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  1. Carsten Svendsen

    Mining Conveyor belt

    Looks alright, but if you actually build that in real life, you'll probably find that the smalll cylinders are not going to carry the load.
  2. Carsten Svendsen

    [MOC] Mechanical Tower of Hanoi solver

    Indeed, this is one of the better creations I have seen. I can see how it all works, except the rotation of the top part. I can't see how you get that to rotate. It looks pneumatic, but then how do you get it so precise 180° movement? Also, I'd love to see how you made the triangle
  3. Carsten Svendsen

    Lego GBC Lighthouse Miniloop

    I like the style, but the liftarms rotating are really taking the beauty of it away. Consider replacing that with a ball pump
  4. Carsten Svendsen

    Horrible looking mold marks on brand new panels

    I have a ton of those size panels already and none of them have these marks. These are the first I've ever seen with these marks. Also, it's not just on the back, the images clearly show it on the front too. I put it in the bright light to catch it better on camera, but even in person it's very noticeable anyhow. The panels that I already have are from sets at least 3 or 4 years old. I have none from the recent years. And the panels I have are probably made in Denmark rather than Germany where I bought them from. I'd say it's a quality control issue. EDIT: I reviewed my other panels and I have to say that they have the mold marks too, but not in any way as noticeable as these ones. So I'm wrong, but - I also noticed that the new ones I got are very shiny, where as the black ones I already have are matte. Maybe that is why it's easier to notice. Are they not using the same plastic?
  5. What gives? I bought these from a reputeable Bricklink seller. They've been underway for a week and a half but surely it's something with the mold? The mold numbers are mostly all different, I counted about 6-7 different molds.
  6. Carsten Svendsen


    I don't like clickbait titles on a forum, you could have just titled it "bear trap". The moc it self looks alright, the video on the other hand is just beyond cringe worthy. If you want slow motion, actually film it as slow motion and not just a 1 fps slideshow. The egg part I can understand, but I didn't need to see the same for a banana - I get the idea, it's a bear trap after all. I stopped watching at that part, I couldn't handle my suffering anymore.
  7. Carsten Svendsen

    Ugliest B-model?

    To insert pictures, upload them somewhere else on the internet. On the bottom right when creating a new post a button will appear: "Insert other media" Then you click "insert from URL"
  8. Carsten Svendsen

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    All good, I have found a solution to my problem. See below. I would like to point out that the idea with the arcs worked out nicely, I wouldn't have thought about that myself, mostly since I didn't really know they existed and fit with a radar dish that well. Thanks for the help
  9. Carsten Svendsen

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    The only thing that I tend to put too much effort into is the orientation of full size bushes.
  10. Carsten Svendsen

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    I just had a genius idea seeing @supertruper1988 post If the 6 x 6 radar dish fits on top of the 8 x 8 radar dish, then I can just install both dishes on top of a black brick base and have it look seemless, with no effort going into making arcs. The next problem would be to make the arm 4.5 studs long, but this is actually not too critical as the actual dimensions does have a little playroom, it will just be visually out by 0.5 studs. Worst comes to worst, I'll find a way to make the arm 4.5 studs long. If someone can test whether the 6 x 6 radar dish fits on top of the 8 x 8 radar dish making a seamless gap, that would be great. Also, What is a cheap way to make a nice looking black base? I have a significant amount to cover and wouldn't want to make my self bankrupt.
  11. Carsten Svendsen

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    Hi guys, I'm a technic guy and knows nothing about SNOT or parts availabilty regarding system bricks and would like some help on a simple matter I have a 4 stud arm that is rotating in a circle making effectively 7 studs total. What I want is a frame, or base if you will, that encapsulates it so that I can put a color underneath, making it look like I'm tracing a circle. The problem is that I don't know if it can be made with arcs or slopes or wedges or what, and my system brick inventory is very limited, so if you can help me out, I would highly appreciate it :) The outside would be fixed in place and the center would be fixed to the rotating arms, meaning it spins with the arm. I think a 1x2 technic brick with axle hole would do the trick for that.
  12. 1: 4 3: 2 5: 10 6: 1 10: 6 12: 3 I gave entry #5 10 points because I like the complex functionality involved, same with entry #10's gear box at the top.
  13. Carsten Svendsen

    General Part Discussion

    Do you have any results? What are you making?
  14. Carsten Svendsen

    [TC14] Drop Tower (Finished)

    If you swap the white z24 and normal z24 around, you will get more torgue delivered. Looks good so far though.
  15. It's not wormgears, this is 100% XL -> z12 -> corner -> z20 -> sprocket As you can see the 5x7 frame is in the way of the XL motors output. This means in order for it to be a wormgear, the gear on it will have to be either z8 or z12. If that is the case, then that gear would have to be in an odd position with 0,5 stud adjustment, furthermore, you'd need a connection from that to the sprocket which can only be accomplished by z12 + z16 which is doable, but remember that you're also 1 to 1½ stud away from the vertical axis which would mean you'd have to use a gear ratio that doesn't fit between the frame and the XL motor it self.