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  1. [MOC] Theme park Thrill Ride (kinda)

    I reckon the size will be something along the lines of each of the three spinning sections will have a base size of the yellow ring gear rack, and then the entire thing becomes humongus all of a sudden. I don't wanna try at this time as I am not confident that I have enough variation in my current selection of parts. I wanted it to be somewhat minifig scale so the old technic chairs are too big to use.
  2. I don't have a whole lot of LEGO to play around with at the time being. I only have these sets at hand at the moment: bucket excavator 42055-1, Ocean Explorer 42064-1 & Mine Loader 42049-1 So my options are kinda limited with parts, which is why this is only a mock-up. I think it would be a better success if I had some actual plates to make a round platform with, but I'm not skilled in that department anyway so yeah. I tried to build a proof of concept of something like this: I don't know why it lags so much when turning. It works fine if I remove the bracing from the gears, but then everything would just fall apart. I reckon it would be much more consistent if I turned it by meshing a gear with the outer ring. I wasn't able to in this instance. I think I would have to build the actual seats first to get the actual size right and then go from that, however there's no way that I could manage with only the "few" pieces that I have. So for now, this proof of concept will have to do. The whole thing is being turned only by the star piece in the middle with a 24t and worm gear from an XL motor I think I got the gearing on the platforms right; one rotation pr. 120°. The whole thing it self is obviously moving too fast. When making this much bigger, how would you go about getting the gearing right, and in the correct position with barely any friction?
  3. Need help with a gearbox design

    Cheers Sariel, that simple rotating gear shifter turned out to be the key to make it work properly. I didn't even have to make a new gearbox :)
  4. Yesterday I tried to build a gearbox and I kind of succeeded, but not for the application I wanted. You see, I don't know anything about gearboxes, well, on how to build them anyway. I want a sequential working gearbox, and the way I built it, the it goes like 1-3-2 which is obviously not the right way to change speeds at. I want 4 speeds, or at least 3. No reverse though, all the same direction Currently, my input/output ratios are as follows: 1:1,8 1:3,75 1:6,25 I do not want a 1:1 ratio, as I think 1:1,8 is plenty fast already. The gearbox is designed to gear down and 1:6,25 is ok slow but I don't mind if it gets a bit slower if necessary for the gears to fit. The drive motor I'm using is the RC buggy which has been geared down 1:3 before going into the gearbox. Torque is important. I build Piterx' sequential design but I'd like something that locks both levers into place at all times. The design is a bit flimsy Don't worry about bracing and stuff, I just need the gear combinations/placements. That'd be a great help :)
  5. I need ideas

    I see that there are a few ideas I like - I like the idea of a rube goldberg machine. I was always kinda facinated by them. I just don't think my imagination is good enough. I guess I could try building a small one though. - Building an animal also sounds really cool. Some time ago I was thinking about building a dolphin and build a prototype tail but it never got further than that as a dolphin is too complex. Maybe I should just try to build something more simple like an elephant. - A Harbour crane looks cool too. Really simple in construction, but needs strength and fancy wirework. I guess I could make it work. - And I already build a fairground ride, namely my 3D Motion Simulator, but I never got to program it, simply because I'm a douche when it comes to electronics. If someone knows anything that could help me, look at this board and send me a PM here on EB or something. For some reason people don't like to help people when the answer seems obvious to themselfes. - And some that I don't like - An assembly line sounds kinda neat I guess, if I had like 4 additional NXT's. - The balls that come with mindstorms/bionicle won't fit in a 2 stud width for a GBC module(s) - 3D printer/milling is out of the question, my programming skills are far to bad to even attempt at something like that - I don't wanna build a clock 'cause of math - A space shuttle would be a cool aesthetic looking model but what are the functions? Are there any? Besides it reminds me too much of my own plane - I guess I could build technic ships but I won't even bother 'cause they/it would be an abomination compared to VFRacingTeam's models. Besides, I didn't plan on purchasing tons of bricks to make it. I'm wondering though if I should try to finish my other projects first. I just don't have any good ideas for how to complete them. - A copy of a rollercoaster located here in Denmark. Problems being how to build the cars so they stay on the track and roll freely at all angles - My motion sim as already mentioned, where I need the expertise of an electronics guru - My plane, obviously, still work in progress. The thread has been bumped multiple times the past few days
  6. I need ideas

    I like to build with my Technic, I really do, but frankly, I don't know what to build which is why I'm asking for ideas. Only requirements are that the thing shouldn't be driveable, well not a car or a truck anyway. I like to build different kind of things. Like for instance, I've build a rubiks cube and a motion sim to mention some of the bigger stuff. I've also build a stand-alone machine for another machine when I went to school, and other small stuff to help with mundane tasks And well, the thing shouldn't be too big since I probably won't complete it then. I don't have any GBC balls at all, and it's impossible to find a good batch on bricklink, so I can't make GBC modules either. - Well I guess I can, but they probably won't work as intended. Being able to use Mindstorms is a plus. I only got one NXT though as monitor on the other one doesn't work. Hopefully I can build something cool :)
  7. Lego Airbus A300-600R Project

    I say go for it. I've got a half-finished plane as well. It's so complex that I've actually started to get more bothered to build it than I enjoyed it. But I'm mostly curious as to how in the world you're gonna build a jet engine with regular LEGO motors.
  8. Antonov AN-140

    Well It's still in the shape I left in last, I just haven't been motivated to make any more progress, because every time there's a problem with the way the specific mechanism needs to work, the solution is so friggin' complex. I quite literally get a headache whenever I've been building on it for too long, so I that's why it's not finished. In fact, I already got the lid for the landing wheels figured out, I just need to get some stuff from Bricklink to fully complete it. Then I still need to find a way to make the rear wing ailerons work. Space is extremely limited as it is. And when those 2 things have been solved I'm actually done with the model. Then I'd have to get it airborne which is a new challenge in it self. I'm glad you like my work :)
  9. [MOC] Customized Forklift

    Very cool forklift! Looks great too! The only negative thing I have to say is about your controller. It's not really user friendly to have both driving and steering on the same side since you only have 1 thumb on each hand. Either split them apart or rearrange some wires on your model. Cheers! Edit: Nevermind, I forgot that you made a crossover bar thing on the controller for steering. TL;DR Keep up the good work!
  10. I think that this is the most awesome thing I've seen in quite a while. I totally forgot how easy it is to build with studded bricks instead of liftarms. I always wanted to know how the cars on these things are detached from the main pulley. How does it work? I've seen every other picture you got and I still don't know how it works.
  11. Antonov AN-140

    I've begun building again. I finished the front and the autovalve of the plane. Right now I'm working on the rear landing gear. You can expect to see some actual updates later next week. I found that I made a mistake when I build the landing gear some time ago. Lots were offset by both half a hole and a whole hole various places. This caused some minor twisting and stretching. I needed to rebuild it anyway since there was no way for me to build the cover that closes with the wheel. This was because that there weren't enough space around the wheel it self.
  12. Technic Parts You Never Use

    Even though I agree with Bionicle pieces being rather useless in normal circumstances, I think that these pieces look really useful but I have never really found a use them.
  13. [WIP] Flying Brick

    Now this is interesting. I recently started building on my own plane again, as it seems my recent MOC kickstarted my lust to build again. As others have said, I don't think it's going to hold in the engine compartment as there's too much vibration and the glue and bricks will simply come apart. It depends on the type of glue you use though. I know that there exists some glue that actually melts plastics a bit when put together. Though bricks will make it much stiffer and solid, it's going to be a lot heavier. My plane also weighs in around 5 kg but it's a lot bigger in comparison. You need some good reinforcement on the stressed parts. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread
  14. Motion Simulator

    That would work too, but I'm not sure if bluetooth is fast enough for it. I'd love to test it but if I can't even program the simple "select and run" app, then how would I make it work with bluetooth? Nah, I need someone to make an app for me. Or I guess, I could simply have a time on the start button on NXT, and when I press the NXT 10 seconds will countdown, while the video on the phone will run simultaneously. Only problem will be a few synchronization errors at times, not making for a good ride. Although..... who's gonna test ride it? I don't have a hamster. Yet.
  15. wow, I didn't know you could lower the drive gear on the differential gear like that and it still works. Thats just so cool. We could use something like that in LEGO.