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  1. Carsten Svendsen

    General Part Discussion

    Do you have any results? What are you making?
  2. Carsten Svendsen

    [TC14] Drop Tower

    If you swap the white z24 and normal z24 around, you will get more torgue delivered. Looks good so far though.
  3. It's not wormgears, this is 100% XL -> z12 -> corner -> z20 -> sprocket As you can see the 5x7 frame is in the way of the XL motors output. This means in order for it to be a wormgear, the gear on it will have to be either z8 or z12. If that is the case, then that gear would have to be in an odd position with 0,5 stud adjustment, furthermore, you'd need a connection from that to the sprocket which can only be accomplished by z12 + z16 which is doable, but remember that you're also 1 to 1½ stud away from the vertical axis which would mean you'd have to use a gear ratio that doesn't fit between the frame and the XL motor it self.
  4. Why not just skip the inverted part and make one that looks like the video further up in this thread? That way you could just install a bunch of actuators on the bottom and I'm sure it would still be a cool ride.
  5. Carsten Svendsen

    General Part Discussion

    @Rishab N The depth of the center cone part, between the rim and the axle, is 4,7 mm deep. The lenght of the axle is 15,7 mm long The thickness of the whole rim is 3,1 mm thick The very outer part of the rim is 1,4 mm thick You're welcome
  6. Carsten Svendsen

    Wave Swing

    Have a look at the turbo polyp that @Techniccrack is working on. It's got the kind of movement that you're looking for.
  7. I got a motion simulator that I built a very long time ago, and there's a post here in eurbricks with it as well. I never got it fully working though, would it be allowed to finish it up for the competition or should I start on something new?
  8. Carsten Svendsen

    Geometry Tool - Triangles

    Very cool and useful. One thing that I would like to see added is the ability to choose liftarms, like if I wanted an angled liftarm I could put that in instead of a straight beam.
  9. Carsten Svendsen

    LEGO John Deere 9560R

    It's looking great, nice work on capturing the full body to that extent Now with that said, I don't think this would be considered a technic model, but more of model team. Also, using heat to bend LEGO pieces is definetely not a legal solution. - Also the last pic is upside down :)
  10. Carsten Svendsen

    Axle colour - which would you prefer?

    Back when I was a kid, my first LEGO set was the 8482 Cybermaster set and all axles were black. Over the course of a few years, I got more and more sets which all had black axles at the time. I learned to tell them all apart, I only had issues with 10/12 lenghts as I only had a few of those in a massive box of mixed parts. I can see from a modern perspective how difficult it must be to tell axles apart even if they are 2 studs apart, given they're 4 different colors now and easy to recognize. I remember when I got the Bucket Wheel Excavator and many axles were red and yellow. I was very disgusted in TLG's decision as more color vomit would be present, HOWEVER, I later realized that I can use it to colorcode functions instead of vomiting colors everywhere since I got unlimited amounts of other color axles. I now use all the colors to color code specific functions, like the input drive axle is red, the output is yellow, or whatever color fits in lenght. I find it very useful actually. So TL;DR, I welcome axles in all colors, and will use them in MOC's to seperate functions from structural integrity which would be black/LBG
  11. Carsten Svendsen

    Mid-Scale Five-Axle Mobile Crane

    This is a very nice MOC, I like the size of it 👍
  12. Carsten Svendsen

    [LB-X18] Collaboration/Group Project

    I will construct this sometime this weekend
  13. Interesting, that's pretty much what I was looking for I guess. Some of these things I hadn't thought of so it's really good to have a reference point when I'm planning what to swap out.
  14. No that's not what I'm interested in and I have seen the thread you mention. I couldn't care less about weight/color ratio. As for the topic at hand, I suppose that you are all correct, but it's more complicated than that. One function can't simply be all one color as that would be too extreme. I'll give you one example: Take a look at Akiyukis Ball Factory. The 5x3 bent liftarm is yellow while the levers operating it are all black including the counterweight. When designing something like this from scratch it's not obvious which parts should stand out. Same with the pickup thing in the same picture, it's all black/LBG which seems fine, but the axles picking it up could have been yellow as well (probably didn't exist then), but you get my point. Is it the ultimate function that needs to stand out, or is it the part that operates it. There's a perfect example of this somewhere else in the ball factory: As you can see here, the ultimate function (teeth moving the baskets) is all black and there's only a few yellow pieces which operates the function. This is opposite from the previous case where it was the function that was yellow and the levers were black. However, as a whole whatever he's done seems to look extremely pleasing and I would just like some more in-depth reasoning to what needs to stand out.
  15. Akiyuki has a ton of mechanism all of which are impressive. What partly makes this happen is that he uses a few yellow colors but in very select places while using DBG for the big levers and such. I am in the process of making a machine that is very complex, but I don't know which parts should be yellow and DBG. The whole thing is mostly black at the moment. So what I want to know is what warrants a part or function to be yellow and not overdoing it.