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  1. randomboy

    'Milky' window

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on the Downtown Diner and received a window screen that is not clear: LEGO milky window by randomboy, on Flickr Has anyone else gotten one of these? Curious if this is common as it has never happened to me before. Thanks, randomboy
  2. randomboy

    KMB ENVIRO 500 MMC facelift 12m in Hong Kong

    Very cool collection of busses! May have to add a double decker to my city once it’s large enough to need one.
  3. randomboy

    Hello from Boston, MA - USA

    Thank you, dr_spock! Absolutely, I love the architecture here in Boston. I will have to go a stroll through the city soon and find some specific inspiration for a MOC
  4. Thanks for sharing that picture. That is some pretty cool, but extreme, painting. I agree that it isn't really the point of Lego art, I just feel like a little shading/dirt/ etc. could make already amazing Lego models even more awesome. I am purist enough to not want to modify bricks (glue, cut, add 3D printed parts).
  5. Maybe something along the lines of a rectangular cake cover: a rectangular base that you can place your LEGO on and cover with a tall clear box and display on a shelf. Then when the kids want to play with it you can easily put them on the floor
  6. Thanks for the tips! If I have time this weekend I may experiment with some weathering techniques on a car. Thanks for sharing! That’s really cool, I like that it is completely removable. I’d like to build some small dioramas for to photograph and be able to clean the bricks afterwards to reuse them.
  7. Great idea! I haven't really thought about doing this for buildings and cars, I am doing it for my tiled road. I may try to see if I can alter some of my buildings with older bricks. That's true, I guess to make Lego look really realistic you would have to build life size houses (aka more pixels). I like your idea of a stop-motion film, that would be pretty cool. I think for now I am going to focus on using Lego to older looks, but I may build a small diorama to weather and display! Maybe a tiny MOC house and car. Then I won't care if it turns out terrible either.
  8. I was talking to a LEGO Store employee the other day and he said that LEGO is planning on keeping the re-releases (Taj Mahal and Millennium Falcon) on the shelves/available online for many years so fans who have been wanting these sets for years have time to save up for them and collectors who are hoping to make a profit in the future don’t have this option. Obviously I don’t know if this is the actual reason LEGO is doing this, but I’m very happy that I’ll be able to put money away over the next two years to afford both of these amazing sets.
  9. randomboy

    How many sets do you own?

    According to Brickset I currently have 28 sets that I collected over the past year with a total of 45,000 pieces went to the Lego store the other day and saw about 20 sets I would want to buy right now.. ah if only money were unlimited. I would also need to buy a new house if I could afford all of the sets I want.
  10. randomboy

    Your dream Lego theme

    One of my dream LEGO themes would be a Super Mario theme. I still love playing all Mario games and it would be awesome to have sets involving Mario Karts, Bowser’s Castle and the comet observatory and Bowser’s flying ship from Mario Galaxy.
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to paint or has considered painting models to make them look more realistic? I still have a love hate relationship with how shiny and perfect all my buildings and cars look so I was entertaining the idea of painting my models to give them a more realistic feel. I got the idea from my boyfriend who models trains and weathers all of his buildings and cars by spraying them with dull coat and then painting them with pastels. I took a quick pass at a MOC plane built from the batman polybags I got throughout last year to give you an idea of what I am thinking of: Painted Plane (1) by randomboy, on Flickr Painted Plane (2) by randomboy, on Flickr Let me know your thoughts and experiences with doing this! Best, randomboy
  12. Hi everyone! I am excited to finally join the Eurobrick community! Lego was always my favorite toy as a kid and I still own everything I had as a child (unfortunately everything is in my parents' house in Germany). About a year ago I broke my arm while skiing and in an effort to help with my boredom my boyfriend took me to the Lego store. As a child I always dreamed of having my own Lego city and the modular building immediately caught my eye. The Assembly Square had just come out, I saw it and just had to buy it. This started my journey down the modular building road and I have now expanded my Lego collection to also include Simpsons, Star Wars, City, Ideas and Fairground sets. Currently I am working on tiling a road for my small town and my goal for this upcoming year is to explore scenery building techniques to add more character to my town as well as try my hand at MOCs (smaller houses for the outskirts of the town, cars, and full modular buildings). I am looking forward to sharing my progress with you and learning more from this great community :)