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  1. alois

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    I second the comment about the zeppelin....
  2. alois

    Rietveld Schröder Modular

    No need for all those fancy post-1980 Lego colours! Very nice modular.
  3. alois

    [MOC] Modular Church

    I like seeing how you've been searching for solutions to the problems that arise when you want to build a church in Lego. I'm currently doing the same and know how hard it is to capture medieval architecture in bricks, much more than classicist architecture.
  4. alois

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    But in the Netherlands painting your house teal when it's next to a brick coloured house would be illegal.
  5. alois

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    So Lego has finally gone over to the dark side of 8 wide....
  6. alois

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    I like the MOC parts of your town. Maybe try to substitute all the sets by MOCs one by one over time? I think the topic starter is from Germany, so he will probably not understand your comment in Dutch. Neither will the majority of Eurobricks members.
  7. alois

    Track Ballast - Ideas needed

    This is how are tracks were ballasted in our diorama for Legoworld 2018 in Utrecht. It's the same principle as Aaron uses but different colours. Prepare to empty your wallet on Bricklink, because this is very, very parts intensive.
  8. alois

    Antique Shop

    Nice to see that you've finished another nice little building! I was afraid you weren't expanding your town any more.
  9. alois

    Lowlug Open Meeting 26-8

    There is Legoworld in Utrecht from october 17 - october 23. Utrecht is 40 km from Amsterdam. It is not really a meeting with 100.000 visitors.
  10. alois

    LOWLUG train layout at LEGOWorld Utrecht

    Not all trains in the background are our mocs (oocs ), by the way. Some are mocs that you can buy as a set in the Netherlands, and some are sets like the 4511 visible.
  11. alois

    LOWLUG train layout at LEGOWorld Utrecht

    I also have a few photogrtaphs of our layout on my Flickr page, including a short film of the complete layout: Lowlug train club layout at Legoworld Utrecht by ¢НЯ15Т1ΑАИ Ð€ ЯОΟ, on Flickr The town part was made by me, as was the church; the curve by Erwin; the camping ground, factory amd mountain by Moos and the shunting yard by Aawsum.
  12. alois

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    I updated the spire of the church, not so much because I was dissatisfied with the old one, but because I wanted to give the church a new look voor Legoworld 2017 in Utrecht: My city / train layout as part of the Lowlug Train Club layout at Legoworld Utrecht by ¢НЯ15Т1ΑАИ Ð€ ЯОΟ, on Flickr