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  1. Trawler Man

    The use of black pieces

    While I genuinely love black parts, I do feel the lack of perceived detail in sets and MOCs with a lot of black can be disappointing. That said, I do think vehicle chassis look much nicer in all black or all DBG. I understand TLG's desire to give people a mix of colors with their sets, but I would greatly prefer the bigger / more AFOL oriented sets to follow a somewhat realistic color scheme.
  2. I got this a few weeks ago and built the first "chapter" yesterday. Being aware of the issues at release I made sure to look out for Blackbird's fix in step 5. To my surprise TLC actually changed the instructions and step 5 now calls for a 62462 pin joiner in LBG. As far as I can tell they didn't change the gears around, nor did they implement a fix for the unreliable shifting issue.
  3. Dude, this is wild. Well done.
  4. Because studded is ugly, and limited the potential to create the beautiful shapes we are now able to create with non-studded pieces.
  5. How awesome. Thank baby Jesus you do want to put the time and effort in to make instructions. I can't wait.
  6. Excellent. Great scale. Really love the colors, too.
  7. Will there be instructions before the end of the year? I'd really love to be able to build the troop version with my father, when he visits me next month.
  8. My all time favorite off-road vehicle. We've had 3 of these in the family for years, and have taken them on trips all through Europe over the past 20 years. So damn amazing. Would you consider making instructions? I would pay well to be able to create one of these for myself. My father is coming to visit me here in the US come December, and I know he would jump through the ceiling if I handed him some instructions, and he'd slowly come to realize the full model as he flips through the pages. This is just awesome.
  9. This is beautiful. I would love to own something like this.
  10. Beautiful...I would love to build this. I could never build anything like this without
  11. Amazing. Always loved the Repsol finery.