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Found 3 results

  1. Good People of Eurobricks, let me present you my latest build that goes by the fancy name of "The devil in sheep's clothing". Giving this name appeared to be a good idea at 4 am when I've finished editing the video, so now I stuck with it. It's been built in a 10 day window around christmas time undisturbed. Beside the fact that few of us have the rare opportunity to dedicate as much time to this hobby, it is indeed a honest mirror on my social life too. So be careful, what you wish for. So to the subject. It is a non motorised (pushy-pushy) supercar (ish) build with the rough scale of 1:8. And now I let the video do the fair bit of my task: So if you still here, let's talk about the details: Involves a very reliable gemstone gearbox from the hands of our beloved @Didumos69. This is the 4 speed 4wd sequential from the Rugged supercar I've made a few modifications on it. Replaced the rubber rings to shock absorbers on the gearstick-centering mechanism, but I'm not brave enough to call this an improvement. Geometric barriers made me do that. The rest of the drivetrain comes with 4 wheel drive and a V10 engine as follows: I kept it simple, one might say it's a waste of space, it could be fitted with an 8 speed gerbox easily. Or 16. But no. Old school. And ther is the steering too. Same stuff I've used in the 8880 evo. Suspension: Somewhere along the way it became a pushrod suspension, but it wasn't always that. The former setup (pic below) wasn't cooping very well with the weight of the car. Had similar symptoms like the chiron so I've started over and got to this pushrod setup above. Has a lot of advantages strong, highly adjustable by changing geometry, but has a downside. The lower pushrods -made out of connectors and 5.5L axles- are relatively easy to pull apart. Not by it's own weight, but - let say- when wheels are changed, got to be careful while puting them on. Next bit is the roll cage, but it is pretty self explanatory. I figured I need some scaffolding anyway, the connector body demands it in this size, so I went a step further and gave it a proper sceleton. One more about the roll cage. The rear wing, or spoiler. As it shows above it has a dead simple spring loaded mechanism that provides two positions to adjust. Namely: up and down. Also comes with interior. Made out of connectors of course. Don't know if it's comfy or not. One of my favorite details (one of the dumbest as well) is the armrest bit on the door. It follows up nicely to the dashbord. Gives the illusion of completeness. Also just realised that I made about 58 million pictures and non of them is catching this feature at all. Good on me. The body: It's a hell of a lot of connectors and axles. Apart from the side bits and doors it's a single layer on the whole car, yet holds itself together surprisingly well. Allthough if you choose to give it to a 4 year old to play with it, he can dissmantle it in 58 second. Hope you enjoyed, any question, don't hesitate, hit me. There wil be instructions. Data shows, it takes an avarage two and a half years for me to make them so you may expect it under the christmas tree in 2022.
  2. Since the other thread got locked, I will present these models in this new thread. I always wanted to do a Police style car so this seemed like a great opportunity to do a proper Yin & Yang take on the same vehicle... Both models feature many new 2015 parts including the new driving rings and gears in my first ever linkage style gear shifter... The black one does use some parts that are either impossible to find(19L black flexible axles) or other parts(like the 9L and 11L orange liftarms) that are very expensive... I am going to try and figure out a way to properly work around the flex axles and incorporate 16L ones, but the best presentation seems to be the 19L ones... I think with the release of the 42043 and the new white micro panels, this car can easily be done in all white, or a combination of white and another color since now the 19L flexible axles in white are abundant.. Brickshelf Folder
  3. LeocornoProductions

    Crowkillers new supercar

    Hello all I couldn't hold in my delight when I came across a teaser trailer from osuharding1 for crowkillers new supercar. You must see it at once. Here is a link: As far as we know it is a police edition supercar, it boasts a v10 engine I think or it my be a flat 10. It might be motorized, but I can't tell. Instructions will be available soon from crowkillers, and a possible review from osuharding1. The design is so attractive, and crowkillers has captured that true mid engine look. If it is motorized, I'm sure it will be controlled via sbrick. Scale looks around 1:10 thereabouts, the car reminds me of a dtm car, eventhough dtm cars are front engine. One of the highlights of this truely awesome moc, is that it uses a 4 speed gearbox, actually planted in the rear of the car, so its realistic. But what sets this gearbox apart from his previous gearboxes, Is that he uses the new 2015 gears from the le mans 24 hour racecar set: The new gear selectors that are 3 studs long. More info will follow soon, but if you know any further info, feel free to share them, and express your thoughts on this striking supercar.