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  1. Carsten Svendsen

    Mindstorms 51515 Plotter

    I really like this project, but I'm mostly interested in how you programmed this thing.
  2. Carsten Svendsen

    [WIP] Technic Warehouse XL

    Do you really need a differential though? It's not heavily loaded. I bet you could drive just the one wheel, and have the other wheel free-spinning. I don't think it looks bad with a bit of extra axle sticking out either. You could always decorate it with some discs or something. I have also never been hands on with the new differential, but is it possible to use 4L axle with stop from the inside, before assembling the diff?
  3. Carsten Svendsen

    Simple lock for pull-back motors?

    A simple knob wheel and connector would do the trick
  4. Thank you, even though you are not experienced with LEGO CAD software, I asked you exactly because of that. I've been wanting to make a 3D model of my FastBale for a while now, but the Studio software wasn't that great back in 2019. And I haven't really been modeling before, except with SR3D Builder which unfortunately was the best software out there until the creator died. I'll take a closer look at Studio during this lockdown, I have a feeling it's going to last for a few more weeks.
  5. How do you find using Studio? I've tried it probably 3 years ago and it was definetly not up to my standards of construction. Is it easy to rotate pieces, places pieces in obscure/covered areas etc? Quite off topic I know.
  6. Carsten Svendsen

    [WIP] Technic Warehouse XL

    Wow, I love that design of the flexible cable tray. I can't seem but notice that you're using halfpins to hold the triangles on. How come you don't use 2L axles and halfbeam 1x2 ? Too many parts maybe? At this point does it really matter? But then again, it works perfectly fine clearly, I would just imagine it's a bit wobbly.
  7. Carsten Svendsen

    [WIP] Technic Warehouse XL

    Cool, an industrial project for once! I like it :)
  8. Carsten Svendsen

    Estimating part count?

    Alright, thanks for the answers guys, seems like I'd have to make a digital version to get an accurate count. I reckoned about 5-6000 pieces my self as well. There are a lot of small pieces there and bricks and plates do add up surprisingly fast
  9. Hi, I recently got contacted by the main boys, and now I'll be exhibiting my FastBale at AgriTechnica in Hanover next month. They want some basic information, like the amount of hours put into it and part count How does everyone else estimate the part count for their MOCs? Is there a rule of thumb?
  10. Wow so compact while keeping a working and true design to an actual tractor. Great job Really, the only thing I don't like about this, is that you used LBG dogbones in the front. I would probably have resorted to a different way of putting it together to keep the color scheme
  11. Carsten Svendsen

    Caterpillar 797F Dump Truck

    From a sheer looks perspective, you did an amazing job at recreating the real thing. I love it! I love the idea with the automatic level adjustment as well. I bet with some programming it could work in realtime, though you probably already fiddled a lot with it, just to get it to work in the first place already.. However, I am not a fan of the way you attached the bucket. Using thin liftarms with no triangular reinforcement is bound to make it wobble. Sure it's gonna hold, but I think you should've put a bit more work into that area. Otherwise, awesome MOC, and I can't wait to see your next one!
  12. Carsten Svendsen

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Wow, I completely forgot how much I love that old school look. We really should use those panels more often
  13. I agree Thank you so much for your kind words Yeah, I'm bit of a perfectionist when it comes to reproducing real mechanisms. I even had to come up with my own mechanical ones as I obviously couldn't put sensors on it like on the real thing Haha, if witchcraft was involved it must have been when I actually decided to go through with it in the beginning. Yeah this build surpasses even me in what I thought was possible. I tell you what, routing 16 pneumatic hoses straight past the main chain for the pre chamber was a struggle. It never even occured to me how many hoses there would be, or even how much space it would take up!
  14. The CLAAS Xerion 5000 pales in size comparison. I was thinking of building a big as tractor for it, but I'm not so sure anymore as it would require a lot of functions and therefore be equally complex. With the Instructions, I was considering doing at least a 3D model in, but then I would no doubt have take certain aspects apart, and let me tell you, getting it together wasn't easy. Besides, the amount of parts you would need is insane. Thank you very much. I could have chosen to control everything manually as a toy, but somehow I opted for the autonomous approach. Thank you, I wasn't sure if the video was detailed enough to make layman understand what he's actually looking at. I do realise that there are a lot of things going on at the same time sometimes, but pausing is a thing as well. If you don't challenge yourself you will never succeed. A haybaler is truly complex in nature, so recreating one is no easy feat. This goes for all kinds of them, square or round. At times I had no idea how to solve a problem and sometimes I looked at akiyoukis GBC's for complex mechanisms. This is how I came up with the net binding delay on the left side of the pre chamber.
  15. Finally, I've had enough time to finish this creation and the associated video. It only took 2 years since it's conception, but I've had a lot of breakdowns in between. There were so many difficult challenges that I had to overcome, that the list would be too long for anyone to read it. Some of the main solutions that I'm proud of are: Using small pneumatic air pumps for the pre chamber. I went through a million iterations of different liftarm and brick arrangements before I finally looked in my pneumatic parts The knives cutting the net was tough since it had to be low profile while still maintaining travel distance Having either side of the main chamber interact with the pre chamber in sequence regarding resetting of pneumatic valves was probably my greatest achievement The independent pneumatic setup was quite a headache to figure out as there are a lot of possible ways to connect hoses and to make sure there is no unwanted air bleeding from the valves Lastly, the big power puller wheels are not meant to be attached from the outside, causing them to greatly sag and not function well. This was solved using an array of pins and towballs behind the rim The chambers were the very first thing to be built. I counted the amount of rollers needed from the official blueprints, then made circle cut outs and build a brick cage around the gears. Studded construction is certainly not my speciality which came to show later on in the end during the aestethic finish. This is also where I tried to make sense of highlighted colors for the functions: RED for valves YELLOW for key elements DBG to make functions stand out from the chassis GREEN for the net STICKERS for a realistic look - These were all taken from set sheets I also set a goal to myself of using some of the rarely used parts that comes or used to come in the Bionicle sets. This includes 4x Visorak Torsos (frame), 2x Bohrok Shoulders and 2x connector blocks with 6 axleholes (Wrapping table). Unfortunately I found no use for widely discussed 5x6x2 perpendicular fork with 3 fingers, except on my crude make-shift tractor. If there's anything you want to know or see, do not hesitate to ask, as I will never take this apart, and I can take as many extra pictures as needed i The circuit diagram tool can be found on this website. It has been much valued throughout the whole process. Note: This picture is an old WIP, but here you can see the internals More pictures can be found on my imgur gallery In the beginning I tested out different parts for the pickup to see which ones best pick up cut dried grass, and the rotor blades proved the best in this test. However, I would not try and actually make a haybale in this machine as there are several flaws: The plastic chain is certainly not meant for any sort of load and snaps if caught on something, which would be stuck rollers and therefore gears because of the hay There are gaps in the construction - Though I've tried my best to build it tight, hay would definetly get stuck and cause the dropfloor to get stuck This is LEGO, the tolerances in certain places are incredibly tight and will most likely fail during operation. The construction it self is solid though - I could drop it from standing height and nothing critical on it would break I hope you enjoyed looking at something different, this has certainly been my nemesis throughout construction, and is now a major milestone in my life.