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Found 12 results

  1. Crowkillers newest creation....
  2. A while back, there was this topic, about doing some of Crowkillers cars in white. That, and the fact that white was cheaper than either red or black, gave me the idea to build the Porsche in white. There were a couple modifications I had to make, but those were fairly straight forward. Of course, the 44 connector isn't available in white, so I made a black accent line that goes over the roof, and made the mirrors black. Now for the pictures: More pictures are at my BrickSafe (see sig).
  3. Hello Everyone - I'm starting this topic to write a brief review of the new Crowkillers Lego Technic Supercar – THE ASSASSIN! Over the past few summers, Paul has made it a habit to release his newest designs around this time of year for our viewing and building pleasure. In spring of 2014 he presented us with The Muscle Car with its unique forward opening hood mechanism and live rear axle and later that summer the all-white colored Phantasm Twin Turbo with its unique scissor doors. This year proves to be more of the same with The Assassin. Just as in his past designs, this new model offers something completely different than anything that he has done in his previous models. I will cover more on the unique features of this model later in the review. Paul has made instructions available for this model on his website ( for $12. When you purchase the instructions you will get high quality renditions for 3 different color combinations – a blue/white police edition, a black/white police edition, and a black/red edition. The instructions and parts list are flawless and very easy to follow for any experienced Technic builder. I’ve built the white/blue P.D. Special edition for this review. Obviously, one could build the model in any color combination they prefer and many builders have already done so. I have seen a red/white version and a yellow/green version and a black/orange combination. When it comes to the color combo, one is only limited by their creative ideas and the availability of parts on Bricklink! The model has all of the features that you would expect on a supercar of this scale (opening doors, transmission, suspension, etc.). However, in my opinion, this model has a feature that has never been seen or done before in Lego Technic Supercars. This model has a 4-speed transmission that is located behind the cabin seats and below the engine – just forward of the rear axle. This feature alone is unique, but the truly innovative thing about it is how the 4-speed transmission shifts gears. Paul came up with a brilliant lever system that is used to change the gears. The benefit is that the interior of the car no longer has the huge “bump” in between the seats to accommodate a transmission. This must be the year of new transmission concepts, first we had the nifty gearbox design in the Nathanael Kuipers Predator Supercar and now with Paul's Assassin, we have something just as unique, but designed and set-up completely different. The video below shows the shifting mechanism on a bare chassis toward the end of the video to help demonstrate how these shifting levers work. Another great less technical feature of this model that I personally really like is the Police Car aspect of it. The lights on the top and the red and blue lights across the front and rear bumpers really give this model a unique look. This subtle feature really makes the model pop in my opinion. The last point I would like to make about this model – and Paul’s design process overall – is that I truly appreciate that he takes parts availability into account when designing his models. Paul typically tries to incorporate the newest parts into his designs and tries to avoid parts in colors that are rare or scarce. The Muscle Car used the new front suspension a-arms (Bricklink #15459) when the old style a-arms (Bricklink #57515) were not as readily available or affordable at the time. Similarly, with The Assassin, he redesigned his original black/red model to remove the black 19L soft flex axles and replaced them with the more readily available black 16L soft flex axles that we recently got in set 42026. This effort on his part allows his models to be built by more people simply by considering parts availability. This is a good thing considering that a new trend of building MOCs appears to be on the rise given the popularity of websites such as Rebrickable and MOCpages, etc. With all of that said, the white/blue model I built does have a few parts that are a bit difficult to find at a reasonable price (i.e. blue 19L soft flex axles), but generally Paul made a great effort to use parts in colors that are readily available. So if you can’t build the white/blue combination due to parts availability, you can always build a color combo that is more available. Thank you for taking the time to read my brief review of Paul’s latest supercar. I have made a high quality video review showcasing this model and its features and I also demonstrate and show up close the shifting mechanisms. Please take the time to check it out!
  4. This is my newest Car, the Phantasm Twin Turbo. I have some new Titanium colored Chrome wheels and Medium Gray Backdrop Photo paper on the way, but I don't know when they'll get here, so I figured that I would post up a few pics of a new car that I have been working on for the last few months... The pictures are not the best because it is difficult to photograph white, which is why I had the gray paper ordered..I've been wanting to design a unique original Supercar in white with parts that were not too rare.... My goal was to avoid #4 connectors and 3L pins with stop bush... I only used 2 of the 3L pins and zero #4 connectors... There are Five 19L flexible axles though....In order to get a unique look for a new car, I had to try and come up with something different for the front end.. I had been playing around with figuring out the best way to get the small panels to line up together to form the headlight shape, which was a bit difficult because they are off 1/2 a stud both ways...I also wanted to come up with an whole new mechanism for scissor/butterfly doors that could be operated from the rear of the car.. These doors open in 2 stages at the same time both forward and outwards when you roll a 12 tooth bevel gear forward, and close them when you roll them backwards.. The gears are located on each side of the Hand of God 20 tooth Bevel gear behind the rear mounted V8 engine... The doors also use the new style steering arms for their "outwards" motion. I am going to add a GIF of how this mechanism works..The gearbox is based on the same one that was in my Vampire GT, but this one is not All Wheel Drive and the Hand of God steering passes through it rather than under or around it...I used the older style black hubs with the new steering arms on all 4 wheels... I also found a great use for this new piece for the H.O.G. steering in the rear 5 x 11 open frame liftarm and 2 of them for the sides of the windshield..Many of the body components are built in a modular style and simply plug into their proper location...I am probably going to change the white parts of the interior to tan because I think that there is just too much white.. I already have the parts ordered...I am really happy with how the lines in this model turned out.. I am going to try and start getting some build pictures posted in the next few weeks.. Edit: I got my Titanium Chromed Wheels in courtesy of Gábor Révai and they look absolutely Amazing... New Pictures have been posted 8-28-2014...
  5. Since the other thread got locked, I will present these models in this new thread. I always wanted to do a Police style car so this seemed like a great opportunity to do a proper Yin & Yang take on the same vehicle... Both models feature many new 2015 parts including the new driving rings and gears in my first ever linkage style gear shifter... The black one does use some parts that are either impossible to find(19L black flexible axles) or other parts(like the 9L and 11L orange liftarms) that are very expensive... I am going to try and figure out a way to properly work around the flex axles and incorporate 16L ones, but the best presentation seems to be the 19L ones... I think with the release of the 42043 and the new white micro panels, this car can easily be done in all white, or a combination of white and another color since now the 19L flexible axles in white are abundant.. Brickshelf Folder
  6. Here is my version of Crowkillers Muscle Car. Controlled by a SBrick. Powered by 2 PF L engines. The steering of a PF servo motor. Thanks to Paul Boratko for instructions ... Here are some pictures: Thank you for watching.
  7. Hello Lego Technic friends. I'm only 1 year with us and would like to introduce to me a few creations. Here my first self-made and its improvement six months later. Unfortunately, there are no instructions for the version 1, version 2 but it is planned. version 1 version 2 Both models are fully remote controlled Here a model, the TE009 Classic Car, inspired by CYPR21's Bugatti. This is also remotely controlled and the instructions is almost ready . Here are two pictures of rendering instructions Here is my penultimate project. A fullRc version of CROWKILLERS Lamborghini Gallardo with fully enclosed bodywork. Video:
  8. Hello all I couldn't hold in my delight when I came across a teaser trailer from osuharding1 for crowkillers new supercar. You must see it at once. Here is a link: As far as we know it is a police edition supercar, it boasts a v10 engine I think or it my be a flat 10. It might be motorized, but I can't tell. Instructions will be available soon from crowkillers, and a possible review from osuharding1. The design is so attractive, and crowkillers has captured that true mid engine look. If it is motorized, I'm sure it will be controlled via sbrick. Scale looks around 1:10 thereabouts, the car reminds me of a dtm car, eventhough dtm cars are front engine. One of the highlights of this truely awesome moc, is that it uses a 4 speed gearbox, actually planted in the rear of the car, so its realistic. But what sets this gearbox apart from his previous gearboxes, Is that he uses the new 2015 gears from the le mans 24 hour racecar set: The new gear selectors that are 3 studs long. More info will follow soon, but if you know any further info, feel free to share them, and express your thoughts on this striking supercar.
  9. Hello everyone - I'm starting this topic to write a brief review of the new Crowkillers Lego Technic Supercar - Phantasm Twin Turbo - Ghost Edition. Paul recently completed this design in summer 2014 and has made instructions available on his website ( for $12. When you purchase the instructions you get high quality renditions for both a red and white version. I built the white version. The instructions and parts list are flawless and very easy to follow for an experienced Technic builder. The white model has a few parts that are a bit difficult to find at a reasonable price (i.e. white 19L flex axles) but generally he made a great effort to use a lot of 2014 parts and older parts that are readily available. The model has all of the features that you would expect on a super car of this scale (opening doors, transmission, suspension, etc.). However, in my opinion, this model has two features that are unique and different from anything that he has done before. First would be steering. This model has HOG steering near the rear of the model and a functional steering wheel. The aspect that makes it unique is that the steering axle passes directly through the 5-speed transmission. The solutions he came up with to achieve this were rather clever. The second marque feature of this model is the mechanism that opens the scissor doors. The mechanism lifts the doors up and moves them out simultaneously. Even though I have built it and studied it closely I am still not sure exactly how it works... but it works flawlessly every time! The last note about this model is simply the body shape and the great way he has used panels to achieve a very sleek look. Probably the most notable feature is the headlamps and the way the two panels form a perfect casing that wraps around them. I'm not a man of many words so I've produced a high quality video to showcase all the relevant features of this fantastic super car.
  10. I did a quick search on Eurobricks to make sure I was not double posting. Like Crowkillers past Charity auctions I believe this auction needs to be recognized as well. Please visit the link and show your support.
  11. I saw this cool, modular '57 Chevy Monster Car by Paul Boratko on YouTube -- it looks like a mini 1957 Chevy done in Lego Technic style! He has a goal to design more bodies that can work with the same Monster chassis. Full description on MOCpages: . Pictures on Brickshelf:
  12. Paul Boratko (a.k.a. Crowkillers) posted this of all of his MOCs shown at the Lego Kidsfest event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA last weekend: Here's a separate YouTube video of his Crowkillers Lego Technic 1:6 scale V8 Engine -- "I only had it running at 3 volts(I can run it at 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 , and 12)": He's auctioning off one of his custom creations in January 2013 for charity. For those not familiar with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, "...the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors, and entire communities." This will be Paul's second auction to benefit that organization. :thumbup: His previous auction got a winning bid of USD $1,626 (1,299 Euros)! In May, he explained in this post: "I got the pleasure of meeting a young man in Pittsburgh last year at a Kidsfest who had some problems and he was extremely thrilled to see my cars in person and had his father take his picture holding one of my cars... Turns out he was a fan of my work and had seen the models online... This was an eye opening experience for me realizing that through Lego that I had made a connection with this boy and right then and there I had decided that I should try and give back...." See 15 more pictures about that Pittsburgh Steelers custom Supercar Deluxe 2 on this webpage: