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  1. Vanillaforum software (for example used over at brickset forums) had a nice feature for this case: being able to "weigh" a thread by the mods which prevents replies from moving a thread up to the top of page 1.
  2. masterX244

    [BL] 10179 Milennium Falcon - with a twist

    that one got me, too once... someone even quoted it before i noticed it myself, had to sneak in a ninja-edit to correct
  3. masterX244

    [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    I modded my 10212 stand to use the landing gear "interface", it also got some bonus support due to its large wing facing a window and due to that being a wind-stopper
  4. masterX244

    [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Qupted the relevant section with the mail for you
  5. masterX244

    Help With EV3 Remote Control Program

    Use any of the other buttons, the top button is the beacon toggle.
  6. +1, and thats my main reason why i avoid ordering abroad if possible. had 2 orders once that shipped at same day but had more than a month of difference on arriving (even thought the second order was lost due to tracking being FUBAR'd and the parcel going stealth)
  7. i wouldnt care if its LBG or Light gray on smaller pieces. Back when i built the Venator from Anio i used old gray levers to avoid the expensive blueish gray ones with the 10179-premium-price
  8. masterX244

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    hes using it as a sort of status msg on steam since the intended way for a status is not really visible
  9. masterX244

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    random messing around with a Optimus Prime mask in 2k9, that pic somehow stuck and is used everywhere, i never changed it to anything else yet unlike some IRL friends, one changes his pic at one site every few weeks
  10. ^ not sure if the "intelligent brick" is needed in all solutions... this interface here afaik works straight on the RPI: (stumbled over it a bit ago, thats why i immediately remembered)
  11. masterX244

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    for levers i used old gray ones to avoid the expensiveness of the LBG ones. allowed me to stay "purist". Another tip is to scan the thread here for workarounds to avoid the magnets unless you got em already
  12. masterX244

    Impossible LEGO

    nope, had to use thin tweezers since the back of the gear was blocked by the O-frame (upwards facing pinhole, otherwise the dirty beam-ery wouldnt have been needed) didnt notice it while building but when noticing i used wrong axle i had a "dangit!" moment. and the beams itself were clipped to the O-Frame with blue pins
  13. masterX244

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Or losing the "Pinhole to go" (pin with pinhole).
  14. masterX244

    Impossible LEGO

    another one involving a O-Frame and a gear lower part of the L-piece contains a red 2 long axle