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  1. Test Vampire Markgrave by Baron von Monocle, on Flickr Test
  2. Monocle

    Warhammer III - Kislev vs Khorne Demons

    The great daemon are amazing, especially his face. I agree with jtooker comment about good proportions. Battle looks active and lively. Good work! За царицу нашу Катарину!
  3. Monocle

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    The zombie pirate looks great. It is strange that LEGO was rarely covered this subject in classic Pirates.
  4. Monocle

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    Wow! You know, now I'm eager to help you. You can write me in messages for further discussion. At the moment, everything looks well-developed and cool.
  5. Monocle

    Fantasy Pirates: A LEGO World Builder Project

    When fantasy pirates are mentioned, board games like Man'o War and Dreadfleet come to mind. Just imagine: orcs, dwarves and skeleton pirates, and everyone has their own ship! Dwarves on steampunk steamboats, skeletons on wraith ships and orcs on rafts. And of course, the classic human pirates. This will be a revival of both the Fantasy Era and Pirates series.
  6. Monocle

    Future Castle Sets?

    So...Castle is really will return?
  7. Hello @Professor Thaum Yes, my character is different from other sea rats, as yours. (I'm sorry for my post before editing. It was a small mistake when I was translating) Hello @Bregir Thank you. For the Queen Annetta! Hello @Fraunces Thank you. Yes, Sea Rats gives many opportunities. Hello @KeymonusThank you. You calmed me) Hello @NOD. I'm think I will follow in your footsteps. Hello @Kwatchi. Thank you. Already on board. Hello @Count Vroskri. Yes, you can
  8. My name is Edward Zentonn. I was born in Corrington in the noble family of Zentonn. I studied hard, learning various sciences, and in my youth I was preparing to become a military officer.However, everyone was afraid of my "radical" thoughts they sayd. I believed that Corrington could only become a strong power by destroying the entire fleet of Oleon and Eslandola, and by eliminating piracy as a phenomenon. I was forced to leave my homeland to do great things on my own. That's all you need to know. ===================================================================================================================== My knowledge of the English is poor too. Google and my limited knowledge of English helped me write this brief backstory. Unfortunately, I do not know how to build big ships, because of the lack of necessary parts. But I can build ruins and small buildings. I will try to be active, because this forum game looks extremely interesting.