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  1. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Did you saw interior detail? thanks! I think inner details are for those who want to see them. My honor thanks! Yes. For me, the set(or ship) Silent Mary was my savior when I was struggling with the awkward parts, especially port and stb'd bow, because there are no space for cannons. and, at the same time, the 'stern' had been bothering me for days too! Oh not yet... Sorry. I think over 3k pieces mocs are.. inappropirate for doing such thing. there are good mocs to buy and build like Fer-Maiden. she is light and cool ship.
  2. Third Navigator

    [MOC] VOC Galleon (eastindiaman)

    Miraculously beautiful ship! I especially love her because It shows that you have given considerable thoughts to one subject = tightrope between reality and scale model. Also every part I can see inspires me to my recent shipbuilding.
  3. Third Navigator

    [MOD] Aanchir's 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Remake's expansion

    The structure finally looks like a complete building as an imperial outpost! And without a small idea-marketstall, The backside of building would be just a boring "backside".
  4. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Fright Knight's - Witch's Tower

    Great tower for bat lord! I love all of those pieces stacked well.
  5. Third Navigator

    [COR - Free Build] Bermuda Sloop "Pandora"

    A fine piece of work!
  6. Third Navigator

    [MOC] African Queen

    Cool boat! love it. It reminds me the set 7410. but unlike that, Your one looks good to crew.
  7. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    How generous! Thank you for watching! Her 'color mix' would not have been achieved without many EB posts. thank you. About the pattern, It's just a simple trick you can easily copy and It Just Works! Also there is a little more process in my flicker(profile-website) to build this ship.
  8. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Thanks, I like that you like it :) Thank you. You meant that those white columns? They are decorations inspired by Silent Mary. 4 in bow and st'bd are, as you can see, gunforts. and 2 in quarter are Just decorations. They might look wierd. Understand I made her name-plate at that time and I completly forgot it before you comment! Her name is San Fernando And the set 6280's name was Santa cruz... I didn't know it. Is that the name given by the LEGO germany branch? It reminds me of various localized nicknames that were made at that time. The set 6285 was 'Black seas barracuda' and 'Dark shark' and 'Caribbean treasure ship'! It's always fun to find such lore. Thanks for your comment. It is an honor to hear that from you! Thanks.
  9. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Thanks! I am glad the color combinaltion went well. Yes. It is obvious that cap'n redbeard of dark shark will be afraid of this ship. Thank you! Thank you. That place would be meaningless without the map lacoted there. And it also hides the existence of a secret chamber!
  10. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Ahoy! Finally my 10-month project is over! And it also the biggest thing I have ever done on my own. Over 4700 pieces were used and I tried to insert interiors in as many spaces as possible. So minifigs can explore all spaces of the ship through her passageway. This 1/4master looks very nervous... It looks like he is hoping the master on his left side will go down to the cabin lol. Exterior details of bow, f'cle, masts, winch, derrick, capston, midship, Quarterdeck, stern. The pictures below are interiors. including officers' cabin, amory, office, galley, gundeck, residential area for crew. Lastly, she had 16 big cannons, 16 middle-size cannon, 10 small-size guns. Thank you!
  11. Third Navigator

    [MOC] HMS Lydia

    Yes I think so too! That slanted entrance, It's also a small important part to keep stern from getting too high and destroying ships' ratio. Thank you for taking a closer look. Existence of those red hoses is one motivation I could start this project. Thanks. Old masts give us neat impression, so sometimes I still need them lol. Thank you! You read them? me too! Come to think of it, there was a ship with that name in those books. I had last update in 3 months. She now had sails. The sail is hmm.... I can confidently say that it looks pretty cool from afar. So, if we lose faith in her and start looking closely..... ANYWAY it is important to have faith. that's right. Now she is faster than a merchant ship that she should escort to next port of calls.
  12. Third Navigator

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Ahoy! Can I post simple MOD I made 3 years ago? As you(at least some reading this post) may have felt, 21322 had some regrets. there was no enterance to go under deck, no place for boat to explore or escape... And New-she had good things like interior for pirates crew, but It was a sacrifice of space for cannons. The parts I changed are below: -add crane and winch -placed hooks for boat in stern -she had 6 guns and extra interiors: warehouse, bar, etc in bow -add hatches for minifigs to access second deck.(original BSB had them!) -add large cargo hatch for pirates who want to fire cannons on the deck
  13. Third Navigator

    [SPC] Cat B - Renegade Voidrunner

    As a lover of the set 6268, I also love this! I like stern hatch and compact robots. minifigures could be inserted in those small size robots..
  14. Third Navigator

    [MOC] Kiss of Death, my new pirate ship!

    Because I have never seen Nougat hull ship moc before, It makes me fresh. And about ther rudder, I saw something like that in the game: return of obra dinn yesterday! anyway it was one of interesting things in your moc ship. well done!
  15. Third Navigator

    [MOC] 64 gun 3rd rate ship of the line. The lobster

    Well made bow! I can't see any clue..