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  1. 2013-lego

    MOC: Colorful Stairs

    It somehow adds so much character. Great work!
  2. 2013-lego

    Modular Bank & appartment (picture heavy!)

    Great! Very nice color combinations!
  3. 2013-lego

    Moc Renault magnum euroliner container truck

    That DHL container looks awesome!
  4. 2013-lego

    [MOC] Toyhauler RV w/ slideout

    Packed with details. An awesome job!
  5. 2013-lego

    MOC mercedes Altego port-o-loo-truck

    The best build of a 6 wide truck I have ever seen! I like the meat cleavers as mirrors!
  6. 2013-lego

    [MOC] Self guided vehicles based on Faller system

    Really a great job! Imagine having a big city with a lot of vehicles driving around like this. Would be pretty sweet!
  7. 2013-lego

    Steenstraat, my Lego street

    Great composition of superb buildings. The street looks awesome with the implemented tracks!
  8. 2013-lego

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    Amazing creations! Truly an artist!
  9. 2013-lego

    MOC - Fairground accessories

  10. 2013-lego

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    Looks awesome! I really like all of your models.
  11. 2013-lego

    MOC modular building under construction (LDD)

    That roof technique looks very good!!
  12. 2013-lego

    Modular Police Station

    Looks really good! Keep up the good work!
  13. 2013-lego

    MOC: Trilogy (Modular Building)

    Look really great! I especially like the bar on the ground floor!
  14. 2013-lego

    [MOC] Modular Apple Reseller With Apartment

    Thanks for all the kind words! Really appreciate it. This is done using Ldraw. The part count is 3931 and I might build this one. @TheMagician: I totally forgot to change the color! Don't know how I could have missed that. But it's fixed now. @Aussie BJ: How do ya like them apples? @Roger_Smith: I thought about putting a bedroom on the top floor. But the old, dusty attic appealed slightly more to me. Another option was to build a floor in between to accommodate for a bedroom and toilet, but that would make the building too large and not very nice, "in line" height-wise, with the other modulars. Thanks again for all the kindness!
  15. Hi all, After being busy (too busy for Lego unfortunately), I finally got some spare time to build something again. So here is my third modular MOC: The Apple Reseller with an apartment. It is possible to build this in real life: all the parts exist in large amounts in these colors on bricklink. This set would use stickers. Front view of the building: 1st Floor: The Apple Reseller with different products and accessories. There is also a Genius Bar. Next to the store, there is an entrance to the apartment. Using the stairs, we get to the 2nd floor: There is also an old attic with old stuff: This is what the building looks like when combined with my Orange Building MOC and the 10182 Cafe Corner: Let me know what you think. Cheers!