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  1. Guss

    Lelug's steampunk dioramas

    Did I show it to you ? Or did you went to see it ? ^^
  2. hey that was the first contest I entered in Lego , 5 or 6 years ago, right here. I remember that, you did it again, I should have entered it. Damn.
  3. Guss

    Lelug's steampunk dioramas

    thanks mate! Thanks! I hope the cabinet fits the museum, it's theirs, we just filled them :D And yeah the light is very bad there, and we're not really allowed to take our own lights and stuff, actually as they bought the mocs ( they just refunded the parts), they're not in our possession so we can't even take new better pictures. (they removed them from another exhibit, I don't know where they are now.)
  4. Guss

    The X-Files: I Want to Believe

    I think everyone remember that episode, thanks blacksad, now I'm not going to sleep tonight. :D PS : love the poster's recreation too ^^
  5. Guss

    Alien Hive

    I'm loving these walls. amazing job!
  6. Hi everyone! it's been a while since I posted here. I came to present you 2 dioramas that my Lug did for a museum, steampunk dioramas. The "maison d'ailleurs" , a museum in switzerland wanted something for their "Jules Verne" room, but not something related with Verne's book. So captainsmog and I designed 2 showcases. I designed a submarine attacking a boat, and Captainsmog designed an airship station. The 2 dioramas have been built by Lelug's members, while we guided them. the two showcases: my submarine : Captainsmog's the airship station : Some details : Sadly because of the lighting, these are quite complicated to photography. So... sorry for the pictures. More picture in these 2 gallery, even if there are a lot of pictures of people: Oh, there's also some pictures of Swisslug's part of the exhibition, which are very cool dioramas about star wars and lord of the ring, and 2 captainsmog's things, somewhere in the middle.
  7. Guss

    SHIPTEMBER : the space truck

    Thanks, and I don't know, sorry, I don't get this reference XD Thanks Jared
  8. Guss

    SHIPTEMBER : the space truck

    Thanks Spirit and Mikuri ^^
  9. Guss

    The Aero - Science Fiction

    original and looks very cool, but I'd like to see it on a different background, to better appreciate it shapes. But I know it's not always easy to find a decent setup to photography models :/
  10. Guss

    SM2 Alpha Battlecruiser

    I missed this one on flickr! It looks nice, I love it ! the greeble is just ace!
  11. Hi everyone, it's been a while. ^^ I'm here to show you my shiptember! it has a lot of functionalities and stuff, so here is a video to see some cool details: and here are some pictures: one of the container contain my 14x14x6 starfighter from the flickr challenge: more pictures and infos/backstory on my website! Bonus: click
  12. Guss

    EMD SD40-2 BNSF Locomotive 1:16

    why didn't you put any link to the "highly detailed inside" ?
  13. Ok so it install itself right where you do launch the software, so now my download folder is full of stuff XD Question : does it works if I move the files in another directory ? or will I have to update everything again ? Anyway, thanks for this software, it's pretty handy and very well thought, neat job ! :thumbup:
  14. Guss

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    agree with jantjeuh, the photo are a little overexposed, but thanks for the review! I will not buy this set, but it's a cool set.
  15. Guss

    Purist steampunk minifigs!

    has the guy with the sausage been inspired by "Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler" ? And why is the photographer holding a frog ? XD Could also be a reference to the discworld but then the frog needs to be in the flash. :D read the description on your website :D Anyway I like these figs, and I think I actually made almost the same combination for some of my steampunk mocs. I used the glass scope on a diorama as example, except I put it the other way.