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  1. parksroad

    Hi, long time lurker!

    Nice work! Love the really clean lines of these.
  2. parksroad

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    I wonder if the larger-than-usual Modular didn't open up space for a BIG detailed ideas set at around the typical modular price. That's what I'm hoping, anyway. Not sure how to fit it next to, er, the Palace Cinema? But lovely to see nonetheless.
  3. parksroad

    10255 Assembly Square

    I think this is gorgeous. Might be a year or more before I stop moving long enough to get one but . . .
  4. parksroad

    Seasonal 2015

    Still trying to sell my last free Bionicle pack on ebay, but interested in the Gingerbread house
  5. parksroad

    One Word At A Time Story

  6. parksroad

    One Word At A Time Story

  7. parksroad

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Nobody builds walls like Donald Brick. Nobody. And restaurants? They LOVE him.
  8. parksroad

    Seasonal 2015

    Tardy to the party, but that train is wonderful.
  9. parksroad

    One Word At A Time Story

  10. parksroad

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    If they did a multi-wave pirate theme now, it would need some kind of tie-in to a Cartoon Network show and some kind of twist--radioactive pirate princes collecting the six trans neon elemental crystals to take over the moon and return to their pirate planet. Then the blue coats, led by Captain Cyborg Minifig, will come after them in an amphibious tank. That's what multi-wave themes look like now...
  11. parksroad

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I was also thinking Ice Planet when I saw these. They don't bother me as much as Chima, but I'll have to see them in person I think.
  12. parksroad

    One Word At A Time Story

  13. parksroad

    10251 Brick Bank

    Joker would be a fabulous addition--the windows even match his hair The money laundering is one thing I really like--it's a joke that immediately makes sense when you see the money tiles going into the machine, unlike the cookie smuggling...
  14. parksroad

    10251 Brick Bank

    I don't instantly love it as I did with some of the older buildings. But still it's much better than the DO. Interesting that this is the first corner building that didn't put the entrance on the corner in some way.
  15. parksroad

    One Word At A Time Story