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  1. thanks for sharing that with us! bricklink has a protection for coypright issues: Designs submitted for full or partial access will be reviewed to prevent IP infringement. While your design is in review, it will be set to Display only. if you set in on "full acess" it should be available soon, when an admin took a look at it =)
  2. Beautiful Ship, very well done =) any chance, that you share the file with us? =) Want to try and experiment a bit with different colors and such =) greetings, Alamai
  3. Alamai

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    i think the falcon sold like hot cakes mainly because of all the investors. the old UCS falcon got a pretty big pricetag on the secondary market over time (the reason for this is a different topic. maybe this didnt sold well in the first place and there arent simply enough in the market?) and this made big news. it was even in big newspapers and television shows, that is is so expensive. so when the second version came out, many people who never had anything to do with adult Lego jumped in and bought one or more of them, simply for investing. i know some of those people. the collosseum here is different. there is no such hype about it. from an investors standpoint, there are no rare and expensive pieces, no minifigs, no big license or anything. and lego could rerelease it later like they allready did with many big sets, taj mahal, UCS falcon, Star destroyer, and so on. The secondary investors market gets killed more and more by lego (if this is good or bad is a completly different topic) but this may affect the sales of the collosseum big time. so, besides form the investors, who else buys this? this is definitly no set for a kids play room, i think we can all agree on that. so only hardcore AFOL´s who have the spare money AND the place to display it. there are a lot of those out there, at least compared to like 20 years ago, but i think its still not simply enough to make this a successful set. but big Brands like Lego need something like this Set once in a while. its called a "halo-product". Its a Set for marketing purposes, to look good in the Lego store. Its the same like for example in the car industrie. Ford, a brand known for cheap everyday cars who sell millions of cars, doesnt realy need a supercar like the Ford GT in their Portfolio, and still they make it. yes, there are some enthusiasts who buy it, but this car is mainly to keep the brand shiny and exciting, so that more people speak about it. Its a "halo"-car. so the colloseum is a "halo"-set. and i think it works. i have seen it in the media all over the place. people who arent even interessted in lego mention it to me "hey, you are this lego guy, i heard about the new collosseum, pretty cool, huh?". this is marketing nowadays =) I think lego will definitly make a smaller version of the collosseum in the future. and with the good designers they have nowadays, it will still look fantastic =) just my 2 cents
  4. Alamai

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    but then, why complaining about something expensive, when they cant afford it anyways? of course i understand, that not everyone is able to buy such a high price toy. But then... simply dont buy it? =D I mean, if i can only afford a small flat, i dont go into threats about big houses and say "thats way to expensive!!" when it is in fact... not. it is reasonable priced for what it is doing. Or with cars. if i only drive a ford fiesta (which i do) and cant afford a mustang, i dont complain about the mustang, because, for what it is, it is in fact a bargain. but it is still a lot more expensive then a fiesta. you get my point? for the argument "they finally make a colosseum and sadly it is a 500€ set": they already released different versions at different pricepoints for some of the architecture sets. Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building... Just to name a few. It is not unrealistic to exspect a smaller version of the collosseum anytime in the future. The curvature and overall design can translate into a smaller scale really good, like some other manufacturers from china allready have proven. Well, maybe not 20€ Small because of all the details, but i think an 80-100€ Set is realistic.
  5. Alamai

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    i read a lot in this forum and post very rarely in this forum... but this one time i have to say: i came here to read about oppinions about the collosseum. a healthy discussion about different things. all i see is a nonsense discussion about the color which leads to nowwhere.. and i am realy annoyed by this. and all is just held by one angry italian guy. this thread is no fun and thats why it has such a low post count. please, ignore the color and discuss something different now =D so, enough about that rant and to post something more productive: i like it very much. i´ve been to the original several times and this is one of the few lego set my wife might allow me to place in the living room because of feel-good memories =D but i see a problem in the giant footprint this thing has. it doesnt fit on any shelf, in any cabinet or on any sideboard. it needs a mid sized desk all for its own. its height and width are ok for me, but the depth is the main problem. most spots where i usuallly show those fancy models in our house are just 30 to 40cm deep. =( i see no problem in the price at all. is is actually really fair. this is nearly at 5cent/piece... where else do you get that? and yes, there are a lot fo small pieces... but those are in every set (all the greebling of the falcon etc.). i understand the criticism of lego getting more expensive each year... but this here is actually a realy fair example, so why still raging about the price? on the design: yes it is a bit odd, too high/too narrow when you see the fotos/aerial shots. but it still looks relay good and it gives a realy good picture of the original. when it is standing in your living room (pray to the gods of marriage =D) you will most likely not notice anything odd and will simply look at it with a "what a cool set" grin on your face. =) Minifigures are not needed at all, because they will simply look embarassing next to it due to the size comparison. i have the same feeling like the hogwarts UCS, i never placed the minifigs next to it, because it looks out of place. they are sitting in the box, i dont need them at all. with the collosseum, there arent any so i dont have to pay extra for them, i am pleased =) so, enough for today. sorry for my bad english, obviously not my native language ;) greetings =)
  6. Your advertising is just on point. all those infos, all those pictures, all the trust you build up. you definitly know how to sell something....
  7. Alamai

    Buying LEGO as an investment

    cmf = collectible minifig.. this includes the official series from lego with the "surprise" factor as well as the promo figures that are given out from time to time
  8. Alamai

    [LDD MOC] Ignis Fatuus - 14 gun schooner

    great work, as always =) i especially like the colour scheme of the hill, this use of the flat 1x2 bricks look realy good!
  9. you finally released it =) as allready mentioned: a great and stunning vessel... i have only one more question for you: what are you doing now, afterthat you made your ships perfect?? =)
  10. Alamai

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    one main problem might be the colours of those hinges.. some colours are pretty rare and due to this pretty expensive. something, one should keep in mind when planing the ships colours. just checked it on bricklink, there are not many colours for those hinges at all but the technique is awesome. capable of the smoothest brickbuild hulls i have seen for a while.
  11. Alamai

    Vengeur - First Rate Ship-of-the-Line on a Prefab Hull

    Hi! Great Ship you build there =) Would you mind to share the LDD file of this Model with us? You used some very intresting building technics which i want to study in detail, because i can use many of them in my own ships. greetings, Alamai
  12. Alamai

    WIP HMS ... ?

    it has those doors cause the deck simply wasnt high enough for a normal door (5 bricks high), i dont want to make it higher to not destroy the overall shape of the hull and under the maindeck there is a deck but simply with cannons on it. no details or something build in there
  13. Alamai

    WIP HMS ... ?

    i did nearly the complete design (except the masts) in MLCAD and then ordered all the bricks i needed. in the build i had some problems to realize what i build in MLCAD (especially on the bow and the stern cause of many hinges at those places), so i had to do a little freelancing while building those parts. the upper deck and stern details are also some spontaneuos ideas i realized without planning. i just ordered many pearl gold pieces from bricklink and rearranged them till they looked good in my opinion =) still, i have no idea to make a good figurehead. i thought something with those lionheads could look good, but still im trying to find a good solution for this.
  14. Alamai

    WIP HMS ... ?

    maybe you can explain a little bit, what u are meaning with this? ;)