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  1. Can anyone tell me where all the Trans-Clear parts are in this MOC please? I'm pricing up the parts to build this fantastic model and several of the Trans-Clear parts are rather hard to find here in Australia and international freight is prohibitive. If they are all in the stands, I am happy to modify the stands as I wont be displaying it as part of a fleet so it's not a big deal.
  2. Not entirely happy! Ordered this set on launch day. Straight to back ordered as expected. Given a shipping date of the 12th of October. Right on que goes to "In Warehouse" then "In process". This morning "Backordered" and now given a shipping date of 9th of November! 😡
  3. You guys are lucky. Mine is still back ordered, money is still on hold on my card and the VIP points haven't been added to my account.
  4. @Markalus Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if they did actually trade as an Australian company or not. Now I just need to wait until who knows when for my back order to come through....... Oh well, guess I can work on my other Lego projects in the mean time haha
  5. I just checked my order. There is a VAT included in the price. We don't have a VAT here. Now I'm hoping it isn't going to cost us Aussies another ~$130 just to get this thing into the country when there isn't realistically a viable option of going to a brick and mortar store to buy it And yes, 6th December, subject to change, read into that as you will.....
  6. Fairly certain that they have already factored in the GST in the price. Lego get the bill from the Government and then they pay the GST. I thought they recently scrapped the import tax threshold and all imports were now taxed back to the shipper. In other news I just chatted to Lego about my back order. Apparently my order is set for 06 Dec! :(