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  1. Third Navigator

    I need some idea of moc ship made of 6285 base plate

    was very helpful, thanks :)
  2. Hi Recently my friend got ship's baseplates in the set 6285. He had 16-stud-width bow, quarter, middle x 3. And he had wanted to build warship for his bluecoat soilders. So we searched but, We found that there were very few ships using three middle baseplates. Need your help! Could you give us information(link) or picture about ships built using them? (shape of hull: small frigate, corvette, brig, brigantine......) x 3
  3. Third Navigator

    [MOC] HMS Imperial

    This giant ship has interesting part. '12-stud-width-baseplate' is a little narrow to make such size ship, But you overcame it by making draft of ship. It's not awkward to look at, whether it's on the water of on land. good. And I'd like to know the material of the cloth used in the sail and how to make it.
  4. Third Navigator

    [WIP] Naval base used 10176 baseplate

    Hi Here, this is new(feb, 2022) idea of using 10176 baseplate raised. As I had thought about using the baseplate for long time.. When I felt I needed a naval base for my ships, I decided to use it. new naval base built on ancient fortress(or reef with moss). To make it look like a marine architeuture, I covered bottom of the base with blue plates. And added walls for cannon, hatches, grille pass......
  5. Third Navigator

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    95% compelete and added parts: indepenensive windrass + anchors(2) working space bell for sign blasting(fer maiden) pump(sinking) I am currently thingking about bow statue....
  6. interesting classic model of tender color looks cool. goodjob
  7. In Cliff gate, natural placement of rocks was impressive, recently I am trying to create island part of pirate theme. your post was very helpful thanks
  8. Third Navigator

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    Completed whaler boat(x2), Draft. both different angle of props of hull had no any errors. designer of original must be genious.
  9. Third Navigator

    [CaTC] Isla Mística

    Your idea of small cave make me imagine lots of things
  10. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Pi-Rat

    What a cute moc! I am a minifigure scale lover but I think this is good
  11. Third Navigator

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    Thank you for comment. I thought about it for few days, for additional essential elements to be added to this ship.(+pump to cleanwater tank, sailing cargo other than oil barrel) You right. Use some plate on ship's baseplate is perfect idea. as you know, the original of Fer Maiden had this but I excluded that because of more oak barrel. But It will be ok if it's as high as two-plate-hight. Thank you for remind me.
  12. Third Navigator

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    70~80% of designing completed. As fans of Lego Pirates know, Whole color was taken from the set 6289. Now there are remaining tasks of Anchor system, Winches for boat crane. Yes I am looking for Lego man of war, too But private, merchant ships also had their merit.
  13. Third Navigator

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    Hi, seamen. Recently I am designing my 4th moc ship whaler. Most of whaler ships had derrick crane, whale boat, stove to break up whale and get their oil in Ocean, And her type of ship is usually barque, So she will have 3 mast and gaff sail. And there are also gun-camo, too. Folding sail will be used and gaff sail is majpr work. This is her scrapped design, and Now I upgraded her mast, boats, lifts for boats. And All of her body(hull) was changed. Her new mast, It will be used in her fore, main masts. Her new boat, 6 oarmen, steerman, harpoon man get this. Her stove Her new lift for boat. It had lock hooks. + I will use 'Fer-Maiden''s Hull to this moc. 2000+-pieces will be used.
  14. Third Navigator

    [WIP] [Digital] Treasure Ship v. 3.1 or so...

    It looks high, Compared with other lego ships, But the 'High' is also the characteristic of the old ships what you want to make, nice. Though Its design looks un-balanced, Its heavy color offsets it and makes her more cool, like metal beard's seacow. I want to see her stern and trapezium of hull later.
  15. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Hippocampus - my new ship with an unusual hull

    I didnt even think about using duplo hull in MOC. So It is impressive ship because of her curved line, color match, Corner part(4x4x6)