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  1. You should read Philo's article about Lego "Batteries and Battery Packs".
  2. You could consider using pairs of Lego Rock Panels [(BURP) -- Big Ugly Rock Panels] for obstacles, and connect them with some top 4x6 plates of the same color:
  3. Yeah, effe started a 42008 alternate that he named "The Drag Rig": .
  4. From this example in The Next Step , and possibly adapt it to fit your motor situation instead of a "clapper" sound situation. Be sure to click on the thumbnail image on that topic by Dean Hystad; I can't link it here. Below are images from brdavis. You could also look through these "NXT Break Loop" suggestions.
  5. Were there a lot of extra parts from the B-Model build? It seems that the low profile of the B-model came at the expense of using all of the available parts:
  6. Very thorough review! I'm trying to scrape up enough dough to buy this set.
  7. Well, one could use the set inventories on Rebrickable to determine the percentage of "nails" in other Technic models, but really, what difference does it make? One doesn't count the number of fasteners or welds on real cars to determine which one is "the best".
  8. @ Vadim Unimogovich: Once you upload those new pictures, you'll have to "deeplink" the pictures so that we may see them immediately. Welcome to Eurobricks, by the way! How to Upload Pictures to Brickshelf: http://www.eurobrick...347&hl=pictures . How to "Deeplnk" Your Pictures from Brickshelf: http://www.eurobrick...448&hl=deeplink .
  9. Isogawa Yoshihito made a red Lego Technic "Flat-Footed Insect" that is comparable to the multi-colored Hexbug spiders:
  10. @ clarkdef: Here are tips on how to post Flickr images: . How to Upload Pictures to Brickshelf: How to "Deeplnk" Your Pictures from Brickshelf:
  11. We can't see the contents of your Brickshelf folder yet -- are you talking about this GBC Train Module?
  12. JoeKaydear

    Roof Construction

    You could consider using the 6044 Slope as part of a beam support system for your roof:
  13. JoeKaydear

    Mecha CAT

    I like how it can transform:
  14. I saw this cool, modular '57 Chevy Monster Car by Paul Boratko on YouTube -- it looks like a mini 1957 Chevy done in Lego Technic style! He has a goal to design more bodies that can work with the same Monster chassis. Full description on MOCpages: . Pictures on Brickshelf:
  15. JoeKaydear

    Multi-terrain diorama

    You have a nice Lego figure collection -- how many are there in total?