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  1. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    More roleplaying is always something I'm interested in. A small-scale game or something could be interesting. A focused spin-off maybe?
  2. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    The problem was the bestiary was never really updated, and every QM liked creating their own races and cultures (fingers pointed at myself, too ). Apart from broadening an already wide array of creatures, this meant that some established races never really got the development that they deserved. With such a wide array of types of figures that can be made, this is sort of inevitable. That said, I think if we put a great emphasis on deepening our world rather than expanding it this time, we could have some cool results. A 'new race' doesn't necessarily have to be 'new' as much as it can be an offshoot of what we already have, thereby deepening the lore of the original race.
  3. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I think a world tree idea seems pretty in-line with Heroica. I like the idea of the space theme leading directly out of the original game. I wonder if one of the more mystical locations like Etheria can be used as a jumping off point? I think having a more specialized magic system could be interesting. Having a magic-based skill tree could be complex, but would help to diversify characters.
  4. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    The Dyric Rone Discussion So, I didn't intend this to be a literal essay, but I have a lot to say and wound up writing a lot. I'll truncate it as best as I can. This is basically going to be the definitive break-down of Dyric Rone, particularly in relation to #159 but also as a whole. Dyric Rone. In all honestly, finally saying goodbye is truly bittersweet. Dyric's been a big piece of me ever since I joined Heroica back in 2011 during high school. I like to believe the journey Dyric's been on has in some way been a reflection I've been on, both as a person, and a writer. Dyric's risen from a cocky but broken, hurting kid, to the Assassin of the Light, to a bonafide Hero and now a Veteran of Heroica. He started as a headstrong young rogue who eventually found a passion in diplomacy and negotiation, despite somehow never finding himself in a class that would make the best use of such skills. He’s gone from a guy who could barely keep his feet under him in battle to an absolute monster with his crossbow. Trying to find a way now to tie all that up was daunting. I know I’ve bounced around the idea of a heroic death for Dyric ever since #53, but the time never felt right. Dyric always had more, new avenues to grow in. Veteranship felt like a pretty natural step, and I'm glad he got there. That said, the initial concept for Dyric in #159 isn't quite what wound up coming through. Initially, I felt I needed to ask where Dyric had been. I wanted something dynamic and different, and coming off his recent developments, it seemed natural for him to have stepped out of Heroica at some point (likely after the failure of the Guts election) and playing Robin Hood in the streets. Between a loss of hope in Heroica as a system and the arrival of the Founders, judging Heroica just as he believed they would, Dyric found himself in probably an all-time low. Dyric's usually a pretty diplomatic guy, so being able to play him as a little hot with the Veterans and some other characters while still feeling in-character was cool. Still, I quickly remembered why I try to avoid playing brooding characters, which is that they're exhausting. So, with that in mind, I carved out my general direction for Dyric. That is, I decided I wanted to get Dyric back on his high horse, and in the end, I wanted this quest to be the 'most Dyric' Dyric had been. I wanted to have some genuine fun with him. So, I played him off a wide range of people in a wide range of ways, had some good humour with him, and also was finally able to let him use the Assassin class to its fullest measure. Like WBD said, Dyric has stuck Assassin for a long time, mostly because he just works as the steely, snarky bowman calling targets from the back. But I've always felt like there was reach potential in the Assassin class that had never quite been fulfilled, and I set my mind on breaking it to the best of my ability. I think we finally got there with this quest. A big asset in breaking Dyric's class was Bellanotte, and I loved their little side-arc together. She's been pretty unmentioned so far in the reflections, but I loved the way Dyric was able to encourage her and how that reflected Dyric's own character as someone who just essentially sees good in people. I never felt super comfortable just leaving her as window dressing, and so I made sure Dyric kept involving her, and it wound up working out in a cool way. Tied to that was Dyric's side-quest with the town watch and paladin soldiers. That whole exchange is peak Dyric democracy, and so I tried to double-down by alluding to as many of his quests as I could. You really get the sense of the growth and history behind this guy now. And then, the four kids being on the chopping block gives him a great motivation for the endgame, especially paired with his fascination with the Miracleworker. More than that, his dead-set motivation also gave him a cool license to be wrong. Dyric's done picking middle roads at this poitn and chooses a side; and as Throlar justifiably calls it, that might be the wrong move. But it wouldn't be true to Dyric's character to do anything else, and that was a lot of fun. This is already getting long, but there was one more major thread I wanted to address, and it really sums up his entire path. I mentioned a few times the lower stakes I felt through my part of the quest, and I think that gave Dyric a chance to be the funniest he’s possibly ever been. I didn’t really think anything of it initially, but in looking through his full growth, I think it’s perfect. Quest 19 Dyric is a cocky, over-confident, hurt kid who ran his mouth off and ran into fights. Encounters with Wren and genuine warfare broke him, and despite all the bravado of being the Assassin of the Light, I think his confidence was genuinely shattered for a while. I think that really comes out in his interactions with Thothwick in #53, and his self-doubt in #65. His damaged connection to Karie in #84 stung, and coming to blows with his countrymen and almost with fellow heroes in Baltarok clearly shook him. I don’t think any of this really stands out in isolation, but reflecting on his broader arc, it seems a pretty clear theme. He’s definitely grown in a lot of areas in that time, especially as a negotiator, but I don’t think that early confidence has quite come back in full until he finally sees Eubric starting to heal in #159. And while a lot of his best humour came from my mistakes, I think they were pretty successfully spun into Dyric’s bravado falling on his face in a sort of Thor-in-Ragnarok sort of fashion. And it works. In #19 his confidence was him overcompensating for whatever hurt he was going through, but in #159 his confidence is hard-won and earned, and he just seems sure of himself for once. And while he blunders, that never keeps him down. There are definitely many serious Dyric moments through this quest that I’m quite proud of, but I think what I’m fondest of is bringing Dyric full circle, and letting his optimism finally pay off. He can sit under his own vine and fig tree now because he’s fought to get there. And then, of course, buying a place for himself. I think you for the comments you’ve already given regarding his epilogue, the quiet simplicity of it really does just feel right. I don’t think I need to expand on that anymore than is there; after years of searching and years of fighting, Dyric’s finally found his home. Man. That’s the end of Dyric Rone. Again, it’s hard to say goodbye to a character who’s been alive for so long, but I can’t think of a better place to let go of the snarky, idealistic, burdened assassin who could talk his way out anything and refused to stay down. I want to give thanks to Sandy, of course, for building the sandbox for this amazing world and letting us play in it, and especially letting me create my own little corner in Duplovia. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go back and explore it in full. (By the way, that city build in Dyric’s epilogue was originally the set for Delfrin in the third quest that wasn’t to be. Most of the background character were going to be NPCs at one point or another!) I also want to give huge thanks to WBD, for orchestrating this powerful finale, to Zepher letting me into an ungodly number of quests and constantly challenging me both as a player and a writer (seriously, your storytelling is like crack, tell me you’re still working on a story of some kind. And post your damn ending synopsis :laugh:), to Flipz for giving me solid build advice through the years and being a solid friend to me and Dyric, and to all the other players who I’ve been able to bounce Dyric off of through the years. It’s been an incredible ride, and one I don’t think I’ll forget. Thank you.
  5. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    On Heroica 2.0, I'd be interested, but not for some time. Maybe I'd even go back to Duplovia and find a new way to wrap up that arc, now that my original ideas are in the QM thread for all to see. But before then, I'd need to take some time and finish up my studies and all.
  6. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    A-hoy, monster post ahead. Player thoughts first, Dyric essay after. Now, there's a lot of people and lots to keep track of. To keep things organized I've divided it up between questlines. Only PC missing is Nerwen, but unfortunately I don't really have anything interesting to say there anyways. It was good seeing you, though! Hovels Party: You guys had a real fun and interesting dynamic, at least before people got busy and your side slowed down. The contrast between Boomingham and Eric’s partnered leadership and the friendship of the younger heroes, plus Germ for some extra spice, brought about some real unique interactions. Unfortunately, it seems like you guys ran out of a fair bit of steam once you hit the underground section. Side note, @WBD, I see that link to the Hollow Knight OST. As someone just finally starting to wrap up his playthrough of that game, much approved. Sewers Party: This corner of the quest was probably my biggest surprise, once I started catching up. I think you guys had some of the best RPing in 159, debating a lot on the morality and ethics of the political situation. You all have really strong, developed characters, and seeing the slight differences rubbing against each other and sparking tensions is a great deal of fun. I also feel you guys took one of the most ‘clear-cut’ paths, really digging into the ‘why’ of everything. Dragon House Party: Hey, it’s us. I’m mostly really pleased with our corner, at the very least in terms of dynamic. You’re all people I’ve quested with before, and uniting for one last go was a great joy. As I sort of mentioned in my broader quest post, I think our side had probably the ‘lowest’ stakes, which in turn allowed us to have a lot of fun with it. I also feel like we were some of the keenest to utilize past knowledge of the city, which wound up tying figures like the Ziegfried and the Guild back into the narrative in a cool way. We were also an absolute powerhouse, being the only party to successfully kill a Founder. All-in-all, it was a lot of fun, and a perfect party for Dyric’s last quest.
  7. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Out of curiosity, WBD, do you intend on posting all the PM Side-Quests?
  8. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Sounds good enough to me. I imagine Thothwick would disagree, but, well, he hasn't been around to complain as of late. Those are all fair points. I'd be accepting of that, though should Hoke accept, I think he would take that sixth position. Hmm... Skrall would be good for the orc representation, but it would be nice to have a dragoon among the Veterans again. Especially one with the sheer manpower that Hoke has. I'm a little undecided... though I think my vote still swings towards Hoke.
  9. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Dyric gives a nod to the old Monk, and extends his hand. We'll miss you, Pretzel. I don't know where Namyrra is these days, but you can be sure the DAMN team is going to miss you. Hey, Arthur, I get the suspicious feeling we should send a Z-Mail to Hoke. Ask him his thoughts, if he wants to put his name forward. It seemed he was going on a vacation or something - I'd hate to disrupt a nice exit, but, hey, it's a possibility.
  10. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    ...right. Of course. Rone glances around, taking fresh note of how empty the Hall had become. Time to start fresh, it would seem. All fair points. In that case, I'm fine with Asa rejoining us. That's five. As for the sixth pick... Lind, Throlar and Skrall seem to be our candidates. All strong options. That said, Skrall has a direct link to the Wolfgang, and Throlar seems to be on his way out... ...I would have hit myself for saying this a week ago... My vote goes to the Whisperer.
  11. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    The giant dragon suddenly circles back, landing at the doorway of Heroica. Hoke dismounts. "Now that I think about it..."
  12. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Agreed. The finer details like city defense should probably be left to a council decision anyways, Anything else? Oh, right, Veteran stuff. I like to hope that we'll keep seeing new faces, Lind. Myself, Atramor, and Karie seem like a lock. I had thought Hoke might be a good fit, but it seems he has other plans. I see the logic in having Asa or Euflear around in a mentor capacity, but I think I'd rather see as clean of a slate as possible when it comes to Veterans. Vindsval, Nerwen, thoughts? I also think we should have someone 'newer.' Throlar, perhaps? Torald? Hel, Lind, if you really want it, the position does seem to be up for grabs. I'm ready to close things out if everyone else is.
  13. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Rone shivers at the mention of Melville, but presses on. Still, the sheer number of such instances, however, is daunting. Clearly, it's daunting enough that you've lost the public opinion. Arthur's compromise makes sense. You can keep your fleet, and restore your reputation in the eyes of the city.
  14. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    Might as well get the ball rolling. So, 159. I said in the General Discussion thread that this quest sums up the best and worst of Heroica, and I think that’s a fair statement. This quest had a lot going for it and a lot going on, it was big and grand while still carrying a lot of pathos and weight. I love how ‘low’ the stakes were, at least at the beginning. Having the Founders be the ignition point for everything makes so much sense, it centers the conflict on the heart of Heroica and makes it all very personal. Fair warning, as a general rule, I liked the Founders as villains way more than Rosier. Rosier felt very over-the-top and a little too ‘end of the world’ for my tastes, though she worked well as an ultimate final boss for Heroica. Still, I like how the Founders centered everything on Eubric itself, especially Heroica. Every hero had their stake in fighting the Founders. They set a tone where things were serious, but not necessarily world-endingly serious. My best comparison is the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect – the conflict is solid and personal, but on a level where the ‘plot’ can still focus on tying up loose ends and wrapping up character arcs. All-in-all, the first act was fantastic. Everyone trickling back into the Hall had a good sense of nostalgia, but also carried the sense of the end of an age. Sorrow’s death, while obviously unplanned by WBD, did a really good job in emphasizing that ‘old Heroica’ was gone, and something new was coming. And then, yeah, the Houses are torn down and the Founders show up from the dead, and all the Heroes are kicked out. Immediately there’s a big mystery set, and a lot of angles to cover. I loved everyone meeting back up in Lady Luck’s Locale, especially Hoke’s line as everyone saunters into this dump. There’s a clear sense that we’re going to have to fight to redeem ourselves, to reclaim what’s ours. Also, in the Locale, I love the clear tension there is between the groups of heroes. Everyone’s thrown in together with an extensive net of histories and conflicts, and I think a big part of the arc of this quest was everyone going from this initial tension to the united front we show against Rosier. The barroom blitz was a lot of fun, and introduced a lot of cool mechanics in terms of specials. All the enemy specials in this quest definitely felt like ‘endgame’ specials, and I think that was a cool move. Everyone split up heading into Act 2, which is where I think a lot of the problems began to creep in. I really liked the group division, though I wish there had been a little more crossover. I think the biggest problem at this point was a pendulum between feeling railroaded and directionless. For the most part there was a solid middle line struck between the two, but other times there was a clear tension. I think the whole thing with trying to commune with the Golden Dragon was the biggest example of this, and my personal biggest frustration. We were clearly guided towards the Dragon House, presumably with the intention of proving that the Founders were fake. Yet, after jumping through several hoops to get to that point – including traps in the House, picking the lock, fighting a wave of dragons, then marching over to the Ziegfrieds and back – after all of that, we were put up against what was clearly intended to be an impossible boss fight. I like that the Founders were a legitimate challenge, but it definitely felt at this point like we explicitly weren’t supposed to talk to the Golden Dragon – in which case, why not just say so? I don’t know, I just recall feeling pretty strung along at that point. I think after that point things picked up, even despite some inactivity in the group. I really liked the freeform nature of Eubric in this quest, and how it felt like we had to rely on the resources and connections we’d collected over the past seven years of playing in this city, but I think that same freeform nature was also often pretty daunting. We were given a lot of dots and expected to connect them, but we were given leisure to connect them ourselves, which sometimes brought some confusion, I think. Act 3 was solid. I enjoyed everyone meeting back up and swapping notes, and slowly coming to conclusions. The charge on Fort Freedom was a lot of fun, and felt appropriately ‘big.’ I think my only real disappointment in this stage was how easily the Founders were swayed. I went into the fight expecting a huge showdown with all of Heroica against these five absolute powerhouse enemies, and I’m a little sad we didn’t get that. Again, I thought they were much more interesting as villains than Rosier – but that may have been partly due to Dyric’s investment. He was much more set on redeeming Heroica and fighting the ‘fake Miracleworker’ than he was on going after this archdemon, and we were both pretty surprised when the Founders could just be talked down. The Rosier fight was still well and cool and big, but I can’t help but feel that the Founder fight would have been more dynamic. That said, the dream sequence was superb, and was very well done. A very eerie sensation. All in all, very strong. It felt very fitting for Heroica’s swan song. I loved being able to openly travel through Eubric and recruit old allies and resources, and I enjoyed the ‘moving through the city’ mechanics. That said, I wonder if the loose structure of the Quest may have hurt elements of it in the long run, or at least I think the guidelines could have been a little clearer. There were a couple times where it felt like we were floundering for an answer. That, and my criticisms of Rosier, are my only real knocks on a largely fantastic conclusion. I loved seeing Heroica and Eubric assemble one last time, and I loved the amount of small character moments that were parked into this big, grand finale. I want to talk about individual characters in a future post, as well as the conclusion of Dyric’s own arc. Thanks to WBD for a stellar finale, I can’t imagine the pressure behind closing out something like Heroica, but you did it with style!
  15. The Legonater

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Hands stuffed in his pockets, Rone gave a nearly irritatingly casual look around the Hall. I don't see any mutineers here, do you? If so, by all means, seize them. But you seem to have your heart set on this idea that we all wanted you folks overthrown. No Hero here had anything to do with the mutiny - that was all the False Founders, who are now deceased. So, I suppose justice is already served. As for finances, I agree. That seems only fair. The assassin shrugged again, a smirk breaking into his unconcerned demeanour. Sounds absolutely fine by me, Attina.