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    I haven't bought an actual set in years, probably one of the 2016 demolition to turn into bulk?

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  1. HistoryBricks

    Need a templet for the sides of a torso!

    not really acually! never had any issues with figs that had side printing form other 3rd party companies
  2. Hi all you! this is actually my first post here so forgive me if I'm doing it wrong! I'm working on a series of WWII era minifigs (to be UV printed :) ) I used the basic decal torso base templet ages ago when I started, but now that I've gotten pretty far along I'm beginning to work on torso sides and was wondering if anyone had a templet that I could use! The height value on the outlines I'm using for figs RN is 419 Pixels tall, i just need the width value OR a outline templet! I couldn't find anything in the index or customs so i was hoping someone would be able to help! Thanks in advance!