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  1. Pato Sentado

    [TC19] Kickboxer Diesel

  2. Pato Sentado

    [TC19] HD-one: Update 4 - finished

    Loving it. Thats a Ducati Chassis!!!
  3. Pato Sentado

    [TC19] Saphyr S4R 1400cc

    Y dont see it unfinished, I love inline four naked bikes. From all models in constest this is probably the most close to an street bike I have seen!!!
  4. 1: 27 2: 1o 3: 1 4: 6 5: 9 6: 14
  5. Pato Sentado


    I learned Technic when I was 12 and sets where more abstract and functional, like 8865. I recently made the Ducati Panicle as an adult that can repair a real Ducati, and I was not sure of what I was mounting in a lot of gearbox steps. In 8865 each steps means a lot of pieces and "find the 8differences", now there are steps with 2 or 3 pieces.
  6. I agree, in vintage sets instructions get a lot of pieces by step, and you must carefully lot at the draw to find the differences. I found the modern instructions "too easy" after that.
  7. Pato Sentado

    Rediscovering Technic

    Now that my kid is old enough to play with "normal" legos I recovered all my old boxes at my parents' home. That includes some vintage Technic sets such as 8842 GoKart, 8865 Test Car or 8838 Cross Bike. Lots of pieces lost, so I will get a new 8865, and the 8842 is complete but... yellow I am rediscovering this world and eager to learn the modern sets. I just got a modern bike and the new Panigale (also a ducatista) Some of my models: