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  1. The Brick Rat

    CMF Series 21 Guessing game.

    1)Bellhop (using Kingsley Shacklebolt head piece) 2)Birdwatcher 3)Boxer (blue color scheme) 4)Cavalier Cat (aka Puss-in-Boots) 5)Centaur 6)Cow Costume 7)Football Player (with series 19 rugby ball as American football) 8)Forest Ranger (with raccoon or other small forest creature) 9)Gondolier 10)Grocer 11)Jet-Pack Adventurer 12)1950's Bobby Soxer (using MInnie Mouse plastic skirt as poodle skirt) 13)Old West Texas Ranger 14)Professor/Scientist (inspired by Albert Einstein) 15)Space Alien 16)Wuxia-style Heroine
  2. The Brick Rat

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'd like to see Tweety as a new small mold, but rather than pairing him with Sylvester or Granny, put him in his own bag alongside his larger alter ego, Monster Tweety.
  3. Well, the Promobricks article does say "Rumor: Allegedly both LEGO minifigure series will come with fewer figures in the first half of 2021." So that leaves things open for a return to 16 figures in the fall. Besides Looney Tunes, another potential licensed CMF series that would make sense with a 12 figure limit is Universal Monsters. I'm hoping that 2021 will look like this: January: Universal Monsters (12 figures) May: Looney Tunes (12 figures) September: Series 21 (back to 16 figures)
  4. The Brick Rat

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    6 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 14 - 1 point
  5. The Brick Rat

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I picked up a set at the Concord Mills store near Charlotte NC today.
  6. The Brick Rat


    No, I only got 3 correct, Digger of Bricks who posted right below me got 6.
  7. The Brick Rat


    1)Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer's Apprentice) 2)Goofy 3)Pluto 4)Carl Fredricksen 5)Russell 6)Anna 7)Elsa 8)The White Rabbit 9)The Mad Hatter 10)Frozone 11)Belle (village outfit) 12)Gaston 13)The Beast 14)Snow White 15)Evil Queen 16)Mulan 17)Shan-Yu 18)Mary Poppins
  8. One being a boy and one a girl, presumably they will have different headgear. It should still make it challenging though.
  9. The Brick Rat

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    That might work, but I if they go that route it might be more like a Creator 2 in 1 set where you have the pieces to build either a proper Wayne Manor or the Jokerized version.
  10. The Brick Rat

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They wouldn't need to make a new gorilla mold. Considering the size of the panther and that there is a giant man-eating plant, I wouldn't be surprised to see them use the Gorilla Grodd big-fig mold for this theme.
  11. The Brick Rat

    Lego Minifigures Series 15 Guessing Game

    1)Ancient Greek Hero (Theseus) 2)Bricklayer 3)Canadian Mountie 4)Cavalier Cat (Puss-in-Boots) 5)Cow Suit Guy 6)Field Hockey Player (Female) 7)Fire Fighter 8)Folksinger (Female - hippie w/ acoustic guitar) 9)Forest Ranger (Female w/ raccoon or other small animal) 10)Golfer 11)Hypnotist 12)Jet-pack Adventurer 13)Medieval Troubadour (w/ harp or lute) 14)Sorceress 15)Space Princess 16)Steampunk Inventor
  12. The Brick Rat

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I don't know if it's a police set or not, but numerically it seems to be. Fire sets are set #s 60105 - 60112. Other City sets are #s 60113 - 60119. Then police sets are #s 60127 - 60131. Tire Escape is 60126 which seemingly puts it in the police group - but time will tell.
  13. The Brick Rat

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Since the Tire Escape set is linked numerically with the other police sets, my guess is the prisoners have made a raft out of tires in order to escape from the prison island.
  14. The Brick Rat

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    That could be, but considering how cryptic some of just2good's posts can be, I think my 'there's more to the set than the name Batcave implies' interpretation is valid also.