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  1. MoppeW40k

    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Definitely interested in purchasing those instructions :)
  2. MoppeW40k

    MOC: Lego Ideas - Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)

    Thank you wonderful beings KingsKnight´╗┐, Shiva and shopsmart for the instructions! Will have to order some parts now
  3. Amazing work. I'm currently looking into modding my 10030 but maybe i should start collecting parts for your ISD. Do you happen to know how many parts could be left out when it is build without the interior? The interior is really really nice, please don't get me wrong. But starting without it would make the project a little more "sane" concerning the parts count. Cheers!
  4. MoppeW40k

    NASA sets - Proportions

    Hi, reddit user saxus has a scaled version of Skylab (and quite a few other rockets) He also is planning to release instructions. He has released superb instructions for a Saturn Ib Kind regards Sebastian
  5. I admire your dedication to this project. I thought 3 iterations ago, that it looks perfect. Getting even better ;-) Cheers Sebastian
  6. MoppeW40k

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Would it be this ship?
  7. MoppeW40k

    [MOC] UCS Nebulon-b frigate (by Dranac)

    10th post! Now i can message for the instructions after resisiting the UCS Sandcrawler for sale during the May the 4th sales at and instead buy some grey pieces ;-)
  8. MoppeW40k

    [MOC] T-16 Skyhopper

    Thank you Renegade Clone, i just finished putting together this little beauty following the LDD file you provided. I want to express: This is a piece of art! When i saw the dissassembled groups of parts in the LDD file, i could not imagine the joy of putting this together. When the side panels and the top wing snap together and you realize that one little bar with clip isn't just there for greebling but serves a purpose creating the angles... I loved the shaping and putting together your B-Wing using krispys LDD file. This is better!
  9. MoppeW40k

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Really nice models, and always cool to see different ships in the same scale! I hope building them in real bricks will be fun. Do you plan on adding the bigger Imperial ships (smaller than a star destroyer but bigger than a gozanti) from the rebels cartoon? Do you happen to have or know of a smaller scaled Pelta class ship? I would like to add one to my 1/1600 scale fleet. Greetings Edit: The midseason trailer showed a Flurry class rebel starfighter carrier. Might be a worthy next project :-) Edit2: Got that wrong. The ship class is Quasar fire. The Flurry was the ship of this class that appeared in the now "legendary" book 'Truce at Bakura'
  10. MoppeW40k

    [LDD] [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    Hi, do you know any source material? I could not find anything on the internet. greetings Sebastian
  11. MoppeW40k

    [LDD] [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    Hi there, There should be a 1x2 plate in front of two red and yellow plates connecting to the headlight bricks in front. Thank you, i don't know that plate got missing. There are two reasons. When the wings are folded, part 42610 of the lower wings conflict withe a wedge plate (highlighted green in the next picture) of the upper wing. I think in real life there should be enough "wiggle room" that part 42610 can stay attached. I added them in the LDD file to not forget them while ordering the parts. ClosedWingsPartConflict by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr Second: there are three parts 6558 that will replace a long red technic axle on the real model in the wing folding mechanism. On previous versions of the LDD file i lay aside some parts in case i did not want a rear landing gear. It has enough clearance. The parts you higlighted do not interfer with the opening of the upper wings. OpenWingsTop by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr The parts that restrict the movement of the upper wings are not visible from the top. The movement is either restricted by some plates in the inner workings of the fuselage or these green highlighted tiles on the lower wings, time will tell on the real model ;-) OpenWingsBelly by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr The model is now with 100 percent more retractable rear landing gear, they did not retracted in the last version. OpenWingsBellyLG by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr I hope so, too! I just placed my first order on Bricklink today for this project. None of this could have happend without "All in the Reflexes" first releasing the LDD file of his MOC and all the others also releasing the modifications as LDD file. And on this bombshell: The last version of my LDD file ;-) https://www.dropbox....1_1700.lxf?dl=0 Kind regards Sebastian Note on the LDD file: Anyone who finds a dark green tile 1x6. It should be a 1x6 plate, but LDD would not let me rotate the rear landing gear without a tile. But, the engine nacelle depends on a plate. In real life the retracted landing rear should snap in place, hold by on stud of the 1x6 plate. EDIT: the console was not attached by my fix as i would have thought. It was still loose. Fixed LDD:
  12. MoppeW40k

    [LDD] [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    Hello again, thank you for helping with the loose parts! The front landing leg was the next task (and i think the last for me) on the list. 6 hours into fiddeling i had the idea to move part 2413 backwards by one or two studs. 5 noses later ... Noses by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr i'm satisfied. LandingLeg by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr It retracts smoothly. Retracted by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr Anyone who wants to take a look: https://www.dropbox....0_2300.lxf?dl=0 kind regards Sebastian Edit: To complete the mashup, i added "MilkPls69" wing stripes
  13. MoppeW40k

    [LDD] [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    Hi, Sorry for the double post. Surprisingly I had some time to edit the LDD file a little bit further. I added and modified the original fuselage of "All in the Reflexes", his cockpit solution with part 4474 and the nose with landing gear of "Pcm979" Attack Position by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr Folds nicely into cruise mode Cruise Mode by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr I maybe pass the relay staff to someone else now ;-) https://www.dropbox....6_2100.lxf?dl=0 Kind regards Sebastian
  14. MoppeW40k

    [LDD] [MOC] T-70 X-Wing

    Hi there, hijacking the topic of "All in the Reflexes", the LDD file of "Pcm979", the Wing Folding Mechanism of Mike Psiaki and some of the ideas of the other members replying to this topic i present a work in progress of the T-70 with a more durable Wing Folding Mechanism Wings by Dr John Zoidberg, auf Flickr https://www.dropbox....6_1900.lxf?dl=0 Edit: To lower the part count my PC had to handle, I changed to the TLG version of the Engine Intakes. Planning to change back to the design version of All in the Reflexes later Best wishes Sebastian
  15. MoppeW40k

    UCS Republic Cruiser

    Wonderful Model! Luckily i got my hands on an original 10019 back in the days. Do you still plan to sell instructions for this one? Greetings