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  1. Xris

    Trixbrix slip switches

    Hi, I ordered a wide range of the R40 switch types and short tracks they offered then. I tested them an a layout for the kids - just on the floor and without ballast. The quality is ok: Optically, they are inferior to injection moulded track elements, but quite good for 3d printed objects. Regarding reliability, I have encountered similar problems as zephyr1934 did, and also recommend not to use the double/single slip switches on mainlines: There were regular derailings (not related to speed) and the parts sporadically fell apart (fixating or ballasting them might help). I think the main reason is that the slip switches are not delivered as a single track element, but as a combination of two parts, most likely in order to avoid warping. Perhaps, the interlocking mechanism could somehow be improved. In contrast, the single left/right switches, triple-switch and crossover all worked quite fine. I have not tested the 45°/90° crossings yet. Xris
  2. Xris

    [MOC] Intercity Rheingold

    Very nice build - and what a wonderful train! I've seen a complete original Rheingold train leaving Dortmund Central Station on one morning last month. Seemed as someone made me a surprising X-mas present... Xris
  3. Xris

    [MOC] Simple Trackside Decoupler

    That might become tricky: As the coupling is broken up by pulling the train against the decoupler, it is required that the decoupler does not move parallel to the track.
  4. Yeah, now it looks as if the morning shift just left for their coffee break! My last suggestion leads the same way as Paperinik77pk's comment: Add some rusty bits here and there. Congratulations! Xris
  5. Hi, a really nice design, I like the brick masonry. How about adding... a covered examination trench for one loco stand (in fact, just change the floor tiling e.g. using grill plates) a crane runway with a hand-operated pulley suspended lamps borrowed lights in the ceiling a water tap and sink an air compressor a rack for reserve feed-water pumps or air pumps a workbench a small smithy Regards, Christian
  6. Xris

    Questions - small layout possibility

    Hi Beltigan, on a length of 133cm I would probably try to use regular track, build a small cosy winterly terminal train stop (perhaps with a xmas fair) and a short track running into some kind of hideout (tunnel, deep forest, avalanche gallery, ....), so that the train can come from the hidden place, stop at the terminal and go back again. As suggested before, you could use some electronics (LEGO Mindstorms, Arduino or similar) to let the train commute automatically. Regards Christian
  7. Xris

    Train pieces

    Hi, they sealed the magnets in order to increase safety according to infants: The magnets of the old design could be removed from their housings by some force. Kids could ingest them - baaaad magnets. Therefore, LEGO sealed them in plastic. If you are a grownup builder, and no small child is around your models, just choose the type that fits best according to the optical and technical needs of your design. Xris
  8. Xris

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Hi Günther, I really enjoy the photos of your more and more detailed layout. The waterfall and the pond are really nice eyecatchers. The dead ended road leading to the pond - with its center line markings - looks like a primary road, which does not make much sense. You could try to eliminate the road markings and probably create a turning area at the road's end. Another detail is about draining the pond: Where does the water leave the pool? A small weir and an overflow/outlet (into an invisible) underground duct could be a solution. I hope, both suggestions might help to further the realistic impression of the scenery. Christian
  9. Xris

    Best control method for Lego trains?

    Hi Spy, the LEGO 10V and 9V train system works as any usual model railway: A transformer powers the two metal rails. The train motor has pickups ensuring the electric connection to the powered rails. The LEGO 9V train motor block uses all four wheels as pickups. The 12V motor uses an extra brick with 2 spring loaded pins, which are pushed down onto the powered rails. In both cases, the train's speed/power is regulated by adjusting the voltage fed into the rails (and hence the train motor). In order to use power functions remote and receiver with the 9V-train system, you need to disconnect the motor from the power pickups, instead connect the pickups to the PF-receiver via an H-bridge to avoid polarity problems with the PF-receiver. Then, you can connect any LEGO 9V motor to the PF-receiver and set the rail voltage to constantly 9V. Doing so, you can set up up to 8 trains for control by PF IR-remote controls on a single electric rail circuit. Regards Xris
  10. Xris

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Hi, Your layout and display room look tidy and very elegant. A great design! I am also planning a climbing spiral in order to connect a floor level with an "overhead" level, so I am very interested in the experiences you made. You mentioned the max inclination used, but what average inclination did you chose for the ramp sections? I guess the 180° curve sections between the ramps are a mayor problem, even though they are leveled. However, did you also experiment with inclined curve section? Regards, Xris
  11. Hi, You can easily overcome this using a bridge circuit to connect any load to the train energy bus. Christian
  12. This is a really nice solution! (The remaining problem is a working solution for decoupling the wagons...) Respect! Christian
  13. Hi, just search for "pullback motor" on bricklink. As far as I've seen, they are all below 1$. Xris
  14. Xris

    Couplers (not Kadee)

    Yes, the O-gauge Kadee couplers use a spiral spring for self centering. Christian
  15. Xris

    Tramway line stations and depot

    Hello, this is a very nice build! In conjunction with the rounded corner, the trapezoid roof and the increased platform shown in the five topmost photos give it an elegant look. Thanks for showing it! Christian