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  1. A mini-doll rant by a mini-doll fan

    The closest thing would be the Paradisa line, which introduced pastel shades and was intended to bring girls into LEGO along similar lines to Friends. And it flopped.
  2. MOC: Friends - Battle of Heartlake

    Brilliant, always love to see Friends in unusual circumstances and that's such a creative design.
  3. Bricklinking 10210 The Imperial Flagship?

    Blimey, that's crazy - I had no idea the parts had become so expensive. Really glad I bought three of these at the time....
  4. Alternatively, the mixels ball joints might be useful as long as the rest of your design helps constrain the sideways movement.
  5. Offset colors used in sets

    Sometimes it's also to help make sure you're following the correct orientation when there are a lot of rotated steps with a similar, but not entirely symmetrical model. Much easier to follow if one end has a bright blue plate on it.
  6. The problem with DbM, as I understand it was less to do with the selection of bricks (by necessity of production it is always going to be limited in comparison with Extended Mode), but rather that the sheer cost of having to manually fulfil each order made any sort of profit margin razor thin. Ironically, the people like us were not overly interested in the premium attached to that custom process and were much more likely to use LDD to design something then obtain parts through the second hand markets. Unless they could find a way to fully automate such custom products, which seems unlikely, any sort of DbM scheme is unlikely to offer tem suitable ROI. I hope they can find a way to make LDD a good revenue stream, as it is a fantastic tool, but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  7. From what I've heard in the past, one of the conditions for getting a new part design (with the exception of some licensed pieces) is getting a certain amount of "buy in" from different teams to confirm that the design is actually useful in more than a single situation. So, I'd assume that if designers from different teams have been playing around with a possible new part, it's probably quite likely they've got a few useful cases lined up that they put into sets once it becomes available. This is also why there sometimes seem to be odd gaps in parts, it may just be that nobody has ever found a compelling need for a 1x1 with bar or even that they just couldn't convince other teams of a need for one that couldn't be accomplished by existing parts.
  8. Yeah, most likely the design was changed near the end of production. Perhaps the original just didn't look right on screen, so the tilting wings were added to give it a more familiar look and the colours tweaked to make it stand out better. Expecting any toy manufacturer to wait until after the movie is finalized to start design work is just foolish, the hype (and potential sales) would be long gone by the time it gets onto the shelves.
  9. Have you ever felt judged for liking LEGO?

    Well I got some slightly odd looks at work when I mentioned the Friends advent calendar looked better than the Star Wars one. Although I think everyone is already convinced I'm nuts anyway!
  10. Jurassic Collab

    Wow. That is just stunning. So many brilliant details, every time I look I see something new and every bit is just beautiful. Fantastic work.
  11. Order Cancelled?

    Unfortunately there is very little you can say that is likely to change their mind, because anything you could say is exactly what someone would say if they were scamming TLG and trying to get access to do so again. It's also why you're unlikely to get a definite reason for the block on your account; if they told a scammer it was because of X, the very next step would be the scammer ringing up with a very carefully constructed explanation of X to try and get the account unblocked. Leaving it vague reduces the possibility of a customer service rep being duped into allowing a scam to continue.
  12. The future of Back to the Future?

    More BTTF sets seem unlikely, if they'd been planning any, they'd surely have timed an announcement with all the buzz around October 21st.
  13. I think maybe because the windshield is a little too steep and the front a little too square. It's a really, really difficult shape to pull off in Lego at such a small scale though and is still instantly recognisable. A great little build.
  14. If you're looking to play around with custom pieces, you may be better off with one of the LDraw based tools. They're often not quite as easy to get into as LDD, but the file format is open so you can add custom pieces as required.
  15. End of Lego

    It's a pretty big assumption to make that using greener plastics would necessarily mean they'd deteriorate with age or have compatibility problems with ABS. Maybe the only noticeable difference would be that they don't yellow over time....