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  1. Carsten Svendsen

    Help Please

    You will need Windows XP to run this software, and it is critical for play
  2. There are many topics discussing Zamor balls. Showing results for 'zamor'. - Eurobricks Forums In general, they are 2mm bigger than the soccer balls and have a flat spot from the injection molding. Certainly not suited for GBC
  3. The Zamor balls are wider than 2L and would not fit though unless forced. I'm certain of this, I've tried it myself before
  4. I agree with this, it seems like the better idea. Iterate the mechanism a couple of times and then see if you can scale it down with smaller parts. The rubber part is also way better than flexing the axles themselves.
  5. Cars, trucks, construction vehicles and amusement park rides have all been done before, and extremely well too. I suggest something less practical and more interesting. Like kinetic art, simple things like a roll-up gate or something slightly futuristic. Go back to the roots of LEGO, look at some old sets from the 90's and get inspiration. Maybe even recreate the more obscure sets in a modern way?
  6. I don't understand how this suspension works, or why it needs to be this complex? It looks really cool though.
  7. I don't know how the spring loaded missile launchers work, but the arm mechanism seems simple enough. Unless you want it to be motorized, then I don't know how you would fit anything in there. You also didn't specify a scale for the head. It seems you are building the head with studs facing forwards. That could be quite a challenge. If all you need is a little movement, and there's no space for springs or rubber bands, I suggest using the very nature of the plastic pieces as a spring. See my battery drill from 2 minutes in, I used a long axle as a spring for the lever button. It works amazingly.
  8. I don't think using CV joints is a great idea when you directly couple it to that type of motor. I haven't tried any applications like this, but I would imagine that it comes apart quickly.
  9. Carsten Svendsen

    Push Mower Issues

    I'd get the rotary motion from the truck wheels instead of the attachment.
  10. We still haven't seen it walk though... Does it actually function? The bodywork won't matter now, if you have to rebuild it later.
  11. I've never tried that software before, I'll give it a shot next time I've got my LEGO at hand. But the main fun, honestly comes from the software. You just can't beat those witty characters and cool cutscenes.
  12. I'm not working on this, but thought about something else than cars. Everything on this site is just cars these past few years... I worked on creating a fluid tail like motion for an animatronic sculpture, but never got anywhere with it. Maybe someone feels like a challenge?
  13. 8482 and 8450 - Cybermaster and the expansion, The Mission I got 8482 Cybermaster as a christmas present, and oh boy did I use that set a lot. The case it comes in was awesome, and the playability was through the roof with the PC game. The instructions were super clear and it was just so fun to play with. Then I got the 8450 The Mission set a year later I think, and it added a lot of playability as well. I think these sets are the only ones that I've *actually* played with, and not just built to take apart again. It was a blast. These days, you'd need to get the serial ports up and running for it to work, and the operating system must be Win98 maximum. XP could be tricky to get to work. And forget about a VM, that will never work. So I'm basically never seeing the real value of these sets ever again, realistically. You can still access the building instructions and cutscenes, as they are .MOV files on the CD-roms. But it itsn't the same without the interaction.
  14. This is really cool. I wonder if you there is any inspiration to get from the old 9754-3 Dark Side Developer Kit (Halfway down the page) LEGO 9754 Dark Side Development Kit Instructions, Technic: Mindstorm (
  15. I just LOVE the framework. There's just something beautiful about the old school way of doing framework. And the wheels are cool too, though, the main part of this build.