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  1. The Penguin

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I agree. The Duckmobile is hardly a good choice of vehicle for Penguin. I'd rather he had a car, or limo, or at least another sub. And I agree that the ski-jet could've been dropped for the sake of making a bigger boat. Like this one: Still I hope that the deep dive Batman figure will be interesting enough to make for the ski-jet. But what we really need is a new top hat mold. The bowler one is amazing, so it's high time we got a proper top hat one! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  2. The Penguin

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    Thank you. Erm, I was so eager to post the figs, that I totally forgot to take pics of him! Consider that as a teaser for the upcoming batch, which is almost ready. ) I really loved their version of Pyg: he's moderately sadistic, moderately insane and has great taste in clothing! And how can one not love this dialogue: Mr. Toad: Care for a bisquit? Prof. Pyg: I really shouldn't..... *looks at his belly* Mr. Toad: They are really good, you know. Prof. Pyg: Oh, maybe, just one! They cancelled the show already?! Never heard of that! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  3. The Penguin

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    Long time no see, ladies and gentlemen! ) Another batfigs batch from me today. I hope you'll like it! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  4. The Penguin

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    One from me: Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  5. The Penguin

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    I've just watched 9 episodes of Beware the Batman. And I hated it! i just don't know where to start! Everything about it seems so wrong! The voice acting, the 3D models, Alfred..... Gotham looks so artificial, like only several people live there..... Why are they doing it? Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  6. The Penguin

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    Indeed he is. Aquaman definitely deserves a bigger placed in DC animated, movies and games universe. I just love the new 52 version of him. BBB definitely had some awesome episodes. Music Meister one, for example. Pure genius! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  7. The Penguin

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    The problem with BBB for me me is that it is cheesy for the sake of cheesyness itself, if I may say so. It lacks a certain charm for me and I can hardly imagine who would be a great fan of the show. Either it is a hardcore fan of old comics or a kid who just likes the fun and action of the show. Practically each episode makes reference to old comics or some inside fan jokes, which can hardly be appreciated by fans of a younger generation (like myself). I am looking forward to watching the new series. I hope they'll return Batman to his Hamlet-esque world. Which can hardly be the case with Mr. Toad around! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  8. The Penguin

    Batman General Discussion Thread

    I'm here! I just love the old show, and ther new comic series as well! Though I never liked BBB for some reason. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  9. The Penguin

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Discussion

    Indeed, it looked like him, which made me feel sorry that he appeared only in two episodes, On topic: I was rather disappointed by Kraang Prime. First of all, I don't quite understand why it should be female. I guess the idea was to make Prime sound both male and female, but for me it sounds definitely female. I hated the suit. Even those small hints to 1980-s cartoon do not help here. It doesn't look scary, it doesn't look absurd (like the old one was), but it doesn't look useful as well. And why should it be of this gigantic scale? Bigger=meaner? I suppose she would have looked better in ordinary size and in, perhaps, some kind of bigger android. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  10. The Penguin

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    Interesting. I can't say that I've seen many films with Affleck, but he seems to be a good actor to play Bats. He has mature, yet attractive looks and he seems to be quite fit. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  11. The Penguin

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Penguin! I sure hope he gets a bigger role in this one than threatening kids and being scenery in challenge maps. ) Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  12. WhiteFang, you are a marvel! Thank you very much for your outstanding review. Looking at those new figs sure inspires me to create more Bat-figs! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  13. The Penguin

    MOC: Kraang Through the Ages.....

    Thanks! Yup Pengkrang sure looks grumpy! I actuaklly added a cigarette holder but forgot to take the pic. Thanks a lot! ) It is nice how the spanish helm suits the shape of the Kraang, isn't it? You're most welcome. ) Thank you, "mate". ) Thx. Thank you. Ah, initially I wanted to skip the "ancient" part and add a "space" one, but thought that in the TMNT show they were futuristic enough. I love you too, commodore_legolas. Being forced to eat all kind of seafood for an entire week, made me think of even weirder stuff! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  14. The Penguin

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The figures look decent, but nothing more to that set. TLG in my humble opinion is making the same mistake that killed the previous Batman theme: they still produce vehicle vs vehicle sets. i am positively sure that even for kiddies a "stationary" set with some scenery and great figs is not less appealing than a "swooshable" vehicles one. I'm still waiting for a new Penguin's sub, though! Waugh-waugh! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )
  15. The Penguin

    Hogwarts Vignettes

    Indeed, but LEGO's version, even recoloured, is still far from perfection. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! )