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  1. Gaofar

    Dome designer

    Here's one by Arthur Guglck
  2. Gaofar

    Some Building Tips and Tricks for making Lego Trees

    Great tips...thanks for sharing
  3. Gaofar

    Solved ----9 Volt power supply

    You'll probably get better results if you move this to the Train Forum.
  4. Simple bricklink search under technic gear, the type in worm, and VIOLA!!
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time for this. It was very informative and presented in a logical format. You should post it in the bricklink forum also.
  6. Gaofar

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Here it is on bricklink.
  7. Gaofar

    Download instructions

    Best option I've found is, Type in 6541 in the search block, just hit enter and on the next page pictures of any/all 6541 entries appears. Click the one you want, and below the set picture is an instructions tab. For this set it gives 6 possibilities. Brick instructions works for this set. All of the options don't have all instructions for all searches, but this gives me the best chance of finding old set instructions.
  8. Gaofar

    Best method for applying stickers

    I've found it's easier to use a grapefruit knife than a craft knife. I never seem to get proper placement on the first try with the craft knife. I always get an errant corner catching and sticking. The grapefruit knife has a curved tip like a ski. All I have to do is peel back a corner of the backing, slide the tip under the edge, put a finger on the sticker to hold it to the knife and peel it off the backing. That way I only have one edge that is near the target brick while aligning it. Then I rock the knife until the whole sticker is in place. If there is an adjustment needed the knife is still under the sticker and can be peeled off without any damage.
  9. Gaofar

    Weirdest/Silliest Train MOC or idea

    Another VW Bus-train
  10. Gaofar

    VirginiaLUG? Richmond, VA?

    Sorry, no, I just knew there had been one at sometime in the past. Just did a quick google and there is a facebook page for them. The last posting was in Feb 2014 though. Check it out, there might be some interest in a resurgence.
  11. Gaofar

    VirginiaLUG? Richmond, VA?

    There used to be RichLUG, but no more. In the DC area there are two clubs. Check out and for info on clubs in the DC metro area. is another site about the LUG that presents a good history. The LUG also meets once a month in various Fairfax county libraries. The next one is on the 16th at the Thomas Jefferson Library from 10:00-5:00. If you have a chance, drive on up and check it out. The library is on Arlington Blvd just off the beltway in Fairfax. Good excuse to stop at the Lego store just a couple of miles away.
  12. Gaofar

    3-D display in Lego Store - Have you seen?

    A fun way to play with it is to put your hand on the surface of the box until it looks as if it is under the set on the screen. Then raise your hand under the set and "lift" it off the box. You can then lower the box and the set will "sit" on your hand and you can then move it around, causing it to tip and swoosh. You have to go slowly and not make jerky movements or the model will disappear. Some sets are difficult to use and it works better with single image sets vs ones with bldgs, vehicles, accessories, etc. Try it, have fun, be patient.
  13. Gaofar

    Pullman version 2

    No, sorry I don't have any pictures of it. It was displayed in a show back in 2012 or 2013. BTW, sorry I forgot to give you kudu's for the new design. It looks great!