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  1. Architecture 2017

    Photos of the Arc de Triumph. And Guggenheim
  2. Architecture 2017

    No clue on the price. I believe it comes out in April. Where the photo is. I believe says "New April" in Italian. no clue on price. I'm hoping there's another one beside the arc for the rest of the year.
  3. Architecture 2017

    Set 21036 Arc De Triomphe{-}
  4. Architecture 2017

    Guggenheim is in April and there's a photo of it here very intresting location of the name plate none on the base but on the building like in real life
  5. Architecture 2017

    Just finished them all they all do this. And these are all 12+ ages. I like the three of them. Sydney and London i really like. Chicago alittle disappointing. Not sure when Guggenheim comes out. But I could see them wanting to spread them out if they saw last year having 4 at once hinders the sales just because to many. Im excited to see what else comes out in 2017 in this line.
  6. Architecture 2017

    On their Facebook page they just said it's a timed exclusive. So not another marina bay sands situation. Thankfully
  7. 40000XX Series sets

    Lego has put up 4000015. But not 4000009 on their website heres 4000015
  8. Architecture 2017

    Check your PM
  9. Architecture 2017

    I know it was explained before. By CM4sci. But if possible check your private messages
  10. Architecture 2017

    Just saw an image of the Guggenheim museum. It is done much better. But still don't like the re-releases. Feels like a waste.
  11. Architecture 2017

    For the Chicago set. I understand trump is a touchy topic especially right now. But from an architecture stand point. It's the 2nd tallest tower in Chicago. You have to put it. The CNA center is a red box Many other better choices.
  12. Lego Certified Professional Sets New set for 15 anniversary of an ikea store
  13. Architecture 2017

    I remember reading a large creator set was going to be made when the building was complete.
  14. Architecture 2017

    Chicago: Trump tower, Marina city, aon center. Just so many Sydney: Sydney tower London: 30 St Mary Axe (the gherkin) , London eye, tower bridge, Tower of London ??
  15. Architecture 2017

    Guggenheim museum Do you know if it's another one of New York or the one in Spain ? If these are January 1st, like this year we had 3 skylines and a redo so might be same strategy Also on their Facebook page there's a new gold round piece that's being used in a set. So any guess to what building it can be used for here. Also just a small edit I think you mean 21035