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  1. wouldn't it be better to use a dampener then?
  2. Wow, I did much better than I thought I would. Congrats to all the winners, and may the next contest be just as interesting!
  3. I'm not familiar with a whole lot of studded bricks or their building techniques at all, so help and pointers would be appreciated. First off, everything shall be made with studded bricks to get the right curvature. The studless liftarm pictured above is just an illustration. Secondly, I need the inner part and the outer part, which means the 15L liftarm pictured above is the inner part, and the frame around it is the outer part. (It's an enclosure that opens) I only need ½ a circle. Orientation of the studs on the bricks doesn't matter as I will have to adjust it anyway. The center point is the first hole of the 15L liftarm and the opposite end of the liftarm is the end of the opening door. Is this possible?
  4. Help needed to find a technic liftarm

    Oh that's a shame, I would find it very useful otherwise
  5. I can't find this piece anywhere on Bricklink. I looked through the entire liftarm and bionicle catalog with no luck, I also searched for the part number. Does it even exist?
  6. 3: 10 18: 6 2: 4 10: 3 15: 2 17: 1
  7. [TC12] Road Breaker

    I had a look in the index and I didn't know that there was a battle bot contest right before this one. I must say many of the entries are really great in that competition. I build mine on a very limited time and I probably constrained my self a bit too much by using the yellow rings as a base, where as others had just used proper turntables.
  8. 16. Road Breaker Functions: Drive All wheel steering Command seat always points in driving direction Swinging arms to knock opponents away
  9. [TC12] Road Breaker

  10. [TC12] Road Breaker

    You haven't seen the video yet. My idea and the entire concept is spot on, I just haven't had enough time to perfect it. Ideally I wanted it to go fast and turn perfectly, but that's how it is.
  11. [TC12] Road Breaker

    I have barely had any time to build this for the past few weeks, so I have not had time to perfect the drive train and rotation/steering properly, but it works alright. I just had to get it done today as I will otherwise be out of time for the contest - not that I can compete with the other entries but at least I'm in. I extended the arms a bit further out so that they won't interfere with the wheels. I added a pilot and the battery box plus a basic base. What you see below is the final design, which is why this won't be able to turn 360° or even 180° (because the tan bevel gear is in the way) Originally I wanted it to just keep turning around the same way but the wires need some sort of wind up to keep them in place, and well... time restraints What you see next is the final product and bodywork. It could've been a lot worse, but probably also a bit better. Video will come later today.
  12. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    That's a shame, I liked the model, it looked really cool. If you don't have enough time to finish it then that's how it is I guess.
  13. Yeah just get to building, it looks very promising. The V8 is quite rad, I like it.
  14. [TC12][MOC] The Banana Scorpion

    That looks cool, but I can't see how it's supposed to hit other vehicles as the arm seems a bit short for that? I like the concept though :)
  15. [TC12] Road Breaker

    The gear train has been revised and I had to reduce the gearing even more to make it move more fluidly. I changed the knob gears to 12t bevel gears as well to make it smoother I also switched out the M-motor for an L-motor. The gearing to the wheel is: 16t - 16t then 12t - 12t then 16t - 24t then 12t - 20t ; A total gear ratio of 2½ : 1 It's moving quite slowly, but it'll just have to do when there's so little space. For the buggy motor driving the destruction ring I moved the output to the faster one so now it goes as fast as possible given enough power. I already tested it with my V2 receiver and it works wonders driving the ring around. It's now fast enough to swing out the liftarms as I want it to. I also decided to look for a proper way to hold the ring in place with gears as the other method proved to have too much friction. It was quite difficult since I had to move the gears in place by half a studs width but I managed somehow. Now for a way to attach everything to the ring I initially planned to use #3 connectors and #3 axles in a ring arrangement, but it didn't quite fit properly. Just barely, but there was too much friction and it was hard to move around, so I ended up just attaching everything to it in the good old fashion. I found those red super long axle things and found that 2 fits in a perfect circle around the arrangement. So that's why I'm going to make it have a red theme to it. I just don't know how I'm gonna do it yet but I'll get around to figuring something out. In the following I tried using all red bricks but I think it might just be too red, what do you guys think? Also the red is really bad on this phone, I'll sort out some better photos next time. I think it might look cool if done correctly. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of red studded bricks to make art out of that battery box with so I'll figure something out. That's it for now, and I won't be building again until in maybe 2 weeks time, I just have too much on my hands at this moment.