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    LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

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  1. dabo

    Icons Vehicles Wishlist

    Jaguar E-Type
  2. Will be hard not to buy it I really like how it looks. And although I am a car guy I am starting to get sick of all the cars.
  3. Just finished the build and I have to say I like it a lot. Looks great on the shelf.
  4. Thank you suspected it was different from the sets I have.
  5. What other car sets is this the same scale as?
  6. I just finished the build very enjoyable and it looks great. My only complaint is that one sticker was missing from the sticker sheet.
  7. It is a Ferrari and it is red I must have it.
  8. Not my favorite Ferrari but I don't mind them picking this one.
  9. I like the fact that some of the sets have the option to skip the motors etc. Something for Lego to learn from.
  10. Perhaps I am the only one but I would not mind if this set was the Daytona´╗┐ SP3.
  11. As long as it is a road car I don't care if it is pink. :)
  12. Agree, I won't buy it if it is a hyper car or any other race car for that matter. Bought the 42096 and hated applying all the stickers.