy1970

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    It implies that Finn went into a dark age or at least his interest in Lego has diminished. I want to know what happened to the Man Upstairs? He invested a lot of time and money into Bricksburg, the minifig wall, and all his other displays. It is hard to believe he just let it all completely go, unless he sold off most of his collection.
  4. AFOLguy1970

    Fragile Pieces?

    Speaking of a bad batch, 9 of the pictured parts are included in the Mountain Police Station. One broke three months ago after the station was assembled. It was later disassembled right before we moved. Today, I decided to rebuild it. Another one was found broken in the bag and the other three broke while trying to reattach the stick parts to them per the instructions. I am about to send TLG a message on the website, but still am wondering when the other 4 will break and if the replacements will be any better It is extremely frustrating when you buy what is supposed to be a premium product and this happens, even with being careful. Quality Control by Steven Wagner, on Flickr
  5. AFOLguy1970

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Outstanding! These polybags are exactly the type of things I am looking for. Really hoping they make it this side of the Atlantic.
  6. AFOLguy1970

    [MOC] Pharmacy

    Excellent build with nice texture appeal. The white railings on the interior are excellent. It really dwarfs the Detective's Office, but that is definitely not a bad thing.
  7. AFOLguy1970

    [MOC] LEGO 75930 alternative build antique corner store

    Very nice! I prefer this to the original build by far. With some extra parts in the right places, it would make a good corner modular.
  8. AFOLguy1970

    MOC: Modular Bookstore

    Excellent, especially the storefront setup and the window displays. The 24 width works really well here.
  9. Nice review. I bought this set to add to my city setup. Many people doing this for the same reason will most likely expand the buildings and convert them into modulars. You would need to make the separate stories detachable and add to the depth of interior and finally create a back for the buildings. They do seem to fit in well to a modular block.
  10. AFOLguy1970

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My city setup will probably have two active trains. I already have the current City Passenger train and am looking to get one more. Getting the next passenger train will result in two very similar trains. Although I am not at all into Harry Potter, that train does look interesting. Too bad it does not come with one more passenger car. I could see buying one or two and just leaving the stickers off. The station parts will also be useful when it is finally time to build some type of train terminal in the setup.
  11. AFOLguy1970

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It shows up for me.
  12. AFOLguy1970

    [MOC] Central Station

    Nice grand rail station! It reminds me of a European terminal on the exterior and a bit like Philadelphia's 30th Street Station on the interior. Well done.
  13. AFOLguy1970

    Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    That is definitely a lot of work, but he did very well making it into a large corner structure and true to the artwork that he has. I wonder how many sets he had to buy in order to make it that large?
  14. AFOLguy1970

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I would guess the Flintstones has a good chance. The house actually appeared in Lego Dimensions in a secret zone, but minus the characters themselves. There seems to be a saturation of planes. I like the SR-71, but have a been there, done that feeling with the NASA theme. I like the Amelia Earhart design, but the Women of NASA and the women of science set they made earlier gives me the same been there, done that feeling. The Embraer plane is good, but it looks similar to sets Lego has already made. The motorcycle might be at a slight disadvantage due to the Tron project. I know they are not the same, but still....... The others either look too big, or they are licensing issues.
  15. AFOLguy1970

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I do not think that the new city set either hints at or debunks the idea that the next modular will be a hotel or a museum. The one thing I am fairly confident with is the fact that a theoretical hotel/museum modular would not be in competition with the new city set. In the Capital, the museum is basically a near empty trans clear shell with one exhibit. The hotel is a couple of stories with an open back and apparently even some open space on the sides. It appears to have a very simple lobby and maybe a max of two guest rooms with about enough space for a couple of token items. There was a city set that had a bank heist, and there was some overlap with the Brick Bank, so that was not a problem for either line. Then, there was the Fire Brigade, which was undoubtedly available along with at least one full City fire station. Having seen the photos of the new city set, this is definitely not going to be a threat to the modulars. Some sets like Ninjago City, Joker Manor, or even the Sanctum Sanctorum set might be weighed as alternatives to a modular. The Capital? Not so much.