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  1. Munchkin255

    Using Spike Prime acceleration data

    In my previously post I hadn't included all the "standard" includes that Spike Prime adds to any new program. The "normal" hub features are accessed via the spike module. Importing the hub modul is done only to access the raw acceleration data. Here is the complete program for viewing acceleration data. from spike import PrimeHub, LightMatrix, Button, StatusLight, ForceSensor, MotionSensor, Speaker, ColorSensor, App, DistanceSensor, Motor, MotorPair from spike.control import wait_for_seconds, wait_until, Timer from math import * import sys import hub primt_hub = PrimeHub() hub_status = hub.status() acc = hub_status.get('accelerometer') acc_x = acc[0] acc_y = acc[1] acc_z = acc[2] print (acc) sys.exit() cheers Carsten
  2. Munchkin255

    Using Spike Prime acceleration data

    the code example below first imports the "hub" module then acceleration data is retrieved by using the hub_status.get command. import hub hub_status = hub.status() acc = hub_status.get('accelerometer') acc_x = acc[0] acc_y = acc[1] acc_z = acc[2] Cheers Carsten
  3. Munchkin255

    51515 - Battery Charging Question

    Yes, the Charging LED changes to green when the battery is fully charged. You can view the battery level from the app, If you are using PC, I recommend to connect with the USB cable, this way the battery is charged while you are creating your program. / Carsten
  4. Munchkin255

    EV3 Classroom - a bug?

    I made this program in Scratch for Spike Prime, and it works as intended. The motor is stopped when there is no reflected light and moves at full speed, when the light sensor is measuring against a white piece of paper. The value of reflected light is meassured in percent, with a range from 0 til 100. In order to do some math and to provoke a non-integer value for the power setting I use a muliply by 1.2 math block. There isn't any start motor at power block, instead power is set before staring the motor. Cheers Carsten
  5. Munchkin255

    EV3 Classroom - a bug?

    Could there be an issue with what type of variable you are trying to use as motor power? In Python the variable you use as motor power has to be of the variable type INT otherwise you get an error message. Maybe the Classroom app is changing the variable type to FLOAT, when doing math operations and then changing it back to INT when saving the result in a variable? Isn't there a console window with error messages? Cheers Carsten
  6. Munchkin255

    Robot Inventor vs Spike Prime

    I switched from EV3 to Spike Prime this June and hasn't regretted it at all. Through my experiments with Spike Prime I have learned to program in Python. What I especially like about using Python is, that I am not limited to the tools provided to me by the Spike App. I can do anything that Micropython is capable of - even if it isn't documented in the app. This works because the Spike app is merely an editor with the code compilation being carried out in the Spike Prime Hub. I have for example been able to access the raw acceleration data by using Google and a lot of trial and error: import hub hub_status = hub.status() acc = hub_status.get('accelerometer') acc_x = acc[0] acc_y = acc[1] acc_z = acc[2] Yes, I know there is a Scratch code block for that, but there isn't a function in Python yet.
  7. That is a funny idea. Is it just me, or does it seem to not steer very well? I went for Spike Prime instead of waiting for this set. I wonder how a Yellow-Black-Magenta robot would do in the competition.
  8. Munchkin255

    Boost Invader building instructions

    That is so funny. I have no idea about the practical application of your gizmo, but it shows a great way to fully use the Boost set - even having a tilt sensor.
  9. Munchkin255

    PF motor cables being fried

    Those cables look very much like the cables of my old MINDSTORMS RCX sensors , which had become brittle with age.
  10. Thank you both for your replies and good ideas. What I am trying to achieve is to drive something like a gripper and arm with just one motor. This should allow for the gripper to move up and down - and to open and close. I think this is a great idea. I could build a selector with four outputs. My initial build has shown some disadvantages: - Many moving parts - Since the selector cannot reverse It will need to operate without any hard stops, so that it can turn indefinitely, this can make it difficult to know when to stop the selector. - Quite bulky design Also a great idea. I never figured out myself to use offset gears. I think I will explorer planetary design a little more. Cheers Carsten
  11. I am trying to build a mechanism where a single motor can switch between different outputs and drive them one at a time. In the video below I have built my own idea of a possible design, but I am thinking, that it might be possible to build a more elegant design. Can anyone please share with me any great ideas to solve this task. Thanks / Carsten
  12. Munchkin255

    2020 Mindstorms set

    I wasn’t aware of this limit caused by the amount of available RAM. This makes me wonder: Is there a way to check how much memory is used during execution of a program? The specs for the Spike Prime hub lists 32mb of storage, 1mb of flash and 320kb of ram. Can someone explain how the different types of memory is used?
  13. Nice idea. How is the motor connected to the wheels?
  14. Nice one. I can recommend to use RobotC for programming the RCX in a C-based environment. It is a free download from : And I think that this will run in modern Windows versions - no need for virtual box
  15. Munchkin255

    Hitec NXT Magnetic sensor on EV3

    The "view port" feature is using, what is defined in the EV3 firmware. The EV3 firmware doesn't know the compass sensor. I think, that you can find what you need on this website: