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Found 7 results

  1. No, I'm not back, have no fear, just passing through sharing something that may benefit some of you, and then I'll be out of your hair. Long story short, I have reworked the few online tools I have created previously, updated them, upgraded then with extra options and added a few new ones. Some of them were written 10+ years ago and it was showing, so now they're all standarized, built around the same core using Bootstrap Shards, which ensures good cross-browser compatibility, decent handling of mobile devices and optimization for use with touchscreens, plus some modern bells and whistles that just make everything better. There are now 11 tools total available for you at and here's a complete list with updates. Enjoy! Gear Ratio Calculator: overhauled layout with tabs checkbox for adding planetary wheel hubs to the final gear ratio updated list of motors option to select not only type of a motor but also number of motors new 'Gears and numbers of teeth' tab helping to identify which gear has how many teeth all gear images rendered anew for more clarity planetary gear ratio calculator now calculates ratios for all three possible setups detection of incompatible gears and warning when you select them (this mainly applies to 14t gear and worm gears) annular 60t gear added to both standard and planetary calculator updated, clearer images in the gear coupler gear coupler now includes combinations involving the 28t gear Pulley Ratio Calculator: overhauled layout added images representing parts updated list of motors selecting a motor now provides calculation for torque too, not just for speed Model Scaler: overhauled layout adjustable canvas size to accommodate really huge images all boxes can now be collapsed to save screen space solved the issue where the canvas with lines would move up/down the screen but labels stayed in place Unit Converter: overhauled layout Angles Chart: brand new tool, lists angles created by single LEGO pieces; every piece can be zoomed in and the list can be filtered by categories Wheels Chart: overhauled layout the list can be filtered by categories up/down indicators added to column headers to make sorting clearer Monorail Network Planner: overhauled layout code fixes for modern browsers Town Plot Planner: overhauled layout code fixes for modern browsers Bricksafe Thumbnail Helper: overhauled layout clearer indicators for selected images single button to mark & copy the generated code Brickshelf Thumbnail Helper: overhauled layout clearer indicators for selected images single button to mark & copy the generated code Brickshelf Stats: overhauled layout code fixes for modern browsers If you encounter any issues with these tools and you have used them before, try clearing your browser's cache.
  2. Here's my newest creation, digital format for now but I'll build it next month when I return from vacation. It's a whopping 7200 bricks not counting the landscape. Thanks to @PeterPNL for the landscape and minifigs and thanks to @maciej_drwiega for the door and window inspiration. Here's the .lxf if anyone wants it. Hope you like!
  3. lightningtiger

    MOC - Reece Plumbing Store

    Now for my latest creation, I tossed this together the other day. Reece is a major player in the plumbing supply industry in Australia and after visiting two of their stores last week I thought why not make my own. More to come, keep watching & Brick On everyone !
  4. I work at a hospital and talked a rep into letting me by this baby. They are surgical pliers. Of course it is new and not used. I have been using them for a while now and they are wonderful helps. Mostly for grabbing and pulling out stubborn pins. There are little teeth like a set of pliers so they grab and hold real well. I like them better than pliers because they are narrower and can fit better in tight places. I can also hold axles and connect with connecters or bushes in tight spots that otherwise I could not. I used to have to redo whole sections of build b/c I could not access tight spaces b/c of my fat fingers.... but with this baby I have not had to do that. So this got me thinking..... what, if any, tools do people use as they build? I know pliers are common.... any others? If any one has access to surgical pliers, I would greatly recommend them. Here is another pic
  5. lightningtiger

    Hardware Mini Shop

    Yes, another one.......I like hardware favorite stores right after ones that sell Lego ! This one is a mini shop style on an old school 8 stud x 16 stud base plate and it has elements of the Home Hardware Store in it as well. Oh, and I have updated it already ! I thought the paint tins would look better this way and you can also see tubes of contact cement.......good old Octan again ! Oh, so if you want to here's the link - Thanks for looking everyone.........Brick On !
  6. lightningtiger

    Home Hardware Store

    Now I took myself to task to make an in-between size hardware store that might fit the current building scale for city while still packing a punch in detail, etc.,. Not much to say here, pretty much explains itself......yep, I've been sticker making crazy again. Oh, wait I updated this the other day....... Yeah, I've added more's the link if you like this....... Any comments and suggestions feel free to post them.......Brick On everyone !
  7. Here are some hydraulic tools for Fire & Rescue. First, the Jaws of Life, the hydraulic cutters. Not so much modification done on this one except for the tiny little piece of flex tube connecting the hose to the compressor. Next a large hydraulic ram. This time with a little bit more modding. The outer tube is obviously a 3.5L flex tube, The extension is a long grey antenna. Last we have a small hydraulic ram, perfect for a dash board lift Again a 2L flex tube and the top of the antenna Please let me know what you think