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  1. I have cut 3849 lance to get 30374 light saber blade but don't think I'd cut panels
  2. Supper cool reminds me of a 8448 2019 style. You know what the say sometimes the simplests answers are normally the best!
  3. Pretty stoked just got a NIB copy of 42054 looking forward to the build and mods
  4. Woohoo its it's a beast? Nice must have been fun to build??
  5. Just taken delivery of my copy of 42082 looking forward to the build and mods
  6. I'll have to build one
  7. Nice so I guess that's why I can't find a copy you have more than your share
  8. I thought so. got my eyes out for a used 42054 let's hope one comes along sooner rather than later
  9. After a bit of deliberation I have bought a 42082 rough terrain crane And it will add 603 new parts to my collection ??
  10. Not too bothered about the price coz not spent a cent on any technic sets in a few years plus it will have new motors and app so sure it will be worth the wait. Side note i didn't see that blurry picture......... I'll have to do a search
  11. I could also hold off and see what tiers 42099 (off road vehicle) comes with will only have to wait a few months
  12. Sadly 42054 is out of stock everywhere here in south Africa I'd have to ship one in from the eu........... might just land up doing that
  13. I have few sets already just looking at get some new'er ie parts in sets i here missed since 2015 ie 3 axle with stop 5 with stop. Here is what i have already
  14. Hi all I had a mini dark ages last sets i bought where 42043 and 42053 And is like to buy a couple of sets. Id really like to have 42083 But i know i could have a few other sets for the same $ like 42081 for the tractor tires coz i don't have them. What should i do..... buy the Bugatti or use the cash for other dona sets Doug