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  1. ndawgg

    [MOC] Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons

    Wow I love this!! Great job!
  2. Didn't somebody say something about a minifig representing the 4th of July and everyone thought firework suit? Well, going by that picture could it be bald eagle suit? That's an iconic American symbol.
  3. ndawgg

    LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Love it! I try to get everything British. I have the smaller version, Tower Bridge (large and small) Big Ben, London Skyline, and the mini figures of the Constable, Detective (Sherlock Holmes), two Royal Guards and I threw the Queen in too. Can't wait to add this to the collection!
  4. Oh no I honestly don't have any insider info. I just think it seems likely based on the limited info we've got. Plus isn't this Sept 2018, which means it will be out just in time for the year of its 80th anniversary. Or not! It just seems to make sense to me.
  5. I've thought it's the Wizard of Oz and I'm sticking to that. Licensed. Old (1939). And let's face it, why would they make flying monkey molds for a Batman set alone? There's no way. We definitely have something Wizard of Oz coming. And before anyone says there aren't enough characters: 1. Dorothy (with Toto) 2. Scarecrow 3. Tin Man 4. Cowardly Lion 5. Wicked Witch of the West 6. Glinda the Good Witch 7. OZ (the man behind the curtain) 8. Auntie Em 9. Uncle Henry 10. Munchkin Boy 11. Munchkin Girl 12. Flying Monkey (there are actually two different prints in the Batman set) 13. Palace Guard 14. Emerald City Man 15. Emerald City Woman 16. OZ the great and Powerful (Although I assume this would be done in a D2C set that comes around the same time like the Simpsons House with the Simpsons Series 1) 17. Wicked Witch of the East (House costume with striped legs lol) 18. Other Flying Monkey Print 19. The guy who answers the door at the Emerald City. We only need 16 but added a few extras. Also, before anyone says that people like Auntie Em, or Uncle Henry are boring, it just means they don't need new molds. They could even make them all in black, white and grey pieces which would be cool. And maybe the munchkins and emerald city people can be regular molds with colourful printing as well. They've already got Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys, and then they have designs for a bunch of other ones from Lego Dimensions. Anyway, that's why I'm sticking with this.
  6. ndawgg

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Good guess, I kind of seemed to describe the crack, but it's something different. I used Jake the Dog to break a crack in the floor. This was....different.
  7. ndawgg

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I've been playing the Year 2 sets and I'm trying to figure out what one thing I keep seeing is. It's white but sort of translucent. Trying to remember but I think it kind of looks like a hole in the ground or a pipe or something? And it's sort of glowing like it has light coming out of it. Sort of looks like a placeholder like something solid will appear later. I saw it a few times in the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack and also in something else (but can't remember where). Does anyone know what it is and what you do with it? Is it something that will be updated later on and you currently can't do anything or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  8. ndawgg

    Architecture 2017

    I also wasn't able to see the pictures before they disappeared. Would anyone be so kind as to PM them to me? Thanks!
  9. ndawgg

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I was planning to go right after work but I just called the two of the three Toronto stores that I can get to easily by transit and they're both already sold out. The one at Fairview said they sold out 5 minutes after opening this morning! So I had to order online where they're still available. A bit more of a wait but at least I'm guaranteed one.
  10. ndawgg

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Finally took a picture but this is how I "solved" the issue with the ball. It's just in a patch of grass. It actually holds it in place pretty well an also kind of looks a tiny bit like the World Cup trophy haha I don't have them all but I'm a Canadian who happened to be visiting Berlin for the first time right after they were released so it was cool to get them while I was there.
  11. ndawgg

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    haha Of course they're a Lego Dimension minifigure display case...but they connect together so it's not SO crazy that they'd be the connectables. (They're probably not, but you never know!)
  12. ndawgg

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    https://www.amazon.ca/LEGO-Dimensions-LED-Lite-Minifigures/dp/B017C2SUDM/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1465440911&sr=8-21&keywords=lego+dimensions Any chance these are the connectables?
  13. ndawgg

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sorry I must have been unclear. Of course Big Ben is replacing SOH, but what I mean is the new fairground set would probably have come out around the same time as Big Ben is coming out. Those giant landmark creators only seem to come out once every 3 years, so in those years they probably have to have one less expert creator set for sale. Plus we've also had the Ghostbusters HQ this year. Lego probably thought with those expensive sets this year, that they'd take a year off for the fairground. People only have so much money for these expensive sets. That's why I think if there's no fairground this year it's because Big Ben is coming out.
  14. ndawgg

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Oh man I'm from Canada but going to Germany for the first time...at the end of May! lol I think I'm just going to miss getting these.
  15. ndawgg

    New Simpsons set in 2016?

    I agree! We could have more than another minifigure series just of central characters and/or popular side characters (like Hans Moleman) 1. Skinner 2. Otto 3. Moe 4. Barny 5. Lenny 6. Carl 7. Sideshow Bob 8. Cletus 9. Reverend Lovejoy 10. Sherri/Terri 11. Kang/Kodos 12. Mayor Quimby 13. Maude Flanders 14. Bumblee Man 15. Crazy Cat Lady 16. Disco Stu 17. Sea Captain 18. Squeaky Voiced Teen And I'm leaving out so many others and not leaving room for the reusing of molds i.e. how we had the simpsons family and Milhouse. (Yes I realize that some people think Lego would never make some of those figures, but there are plenty of others too)