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  1. Great looking set the new Tantive IV! Much of the detailing looks very inspired ;)
  2. mortesv

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Excellent work! You have captured many difficult shapes! The Corvette is actually 150 meters long, the 126 number is from the older CR-70 variant. The numbers have been moxed up so now both CRs are 126 meters in many sources.
  3. An amazing looking playset with almost every Cloud City location from the movie included. I am looking forward to seeing it in person how the different scenes are interconnected. The Cloud Car an Slave 1 are beautiful designs, very smooth. I might need to build a stand for the set though, it would look really cool if everything was elevated bit :)
  4. mortesv

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    All good solutions here, coloring the sand blue barrel is perhaps the most clean, but midifying one mild to become another existing mold i acceptable as well IMO :)
  5. mortesv

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Hi guys, just checking in :) It is amazing to see you are still at it! :D I have some ideas to expand the fleet even further which I am working on at the moment, but I do not know when the will be done. They are quite big and I also have other side projects :D Keep it up!
  6. @ecmo47 Thank you :) The reason for constructing in two parts is because of ease of building -and to an extend that the model becomes slightly more precise this way ;) However is looks great fewer stands :) The version I made can also be made with fewer stands, but cjd used a slightly older ldd that had four stands in the back - two of those can be removed without consequence :)
  7. mortesv

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Many mods to do here :) I knew TLG probably wouldn't detail the bottom of the model too much - but leaving out large parts of the ship (as with the 10221) requires serious modding! You can follow the step by step build and mods here: I will make a comparison post when I am done :)
  8. Happy days all around - this is what we have all been waiting for! Hans is one of my favourite LEGO designers. He did a great job on Slave 1 and his curves have now found their way to the UCS Millennium Falcon. All in all, I think this is one of the best Lego falcons ever - even considering mocs! The new design looks to have begun it's days as a mod of the 10179 and some parts are still from the 2000s. Hans' curves bring much of the ship into the modern age, but in places the contrast to old parts is stark. This is a beautiful 7541 brick falcon, but there is next to no detail on the underside. Where is the entire front saucer? Where are the landing gear hatches? Where are the bottom engineering bays? Where is all the sweet detailing from the top? Considering how the set will be displayed these points are not as bad as the "bottomless" 10221 SSD though, and I can see why some of these details were omitted - I will just need to add them :) Looking at the old 10179 from the top, it had one major problem, the entire front half of the saucer looked stunted - it is supposed to look like a half circle, but it is very narrow and boxed looking. On the 75192 the same exact shaped front saucer is used again, which contrast the rest of this beautiful creation even more. There are many alternatives to this design - even considering the narrower design space allowed by official models. I know Hans has a keen eye for detail, and while his newest creation is the next Mona Lisa (at least when looking at it from the top), this mona Lisa comes with a hint of moustache :) In the end this is an amazing set and I will get it as soon as I can! At 7500+ bricks and a price tag of 870pounds (7000kr in Denmark) I had just expected less modding (and hair removal) would be necessary ;)
  9. mortesv

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    EXCELLENT WORK - and welcome to EB :) Superb detailing - it is clear you have been studying the ILM model quite a bit :) It is a bit hard to judge from the pictures, but the model seem a bit narrow (like the 10221) compared to the studio model? Maybe it is the angle of the pictures? Lastly, is the project affiliated with this one: Size and brick count seems spot on :)
  10. mortesv

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I believe the latest UCS MF pic (from China) to be correct. I have not seen this moc before and the building style has a few throwbacks to the 10179. It has a few new brick types an a sweet canopy. If it is a hoax, it is the best one yet. Why build a moc that is on par with marshals' to make a hoax? All the other hoaxes have been pictures of the 10179 or modified versions of it - or known mocs. It also spots straight lines in places where moc'ers would try to make some sort of hack to get the lines skewed at this scale. I am about 75% certain this is legit. Some of the detailing may seem over-the-top for an official set, but I like it - and at 7500 bricks TLG is about to set a new standard anyway :D If it is a fake, then kudos to the one who made this - you have designed one of the best UCS MF mocs! And here is the kicker: If you see the docking ring in the teaser vid it has the exact same design as the version in the pic - with the new macaroni tiles and all. If this is fake I hope the real version is a good as this one - otherwise I will have to mod it into something more like this :)
  11. mortesv

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes - marshall has that detail nailed perfectly in his moc :)
  12. mortesv

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Looking to each frame of the video I must say I concur fully with @marshal-banana. The cockpit technique looks very interesting and I hope the result is as smooth as the Saturn V (which is awesome). The docking rings are a bit on the small side, but it all depends on the scale of the final set. I am most curious to see if the designer has addressed the slight tapering of the big hull piece that goes from the turret base and out between the mandibles. This feature is on of those pesky details that elevates a model from normal sets and gives the final product a movie-prop like quality. If the model does not sport this feature it will be nice modding project :) Also, the 10179 lacked a lot of detailing on the underside and on the mandibles - which I addressed in my mod of the ship. I hope TLG will feature those details this time :)
  13. mortesv

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Looks like you did an amazing showing @ecmo47! I am glad to hear it went so well! I would have liked to have been there, but I am kinda stuck in cold Scandinavia :) Feel free to drop my contact info to the lego sites if anyone asks ;) Regarding exploding fighters - I WANT THEM TOO :) But why settle for fighters, why not a transport with hull plating and containers flying everywhere? :D
  14. mortesv

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Looking amazing @ecmo47, but I agree with @Azrielsc- maybe the Neb should have a more prominent position with the other ships scattered around it?
  15. mortesv

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    That pic is spot on @Lobot!