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  1. MaximillianRebo

    MOCing for beginners

    I'd say that the ability to create a MOC, and the ability to create logical, easy to follow instructions for that MOC, are two separate sets of skills. It's like not everyone who excels in their chosen field can necessarily teach or train others to do what they do.
  2. MaximillianRebo

    Background hunter ship Mocs

    Great models! I'd say the Interceptor is also my favourite and I like how much space there is in the interior of the Starhopper for the size of the ship.
  3. MaximillianRebo

    The shift from creativity to consumer fan base?

    One aspect which I think is a big driver of the consumer side of Lego is the minifigs. More so in the licensed themes, but often discussions of new sets will centre around what minifigs are included. It can often feel like a new set is just a vehicle (pun intended) for the sale of figs - in the case of battle packs this is almost literally the case. Yes a new figure can be thrown together from existing parts, but that often requires the right prints to already exist, plus potentially helmets and other accessories. For all of Lego being a building block construction toy, the one thing that can't be MOCed - or is extremely difficult - is the figs, and they often seem to be what is driving sales. It often seems to be the case that minifigs (again more in the licensed themes) are treated more or less the same as action figures, and for the people that prioritise figure collecting, MOCing or other creative endeavours are probably far down on their list of reasons to buy Lego.
  4. MaximillianRebo

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    The General Lando fig from the most recent OT A-Wing is ridiculously expensive on Bricklink and I could see the same happening when Nien Nunb is finally released. I agree that the next Falcon released should be an ROTJ one, and the 2019 model has shown that Lego are fine with doing a version of that ship that doesn't include Han.
  5. MaximillianRebo

    [MOC] Scout Speeder w/ Stuntz flywheel

    Fantastic idea! All round great build and connects seamlessly to the Stuntz bike. I especially like having the cheese slope flap hinge down to cover up more of the bike frame - simple but very effective!
  6. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Even as someone who collects mostly OT sets, I wouldn't want to see more Hoth related sets for the rest of this year - although I am biased as I already have a Falcon and a Snowspeeder. Personally I think Hoth is a bit played out in Lego at the moment - so is Tatooine, but with new media centering on that planet it's a bit hard to avoid. If they did put out more OT sets for 2HY - ignoring the millions of voices who would cry out in terror if this happened - I'd like to see something from the 2nd half of ROTJ, as this is the one section of the trilogy mostly overlooked in recent waves (or maybe I just want more biker scouts and a B-Wing )
  7. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Given that Lego often likes to put conflict within individual sets, I'm guessing the unnamed 'bounty hunters' from Boba's Palace will be antagonists rather than allies.
  8. MaximillianRebo

    Mos Eisley

    Great project! I was intrigued about some of the droids you mentioned, as I don't know the names of any of these without a deep dive into Wookiepedia. I tried my hand at a brick built WED-9-M1, shown in the pic below with a Luke minifig for scale. The scale of the droid is off, as it often is with figures at this size that lack specialised parts and I couldn't get the arms to rotate horizontally rather than vertically without sacrificing the round body. Feel free to use some or all of the design for your scene.
  9. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The battle pack is now listed as 10th Jan but the accessory packs still say 1st Jan...
  10. MaximillianRebo

    New VIP Rewards Centre survey

    As has been said, I doubt TLG would do an exact replica rerelease as many of the moulds are now out of production (much as I would love a reissue of LL928). Probably a reimagining with modern parts would be more likely. I wonder though if they did go down the rerelease route, at least say with minifigs and prints, whether we'd see a similar situation as with the Star Wars 20th anniversary figs with a big logo on the back of the torso to prevent people from passing off a new fig as something much older.
  11. MaximillianRebo

    Help cleaning a set!

    Similar to a makeup brush you could try a lens cleaning brush.
  12. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The thing with video game tie-ins is that, apart from the Battlefront battle packs, all the system scale sets for Force Unleashed and The Old Republic were released in that period between the prequel and Disney era, when Clone Wars was the only new media, so there were a lot more open slots to fill in each wave. I think it's less that TLG doesn't want to do video game material, and more that while Disney keeps pumping out new shows there are more than enough movie and TV related sets to produce, and video games won't be revisited until there is a need to fill a gap in an upcoming wave.
  13. MaximillianRebo

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Just watched a review of the Razor Crest Microfighter. What stood out for me (in a bad way) was the 1x4 technic bricks used to attach the engines. They really make the overall shape too blocky (pun slightly intended); maybe wedge plates or something over the top to hide those bricks or just a completely different engine design/connection method would've helped in a big way. I actually didn't mind the stud shooters - it's a microfighter, it's going to have stud shooters, and they can be easily removed without sacrificing anything. The other downside to the set is there's nothing new in the minifig. This will be the fourth? release of a Beskar Mando fig, and it's already shown up in cheap sets, unlike say Kylo Ren who could otherwise only be found in his much more expensive shuttle, or even ANH Han, also usually in more expensive sets.
  14. MaximillianRebo

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Time for a new brick separator tool shaped like a claw hammer or nail puller to remove those axles
  15. MaximillianRebo

    Would you rather build in person or online?

    Digital first for me. The unlimited part selection available digitally means I can keep tweaking designs, saving older ideas to come back to, put two different builds of the same model side by side to compare which one I prefer. All of this done with Bricklink open in a browser so I can check that my model doesn't end up full of expensive/obscure parts! Then the real life build will often involve redesigns when I discover a connection isn't as stable as it appeared to be, there's a 1mm collision between two parts when said it will be ok .... So in the end it's a bit of back and forth between digital and reality but it always starts with digital. Also it's great to see a model that originally only existed virtually come to life on your desk.