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  1. It depends a little also on how you plan to build your mocs. Do you want to build freestyle with your own ideas using whatever pieces you have to hand, or design a moc bases on existing ideas that require specific pieces which you may or may not already own? For me it's the second option and I do everything in Studio before creating a BrickLink wishlist and buying the pieces necessary. So in that situation sets stay as sets (even though I have no intention of selling later) and mocs are built from their own predetermined inventory lists.
  2. MaximillianRebo

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Gonna post this here rather than bumping the 2023 thread: Bought the E-Wing/Shin Hati fighter set end of last year and finally built it recently. Both are great builds; the technic frame to get the angle on the E-Wing wings is surprisingly detailed. Yes the astromech sits too high in it's position but that's easy to remedy by removing the jumper plates (same as with the 2021 X-Wing). Shin's fighter is also very nice if a bit oversized so I used Ron McPhatty's instructions to modify to a smaller build and man the fighter is now just perfect. The proportions are great, even with the 'engine' nose build remaining the same size, and most importantly Shin sits upright in the cockpit (I even put her a plate higher than in the mod and she doesn't lean back). I'm glad I built the official version first as it made it much easier to compare with the mod instructions and see what would change (several studs shorter and narrower). Nothing against the official build though as I can see why Lego made it the way they did - to add the storage compartment in the middle of the ship. Longer fuselage necessitates wider wings to scale better so that's why we ended up with the model that released. The same design choice was made with Mando's N1 which was similarly oversized. Anyway I'm very happy with the Ron's mod especially for a situation that is display rather than play - although swooshability is still just as good, maybe even better.
  3. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    New sets are on the Australian Lego site and ... it's weird. The Tantive midi is actually cheaper than it's US equivalent. The boarding set is in the ballpark of a typical conversion plus a bit extra. The kicker though is R2... $200 aud compared to $100 usd. I was hoping $160 which I think is what BD-1 went for, say $170 on the new price schedule, but two hundred ... credits are not doing fine.
  4. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Mara Jade (now that's a name I've not heard in a long time) was also in the Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith video game, although being in the DLC of a non-canon game when there hasn't even been sets or figs from the base game (Kyle Katarn anniversary fig anyone?) is probably stretching things a little bit.
  5. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Discussing newly leaked set photos in a forum designed for the discussion of said new sets? How quaint. For my two cents, I like the Falcon and Tantive and will probably get the Tantive, if only because it's the sort of ship that doesn't get done very often at any scale. Agree that the Invisible Hand looks tiny, although I think that's the only lifestyle with a human for scale, perhaps the other two will look similar when more photos become available. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I don't think sets like these need minifigs; I'd say the same for all non system-scale sets. Sure I wouldn't knock them back if they were included - I would have loved a Boushh fig with the helmet but I was happy to buy the helmet sans fig - but I think the sets stand on their own two studs without needing figs to sweeten the deal. As @BacktoBricks mentioned: "Lego as a building product not a minifigure market". I get that a driving factor especially in licensed sets is collecting the characters from those franchises but for me it's the build experience first and foremost and a minifig in a set that it has no way of interacting with is a bonus, not a must.
  6. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I get the complaint about putting anniversary figs in sets that they have no correlation with (just as was done with the 20th anniversary sets). It's pure economics, trying to capture more than one segment of the market - in this case OT and CW fans. I mean yes they could make an 'Attack on Kamino' set and include Fives as an anniversary fig but then people would just say 'but that's just a regular fig in the set'. Or include him with the 501st battlepack and listen to all the 'no named characters in battlepacks' complaints. I'm not sure what the ideal situation is - how to make the anniversary figure 'special' - either they go in a matching set and blend in, or in a completely unrelated set and look out of place. Probably the only answer is 'polybag' but apart from the Obi-Wan anniversary fig and some May 4th promos a long time ago, that seems to be a grey area that TLG is touching at the moment, for reasons known only to them.
  7. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Wouldn't surprise me if the turbo tank scene shown at the beginning of the trailer is just part of a random mission that opens episode 1 of the season, kind of like how the beach crabs from the season trailer were prominent but ultimately part of a throwaway mission to open season 2. Not that that would stop Lego from making a tank, if anything it might even make it more likely as a potential TBB set as Lego seems to like (or are given permission) to do fairly unspoilery early in the season sets as tie-ins.
  8. MaximillianRebo

    What's your best find/deal ever?

    Got the Solo TIE Fighter on eBay for about $40 usd second hand with all figures - including the Mimban Trooper. I checked all the fig parts multiple times to see that the Lego logo was in all the right places
  9. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Some numbers to consider: the UCS Death Star was 4016 pieces for a full sphere and Betrayal At Cloud City was 2812 pieces for a hemisphere build. Obviously we aren't getting a full sphere with 1500 something pieces for the new Death Star set, or a hemisphere at the size of Cloud City, but a scaled down hemisphere should be possible at that piece count, depending on what else is included.
  10. MaximillianRebo

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    The rumoured Death Star set, along with the quirkiness of the summer wave, makes me want a Death Star set in the style of the old Kenner cardboard set. Of course it won't happen because a) we already have a fully spherical Death Star so who would want a hemispherical set, and b) apparently one of the reasons the Cloud City set wasn't a big hit was because it's hemispherical layout made display difficult. Anyway, it would be a fun nostalgia throwback. I missed the Rogue One wave so would love a new U Wing. A Hammerhead Corvette would be excellent; if not as a playscale set, it could be a great addition to the growing midi scale lineup.
  11. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Honestly I'm not surprised the Sail Barge details sound the way they do. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. If Lego goes the large UCS route, which the rumoured price point seems to suggest, the interior is probably mostly a technic frame to support the angles of the hull, especially if it's a large sized model. And then the figs seem to be following the UCS playbook too. Like just about everybody, I'd love the MBS treatment, but if this isn't the case it makes it an easier pass. I'll still probably get the Skiff though.
  12. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This is a bit hypocritical as a big chunk of my modern collection is IP based sets, but I always find the most interesting Ideas sets are the original designs, and the ones based on films/shows/artists are more a popularity contest for the show/artist than displaying a level of interest in the set itself. Also I wonder if there should be some sort of preference shown towards submissions of actual builds, rather than Studio renders, as anyone can throw together a multi-thousand piece virtual set but an actual build shows more commitment to the process and acts as a proof of concept that the design can be physically built. I know this puts a financial barrier on many submissions as Bricklink/PAB costs add up very quickly, but it might also encourage more interesting smaller builds - or maybe people just like big creations and vote accordingly...
  13. As others have said, you're both building MOCs based on an existing and well known model, so it's to be expected that some design choices and part usage can be arrived at independently and yet be almost identical because you're both trying to recreate the same design. A murky area with Rebrickable and other MOC sites - or at least something where people tend to look the other way - is that you're both charging for instructions for an IP that I doubt has given any sort of permission for the use of their property. I know this practice is rife amongst MOC sites (and Etsy, and pretty much the whole internet) and you've said you don't mind about the other builder selling instructions but you're both (potentially) benefitting from someone else's work, somewhere along the line.
  14. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I wouldn't be surprised if Luke is one of the two unknown Skiff figures - although he would likely be known by now alongside Han, Lando etc. (hopefully it's two guards). Realistically he's the only who has scenes on both the Skiff and the Sail Barge, so if there are duplicates between the two rumoured sets it should only be him (and possibly Boba, but that's unlikely).
  15. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    That would make a lot of sense and give a theme to the figs which at the moment seem a bit random. Maybe the Gungan is Darth Jar Jar Not sure I'll pick the set up just to have a MF in black but when/if pics appear it will be interesting to say the least; perhaps the pinnacle of what sounds like a very off the wall wave. I'm not a big fan of the dioramas but that could work really well. Underground structures are hard to show in lego - the previous Sarlaccs having a big beak that sticks way up in the air - but having the base of the diorama to recess the pit into (perhaps with a bit of forced perspective) could be very effective.