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Found 2 results

  1. A few years ago i started to make an technic Lego Turbo polyp (fun fair ride) Some call it "Kraken" or "Octopus" How it works The Turbo polyp has a rotating cilinder that holds the arms It also has a second cilinder that rotates the opposite direction. This cilinder containes a lifting system that pushes the head upwards The arms are attached to the head. When the head goes up the arms will make a jumping movement. Heres a video of the real thing: The first model main frame (2013) I build this 5 years ago. with normal turntables. Because its containes two turntables on top or eachother and with the size of the model its was way to heavy to work properly. here is a (blurry) picture of that model The second model main frame(2016) So i started to rebuild the whole thing. I had to build a custom turntable. So i used catterpillar parts to make the turntable. The space in the middle had to be clear to build the support of the middle cilinder it turned out great. surpisingly sturdy and can handle a big load. 4 rubber powered wheels handled the rotation of the ring. Here is the underframe (in buildprogress): And here is the new design turntable: It was very sturdy and could manage heavy weight in it Problem was how to make electric connections on this turntable?(rotating or drag contacts) And the lifting mechanism on the second cilinder was to weak. I was frustrated and the project ended on the attic on a shelf The third model main frame(now) A year ago or so i saw that the new digging machine containes the new curved gear racks. So i figured...that can be the sollution of my project. so i took the old model and began to rebuild the drive ring with the new gear racks i began with order a big pile of parts The new yellow rings are great. They can function as ring with a very sturdy structure to support the weight. It has a small ledge where i perfectly can put round tiles (1 stud) to make an great bearing and i can use the racks to make nice the arms with a nice bow (see photo) I dismanteled the underframe to make the new rings fit properly Here are some photos of the project: The new lower drive ringcilinder that holds the arms:(without springs to hold up the weight:)] [ The lower ring containes two seperates rings. first ring for the main rotation, second ring for control the speed of the rotation of the crosses. This gears are connected to the second ring and due to a connection with the armbrackets the crosses will rotate. By make the second ring rotate, the crosses will slow down or speed up The middle part is connected to the main underframe. that holds up the second cilinder with the lift cilinder. So the 2 cilinder are rotating apart from eachother) Lift system Also the lifting system in the second cilinder is competally modified In the first model used 3 actuators for the lifting system weak. can only lift the length of 5 studs Then pneumatic? to weak. They a scissor lift system..guess weak! Now i have the sollution..a horizontal 11L gear rack driven by a 24 tooth gear by a worm gear. The gearrack pushes the head upwards. The internal structure of this is so strong it is nearly impossible to slip. And it can lift up to 3,5 kilograms Only think i need to take care of is not go further then the end point because it could damage the motor Here the photos of how the lifting system operate A look from underside (the lift structure is hidden, but i will add a LDD picture of it how its works) I added two hard springs in the structure for extra support the lifting New arm design The old arms i made of studded beams with 3 corners in the arm. Problem one: it looked to "lumpy" Problem 2: its was not very sturdy Problem 3: to heavy Problem 4: difficult to add light wiring Soooo....why not rebuild it? so i did.. Now with the curved gearracks on it. it looks better, its is lighter and very sturdy. Also great for adding wiring for the lights. All arms together: (main frames) Arms in the position that will be when finished the model (for expression) The ends of each arm containes a gear with a smal turntable. Perfect for adding a linear electric contact (non Lego), for the wiring and lights. The lights will be Chasing EL wire and it will look awesome. And a photo while building it: To be continued
  2. A funfair ride inspired by the KMG X-Drive ( Fully transportable on a single trailer. Three independent powered-up motors for actuators (both to bring the boom up from transport as to further raise it to start the ride), rotation of the arm, rotation of the seats. Transport (I know, trucks are not really my thing): Setup: In action: Video (shows way more action than the photo's):