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  1. JayCal

    What is your favorite Modular Buildling?

    Green Grocer all the way! I like it so much, it's the only modular I have twice. One regular, and one mirror built.
  2. I really like the model! The black with white stripes is a classic combination for me. I've pointed out on other parts of the interwebs that I'm not a fan of the new single purpose wheel arch parts. They really stand out to me as an easy fix and not at all neccesary. I'm interested to see if the Delorean/Mustang way of building the wheel arches is an option for this one. I just like brick built solutions opposed to single purpose piece fixes. Plus, the wheel arches do not look like they are fitting in particular part family per se. Yes, I'm well aware that the Delorean/Mustang way of building the wheel arches this time around would have been called out for not beeing innovative. Surely there is another way to make it work using currently available bricks?
  3. JayCal

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I have the 60337 (engine and carriages only) in ldraw format if you need it.
  4. JayCal

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks man! It was meant to be "just an alternative" to people who dislike another super aerodynamic design. Free instructions might be released in future ;-)
  5. JayCal

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    That looks gorgeous.
  6. JayCal

    60051, 60197 & 60337 nose jobs

    Thanks for the great feedback! It was indeed a test for me to see how you can cheaply mod an existing set for novice builders. I can offer the files (LDraw) for free to anyone who is interested. Just contact me through DM. I don't feel the need to embark on the laborous task of creating instructions... maybe there are people here who love making them? If so, send me a DM. Cheers
  7. JayCal

    60051, 60197 & 60337 nose jobs

    Thanks! Maybe I should have a go at one in the flesh Final one to clutter this forum: full on mod of the roofs, added doors and many other smallmods. Now it's not really a simple mod of the set anymore but fun nonetheless.
  8. JayCal

    60051, 60197 & 60337 nose jobs

    Thanks everyone! My goal was indeed to keep the lego feel without making a specific copy of existing real life models. You are absolutely correct. My goal was to modify the existing sets without too much cost (and just get rid of the single use big nose pieces). If you should add a longer base, slightly modified windows and jacobs bogie... you'll get a reasonably cheap eurostar/tgv/horizon express. Here's an example:
  9. JayCal

    60051, 60197 & 60337 nose jobs

    Thanks guys!
  10. I already had posted my "nose job" mod of the new 60337 in the 2022 topic, but thought you might be interested in my reworked 60197 too. After the release of 60337 I thought that design would look fine on the 60051 which you can all see below. The models integrate seamless with their original power sources and cars. Reverse engineering the builds shan't be too difficult from this LDView shot and it is not all that parts intensive to have a go yourself. Cheers! Jay
  11. JayCal

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks! I loved to travel by train when I was in Japan. So many cool models and routes. Some run on serious narrow tracks. Ps. I was lazy and grabbed the 9V motor from the official parts list. Fixed it just now in my digital model ;-)
  12. JayCal

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks guys, Although the ICM/koploper by NS/dutch railways is a well known model to me (it used to be my main train to work for 6 years), this one actually wasn't inspired by the ICM/koploper but more so by the Japanese Narita Express. It shares many design similarities though. Thanks for the idea! That works much better. Here's a version with the battery/motor at the front (and a Narita Express reference to boot). Putting the battery on top of the motor actually helped me disguise the controls on the battery box as well. They are now accessible by lifting the entire cockpit roof.
  13. JayCal

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Although I love trains, the new 60337 design is a little too sleek for my taste. I've been on the N700's in Japan and they really are still quite futuristic compared to most high speed trains around the world. I do like the lime green on the new train though. So I was thinking... what to do with this new train. And I came up with a model inspired by the Narita Express (so, still Japan based): It wouldn't require that many additional parts and to me, looks more appropriate in any urban layout. Would love to know what you guys think.
  14. JayCal

    An Excess of X-Wings!

    I'll have a dig through the old archives :-)