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    So I felt like asking, who has other hobbies, I personally make armor, helmets sheilds and chainmail mostly. How about you?
  2. Jakon

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    Absolutely beautiful ship, wish I had this amount of dedication/money, also just because nobody has commented on that picture up there...
  3. Jakon

    Freebuild - Hun Warriors

    I see the Mardu have made an appearance in Historica..
  4. I'll participate, put me in where I fit.
  5. Jakon

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Wanted to contribute a little bit, if this is going to happen, could we please incorporate some type of currency and trading? I asked if we could do something like that with Historica but it was shut down for not going with the theme well, however I believe that it would be essential in this type of theme due to the obsession of obtaining material wealth during the period.
  6. Right, I'll get right to work on it. EDIT: Officer, i've had this one for a while, figured I should post it. Officer decal by Jakon B.Rytight, on Flickr
  7. So, I've been following for a while and just wanted to offer up this little decal I concocted from various uniforms of the era, do with it what you will.
  8. I sent them a message asking them to share it, hopefully they will.
  9. Hurrah indeed! This was fun, and it's very cool to be on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next chapter to come and see if your characters have lived or died. Also, I captured a dragon, beat that internet.
  10. Glad I've made it thus far, slightly sad Malcolm hasn't been mentioned though. Keep up the good work, Victory for Dugal!
  11. Jakon


    Adventurers beware, the beholder has arrived. Roll initiative.
  12. So my question is, is there a fourth ship that we're supposed to imagine is there, or am I blind, cause I only see 3.
  13. That was awesome. I do believe I have a fan. Keep it up, this is an amazing battle!
  14. While building I have discovered that I have far too little green pieces to build in avalonia.
  15. Jakon

    [MOC] Undermining

    Congrats on getting on the Brother's Brick!
  16. Jakon

    [MOC] Undermining

    I gotta say, this is fantastic, keep up the good work, I love the perspective you went for.
  17. Wow, So i'm finally home after almost a month and a half of being away from my bricks, expect something soon, though i don't know what.
  18. Looks good! Glad to see the ridiculous amount of armor I piled on my sig fig acknowledged.
  19. Are we going to get to see the individual stats for our chracters?
  20. Jakon

    The Grand Griffon Tavern and Inn

    Cleric Malcolm: My order has posts in all major Historican cities, though we have a particularly strong presence in Mitgardia and Avalonia. As for my quest... [Malcolm produces the map from earlier] Cleric Malcolm: the map shows the location of an artifact know as the staff of Lindus, it belonged to a particularly strong druid, it was a gift from the divines that has the ability to purify lands, I'm searching for it in order to put a stop to the plague in Avalonia. However, the staff is guarded by agents of the enemy and other evil creatures. I cannae do it alone, that is where you gentlemen come in.
  21. Jakon

    The Grand Griffon Tavern and Inn

    [seeing the reluctance of the Red Priest to say anything, malcolm decides the best thing to do would be just to sit down, so he pulls up a chair, and does such] Cleric Malcolm: Now, I believe you were discussing Heretics, that is my area of expertise, their patterns, their behavior, what tactics they use, the knowledge collected over a decade of hunting them means that they have nothing they could trick me with, so, I wish to strike a deal Father. I help you deal with these heretics, and you help me on a certain quest.