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  1. Nightshroud99

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    That is really ballin, nice color combination and a impressive build overall. I wish I had one.
  2. Nightshroud99

    Edoras (A moc by Infomaniac)

    That's an amazing MOC. Great job crafting such a beauty!
  3. Nightshroud99

    The Batcave

    I love the waterfall, the light up bricks really makes it pop!
  4. This ^ I don't believe guns are a good thing; but a necessary evil. There's a lot of violence int his world. But if it wasn't for guns in the hands of people who needed them to fight against oppression, many countries would be less free, so to speak. Case in point, the Allies in WW2 and WW1. @ Sandy My feelings are not hurt, I see not point in deliberately posting just to say you don't like guns and having DLuders (in his case, he doesn't mind) or others' feel ashamed for enjoying them. That is generally an attack, even it's in a indirect way.
  5. Nightshroud99

    Hero Factory Month - Index and Discussion

    I love that banner! Great job; and gotta love the contests even though I won't be entering, good luck to those who do.
  6. What makes me nauseous is your abhorrent distaste for handguns in a world that has been forged by them in the last hundred or so years. If it wasn't for handguns, and guns in general, the world would be a lot worse because, well, do I need to explain this. Also, quite a double standard when it seems these same people have no issue with, as far as I know, guns in LEGO themes or Brickarms. How are these any different than a brick built gun. Heck, children probably get bricks and build them in the shape of a guns to play, I know I did this when I was young. "Someone's making money by turning my favorite hobby into realistic projectile weapons that can even be used to cause pain." It's everyone's hobby here, maybe some people enjoy making weapons. Is this much different than making a MOC of a large scale WW2 battle? It's violent as well. Also, as a community, wouldn't it be nicer to support the hard-work this fellow AFOL put into make this book, with it's unique MOCs and actual mechanisms for reloading etc... It's quite well done, but it's a taboo subject to you so no matter how nice they are, they're automatically dismissed as a whole. Personally, if you have such a problem with handguns and guns in general. Then go out and protest, speak out, and make your voice heard. Don't attack members of the community you so graciously love; because that isn't going to do anything.
  7. If you have a problem with guns or the product in general then don't comment. It's as simple as that. While DLuders didn't build any of the models, I appreciate his review. It's a cool book and something I would have loved to have had as a kid; because I loved playing with guns, as any sane boy does.
  8. Nightshroud99

    BrickWarriors - Tons of new items!

    Props to you, your accessories and weapons are probably the best available.
  9. Nightshroud99

    What are you listening to?

    Was even better live, but worth a share.
  10. Nightshroud99

    My fantasy MOCs

    The Fell Beast is outstanding.
  11. Nightshroud99

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    Really amazing set, only thing is that it could have used an AT-ST or even a new Imperial Shuttle. The Imps don't really have anything substantial in this set; but it's still a beauty.
  12. I enjoy reading these for some reason, keep it up m8
  13. Nightshroud99

    75017 - Duel on Geonosis advance copy

    Sweet looking set, definitely going to get this one. Thank you for your review.
  14. Nightshroud99

    Life(ish) sized Robin-Mobile

    Whoa nice, what kind of bricks are those though?