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  1. alois

    LOWLUG train layout at LEGOWorld Utrecht

    Not all trains in the background are our mocs (oocs ), by the way. Some are mocs that you can buy as a set in the Netherlands, and some are sets like the 4511 visible.
  2. alois

    LOWLUG train layout at LEGOWorld Utrecht

    I also have a few photogrtaphs of our layout on my Flickr page, including a short film of the complete layout: Lowlug train club layout at Legoworld Utrecht by ¢НЯ15Т1ΑАИ Ð€ ЯОΟ, on Flickr The town part was made by me, as was the church; the curve by Erwin; the camping ground, factory amd mountain by Moos and the shunting yard by Aawsum.
  3. alois

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    I updated the spire of the church, not so much because I was dissatisfied with the old one, but because I wanted to give the church a new look voor Legoworld 2017 in Utrecht: My city / train layout as part of the Lowlug Train Club layout at Legoworld Utrecht by ¢НЯ15Т1ΑАИ Ð€ ЯОΟ, on Flickr
  4. My car is 59,5 studs long over the buffers. Can I round it up to 60 or am I not allowed to enter it?
  5. I really like this tram. I live in Arnhem, so I see this model tram once in a while while visiting the Openluchtmuseum (although the 274 Arnhem is a little bit blander in colour than the 265 you made in Lego). I don't think it is motorised, is it?
  6. I will also be there, bringing with me a part of the LOWLUG Train Club Layout that will connect to UrbanErwin's part. For an Afol there is enough to see in the fanzone, I think, and for the afols themselves is is still very much ab afol event, with an afol evening on saturday and dinners together in the evening. But it is so large (almost 100.000 visitors) that the afol part is obscured by all the playground/fairground activities for children.
  7. alois

    Creating a 'track-less' layout

    Is this what you mean? This with the existing track pieces and a lot of snotted slopes.
  8. alois

    MOC: Little modular church

    I'm afraid all I've left of this MOC are the pictures...
  9. alois

    Best years of Lego sets Discussion

    The years 1977-1986 were of course the best years. The introduction of Technic and the minifigure and new themes like space and castle opened so many new possibilities for playing that is is hard to see which other era could be better. Only the years from 1955 on, when the System of play was introduced, can be compared.
  10. alois

    MOC Modulars Inspired by real buildings

    My three most recent buildings next to each other at the Lowlug meeting last week: The one on the left is modular standard but completely made up. The one one the right side is modular standard and modeled after this building in Dordrecht, Holland. The middle one is not completely modular standard, although with a width of 48 studs it would fit in. But it's also much deeper than a modular, and doesn't come with a sidewalk. It is modeled after this building in Vianen, Holland.
  11. alois

    MOC Museum of Civilization

    Isn't the Tower Bridge a set that just screams for moccing? The first 10214 I bought I never even built, I immediately used all those really useful bricks for my mocs.
  12. alois

    [MOC] Modular Book Shop

    Lovely house. And Amsterdam is the only city/town I know where one can find black houses, so it is instantly recognisable.
  13. It is not a trademark. TLC likes to present it as a trademark, but the brick design was ruled out as a trademark in court.
  14. alois

    [MOC] decrepit house

    These buildings are great, I'm waiting to see your layout complete.
  15. alois

    How do you buy LEGO?

    Where I get my Lego: -New sets, never at full price. This option I use less and less. -Used Lego in bulk from Marktplaats (the Dutch Ebay). This is always a gamble, the Lego can be full of scratches and bitemarks, or be almost brand new. The good thing about is that you get to know all kinds of unknown pieces, also from earlier periods, that can be useful in a moc. And it is relatively cheap. But a lot of it is never used (I have hundreds of car wheels that will rest forever in a drawer). -Bricklink. When I am building a specific moc, and I don't have the required pieces. This is mostly when I am building something after a real life building or vehicle, and cannot alter the design to fit the pieces I already have.. -Lugbulk. Extremely useful when you need a large quantity of just one piece that sometimes even can't be bought on Bricklink in that quantity. -Pieces in bulk and polybags as a gift from TLC.