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  1. Daiman

    UCS Rancor

    Many years ago people were asking for this, now I wont say I'm a little slow that would be understated but on a 12 year anniversary this things older than my kids... https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-188770/RustyRunt/ucs-rancor/#details
  2. Ha Ha I recall Captain Planet, Im from a regional area so it never screened there but remember the ads on the comic covers and inserts. This was more just an eco attempt at the time with a modern pov given recent mentalities. Most of the design simply came from looking at the lego elements in the palette, no real forethought.
  3. I did a search for that and it may be a pokemon reference? Anyway I'm to old for that so no but thanks for the slap in the face...
  4. yes those in black are the baddies and the other 3 good guys so baddies an axeman , oil slick. plastic waste girl and Rusty...and the green team are solar water, plants and another one.
  5. Oh thanks Kallus I'd given up hope anyone would engage over this so I missed your response, would have been a fun entry but with the colour restrictions it would have been watered down a bit too much.
  6. Daiman

    "Donnerb├╝chse" style passenger car

    Coming along nicely, the end door is put together well. love to see it in Dark red. Have you considered using part 6583 for the end rails it adds a bit of detail for a single piece.
  7. Daiman

    [CaTC] Time Adventures

    Great box art though the photos could have had more time spent on them (nit pic) overall a solid entry from my part and one with a lot of scope. Good Luck.
  8. The current contest inspired this concept for a group of sets based on the battle between green energies and a gang of pollutant based nasties. Not fully refined but a bit of fun to be had there.
  9. Daiman

    [CATC] Edie and Wicker Witches

    good line up, love the Snow Golem.
  10. Daiman

    [CaTC] Survivors

    some nice sets you have there... good luck in the comp.
  11. Daiman

    [CATC] Paladins

    This is great, a lot of work gone into the builds.
  12. Good idea but the parts arrived and I moved fast so Ill just post the pic so others can have a start to end in one thread. Built on a shorter wheelbase (so less windows) otherwise this thing would be huge. SAR Red Hen by Daiman