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  1. alois

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Fantastic build! I've already seen parts of it in real life, and hope to see the whole one time. I like the 'impressionist' way of building with lots of different textures and angles.
  2. alois

    Bag Count in Box

    Yes I have. And I remember the time when bags never were numbered. You had a set like 10214 Tower Bridge, 4000+ parts, without any numbering on the bags. You first had to open all the bags and sort the parts to be able to build the set. So things are easy nowadays, grandpa says.
  3. Nevertheless, it's not a bad thing to be reminded once in a while that it's a bizarre thing to speculate with a children's toy instead of playing with it.
  4. alois

    100% Custom Layouts?

    I have a 100% MOC Lego town:
  5. That is one smooth hull Jebbo! But it's a crazy thing to build a Lego model that's 1.25 m long...
  6. alois

    [MOC] Aachen Cathedral

    I like your cathedral. It is instantly recognisable as Aachen cathedral, which is quite an accomplishment in microscale. I appreciate your idea of using 1x4 bows for making pointed arches.
  7. alois

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    It's two by five 32x32 baseplates, that's all that I know. I suspect it goes beyond 10,000 pieces, but how much I don't know.
  8. alois

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    It's not really Amsterdam, have a good look. But Magna Plaza or another post office by CH Peters would be a good idea anyway.
  9. alois

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    Both of course. I really ran out of tan bricks, and had still a lot of reddish brown and dark orange laying around, but in reality this was also often the case in the Netherlands. Stone is more expensive than brick, because there isn't any in the Netherlands to find. Look at the New Church on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, where you can see the same.
  10. For Legoworld Utrecht 2020, I decided it was time to built a new church for my Lego town. And so did the town dwellers. So I built a new church. Internal history: Building started around 1300, when the preceding church was elevated to the rank of collegiate church, in keeping with the growth and prosperity of the town. Building started with the radiating chapels of the choir: The old church can bee seen in the background by the way. Building contiued with the cleresory of the choir, wihich was more ornated, and which was ready around 1375. Then building slowed down because of economic problems. Around 1450 the transept was finally built: But the economic problems continued and the town was not able to realise the grand nave of the church, and insted opted for a cheaper nave in brick with wooden vaults, thus foregoing the need for flying butresses. The nave was ready in the year 1530. Because all of the troubles of the 16th century, a tower was never built, however a modest spire was put in the middle. In 1580 a small buioding with a porch for the canons was added. A couple of other pictures, including one of the interior: More pictures can be found here.
  11. alois

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    In 2018 the church was enlarged another time. I extended it with a transept (only on one side) and a clerestory. Here you can see it at Legoworld Utrecht 2018: At the time (october 2020) this church doesn't exist anymore, since it has been replaced by a new church of Saint Leonore. Only the facade of the transept was incorporated in this new church.
  12. alois

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    I second the comment about the zeppelin....
  13. alois

    Rietveld Schröder Modular

    No need for all those fancy post-1980 Lego colours! Very nice modular.
  14. alois

    [MOC] Modular Church

    I like seeing how you've been searching for solutions to the problems that arise when you want to build a church in Lego. I'm currently doing the same and know how hard it is to capture medieval architecture in bricks, much more than classicist architecture.