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  1. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    Not really. I supposed the sword ship can fit some, but they're really designed to just be mini-scale. One more completed, Captain Richmond's Lancer-class Destroyer. While it lacks a hangar or any sort of fighter compliment, the entire ship is essentially one giant gun. It is capable of incredible firepower.
  2. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    Yes I remember seeing that a little while ago! Definitely a really cool model! Originally I wasn't even going to do a sword ship cause I didn't want it to end up just being similar to that one, but the Black Knight Mech's sword looked too much like a spaceship for me not to recreate it haha.
  3. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    I hadn't seen that, I love their take on it a lot! Thanks for the suggestion, I think it works much better! It's supposed to be neon orange, it just looks very red in LDD so I've been using regular orange to build. Also, speaking of Robin, I finished another ship! The Sword of the Black Knight Commanded by Captain Underwood, the Sword of the Black Knight is a highly customized Claymore-class Battlecruiser. And here's one of the fleet so far:
  4. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Nexo Knights Fleet

    Thank you for the feedback! It is intended to look a bit separate from the rest of the ship, but I tried recoloring the black to light grey and I think it might have helped, any thoughts? Personally, I kinda really hate that they started introducing all sorts of colors in later seasons so I'm gonna try to stick to the blue/grey. I am trying to figure out how a mace one would look though! Thanks for the feedback! :)
  5. TheNerdyOne_

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Ya I think my real, and really only, problem is that all of the sets and vehicles are designed to be character-specific as well. Nexo Knights has a unified general color scheme, but especially in the later sets started adding more colors specific to every character. In addition to just muddying the color scheme mand making the whole thing look much busier and generally ugly imo, but it also (at least for me) reduces the appeal of each set, as they no longer really mesh together well. Named characters and such are fine, LEGO has done that for years, but I do think they've gone a bit overboard with the TV show tie-in. It's most evident with Nexo Knights. Specifically, Nexo Knights really gave off the impression to me that it was designed to be a TV show before it was designed to be a product line. All of the enemies are 100% children's cartoon characters, which really took away from the appeal of any set which included an enemy build for me.
  6. Given Nexo Knight's status as a fun sci-fi theme, I thought it would be really fun to build some spaceships for the theme. I have one finished, and plan on building one for each of the main characters. First up is Captain Fox's Longbow Cruiser: \ Hope you enjoy it! I look forward to finishing the others.
  7. TheNerdyOne_

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Oh hey that's my project! Thank you for the support/sharing the project!
  8. Their description of the set makes it clear that it's actually a V-19 Torrent, and not a V-wing despite the fact that they keep calling it a "V-wing Torrent"
  9. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Imperial Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier

    Thank you all very much! Probably not for either of them. This one still needs a complete exterior, and they're both a mess on the insides haha. Can't promise when I'd have time to fix that issue.
  10. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Imperial Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier

    Thank you!!! I'm really happy I was able to complete it. In its current state it's definitely not structurally secure enough, but I think if I added enough support to the inside and gave it a proper stand it would definitely be possible.
  11. I started working on this model back in March, but due to a glitch in LDD the building process became very buggy and often crashed. However, I recently discovered a fix for this bug and was able to complete the model! The ship is around 215 studs long, aka 5.67 feet or 1.73 meters. I'm still finishing up some stuff in the back, but right now it's sitting at over 7,000 parts. It features an interior for the bridge, as well as hangar bays, and is fully detailed based on the ship's appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. It's to-scale with the rest of my fleet as well, but is well over twice the size of my next largest ship. The backside still has a bit of work to do, but everything visible in the above render is 100% complete and I wanted to get it out there before the year ended! Expect many more pictures here very soon, as well as a Phoenix Nest variant.
  12. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Been a while since I made anything, so I went ahead and tackled a DP20 Frigate.
  13. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Unfortunately the Quasar is too large for my computer to handle, that will have to wait until I upgrade.
  14. TheNerdyOne_

    [MOC] Argus III: CR90 Corvette

    I think it looks great! The engines are really nice, there's a lot of great part usage in there! Looking forward to seeing more!
  15. TheNerdyOne_

    Outrider LEGO Set on Amazon

    This was one of the alternative builds for the old Star Destroyer set.