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  1. I'm never worried. 'Just seemed like the natural next step. The pilot glances at Zaria's display of pocketing the credits. We all squared up, then? I can stick around in here, y'all can check on the crew and get settled in for the ride. Hopefully, we can make it to Con'stop in one piece.
  2. I said that we should talk to the crew. I never volunteered, but since you're so worried about it, 'sounds like you're volunteering. I'm sure I'll be fine. They left in a whole hurry. And if they come back, I can pop a plasma potion and put up the wall. Your concern is sweet ain't necessary.
  3. We just killed one Blackguard agent and scared off two more, I doubt they're coming back any time soon. If you want someone to stick around, I could get my spirit back and keep the wall patched up. I'm cozy with the engineers here, anyways. 'All else fails, we could just leave the cube with the train.
  4. ...did you just whisper into your shoulder? That's a weird thing to do. ...yeah, that's what I just said. Do you know something I don't, spy? In any case, Zaria has the files memorized.
  5. Soren shrugged. And? That's M-Tec's problem. Or Oc|Tan, if we wind up delivering it. I can see that, but I'm pretty sure we've gathered about all the knowledge we're going to from this thing through the three checks you've already made.
  6. Soren glances around at the small engine room, estimating the amount of destruction an uncontained blast would cause. No. The pilot caught the leathers, a bit unsure what to do with them. I figured Zaria was going to divvy these out. I'll take 'em if you want, but I don't expect to use 'em for a while. He watches for a moment as Yelana tries over and over to determine the cube's origin. It's a powerful energy source, I have no interest in it beyond that. Are we, uh, are we planning to carry it out? 'm not sure we have the equipment to move it.
  7. Soren wiped sweat from his brow and checked the charge of his blaster. That took a lot longer than he was expecting. Was Zaria not going to chip in some damage eventually? Whatever. What's done is done, move on. He eyed the armour. He could sure use some of that, if this fight was any indication, but he didn't figure he had the strength to shoulder it very long. Best to stay mobile. Maybe someday. The weary pilot leaned against the wall. In his jacket, he felt the journal and key he had swiped from Kish. Damn, he'd nearly forgotten about them in all the hubbub. He'd have to take a look on the ride back to Ebria. Speaking of rides... We should find the train staff. Tell 'em that everything is clear.
  8. Soren fired a baffled look at Yelana. Was she seriously trying to chastise him for not needlessly charging into the hands of people trying to kill them? Whatever. At least they were all working on the same page.
  9. Easy, there, Big Shot - we can end this without destroying any more Boreal property. To echo what Duvors said in the General Discussion thread, we really don't need to be taking any risks. Soren is at one health, and we don't really know what will happen if we fail the tank DC. I appreciate your creativity, but at this point, I'd rather be safe than sorry. We're practically guaranteed to be done in the next two rounds, I say we just repeat and let WBD auto-roll.
  10. I don't know how you feel about this, WBD, but assuming Round 13 ends with A) Slice still standing, and B) Slice still grappled, it would probably be fair to auto-roll Round 14 as well? Just for the sake of expediency.
  11. Sure thing. Soren stayed put, aiming again with his weapon. Shooting a restrained target was hardly sporting, but at least it helped him work on his aim. With an icy breath, he focused, hoping this would be his final shot, and fired at Slice.
  12. It's a shame we don't have a system for critical hits, because what a roll! 'Right, well, we have a couple o' options. We could all just repeat until Slice is on the floor, or next round Yelana and I could repeat and then Zaria could get a good hit in potentially ending the whole thing. Jus' depends if we want to drag this out any longer than we already have.
  13. 'e's a wily one, keep him still! Soren fires again at Slice.
  14. Quick note - I just realized that when I tried to cast Elemental Bolt and failed, I didn't lose any Spirit points. Is that intentional?