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  1. I live 100km from Billund and did so in 80's as well allthough in another town. I had 7740, 7760, 7838/9, the stop lights/automated switches and a few rolling stock. Sadly it's all gone now I sold two 7750 black wheels on BL for 50EUR/each but it's more than six months ago so they won't show up in the priceguide Cheers, Ole
  2. Yes, 7750 - sorry! TLG sold the black motor for those needing a replacement for the sets needing a black motor. Or perhaps also for those kids who wanted to MOC ;)
  3. Also 7745 So you want us to trawl through the BL cat to look for missing inventory? Why? That's a BL mistake (or Peeron or whoever made the inventory list) it's not a TLG quirk, so not really interesting imho What is interesting is why TLG never used the large 7755 wheel in black since it does indeed exist Cheers, Ole
  4. 1974

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    Well it does work rather nicely, the steering not so much It's true that brake locking on trucks, trains etc are always "on" and it's the air (pneumatic parts) that keeps it off. In case of failure (lack of air) the brakes will lock. Hopefully Cheers, Ole
  5. 1974

    [WIP] Rough terrain crane MKII

    I think you're off to a wrong foot here, imho No actual real life "rough terrain" crane have double wishbone suspension and outriggers like that Now, it can be rather difficult to make outriggers that actually work properly TLG did fine with 8460 (the setup you partly copied) and failed with 42009 (more realistic but doesn't actually work) But I think as this scale a proper classic "horizontal out + vertical down" type of outriggers should be doable. You got the scale and probably also the parts to do it I'd much rather see that working than any type of suspension (which is rather boring on this type of vehicle) Kudos for the straight 6L though, because that is what these machines often have
  6. 1974

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    TLG experiemented with this ages ago (IDEA Book 8889 from 1984) :
  7. 1974

    Brick separators

    They can be found in red and trans-clear and are indeed being picked up by collectors for a pretty penny
  8. 1974

    Top 10 Technic sets since 41999

    Nevermind ..
  9. 1974

    Top 10 Technic sets since 41999

    None. Technic peaked with 8880
  10. 1974

    General Part Discussion

    That used to be my liftarm But now the crazy belgian has it for his amazing collection He runs a very nice shop with loads of rare parts (and is a very honest and legit seller btw), but I think this one will stay in his personal collection Interestingly this part was made before the year 2000 and is 16L in length so it's somewhat not fitting the current odd size liftarm system. I guess TLG was still finding their way with this new fancy un-studded future back then. It's also rather roughly finished so it didn't come from a fully fleshed out mould Cheers, Ole
  11. 1974

    Lego "Space City"

    Actually there IS an official Space Police III "future city" : There are quite a few of these named Log 01, 02, 03 etc .. I also believe that there is a "behind the scenes" video from the guys who made the videos. And to boot I think I've seen some LDD files for some of the buildings Cheers, Ole
  12. I had a MISB 6382 that I parted out on BL, I think I got 20EUR for that sticker sheet. Should be easy to replicate though
  13. Neat! There are other parts that's not from 1983, like the twenty button computers .. And those seem to have round bottoms. The 1984 Space Dart design is also there ..
  14. 1974

    question about theme juniorisation

    It's a real term and it's EB that's being childish about it. I think it originated on LUGnet and you can find references to it all the way back to '98 when the forum started I believe it came about with Town JUNIOR (<-- get it?) sets of the late 90's. Those sets were indeed dumbed down compared to what came earlier AND was aimed at the same target group. TLG messed up and brought back proper Town/City While TLG do indeed make toys for all ages the term is rather specific and very real so you're as wrong as you can be
  15. 1974

    Star Wars

    Yeah, it was the biggest meh experience I've ever had in a cinema and the only SW movie I've only seen once. Not sure what to think about this one though .. I love the SW universe but I'm pretty tired of the OT characters. R! was really great though ('cept the last scenes with Vader)
  16. 1974

    Star Wars

    Wicked smart, bro. If you can keep it between you and me, I know someone who'll sell much cheaper LEGO from China Heck, you can even get LEGO for free (if you got a get-out-of-jail-card that is) : https://wtop.com/stafford-county/2018/02/stafford-co-man-arrested-1-8k-lego-scam/
  17. 1974

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Idea Book 8889, page 37 is what you're looking for I also had 42009 and when I built it all functions worked poorly. There appears to be a real positive attitude towards 42009 on here. This was the set that made me sell all my (studless) Technic and go back to proper working Technic sets .. As a massive fan of actually working Technic sets, I think I made the right choice I'm actually finishing up my well driller right now. It's a pretty cool thing to MOC with LEGO but it has one huge no-go (as far as official sets go) that is you can't drill with it! You can't propel x amount of 16L axles into the ground, mine can but not in real life = no play feature = no TLG set
  18. Not feeling sorry for you as you honestly have too many toys (unless you're actually Elon Musk, then iI'll happily shut up), but having so many hobbies is not really possible for a normal human being. It's not the money, it's the time baby Anyway, I hope you'll make a killing on those sets. You deserve it Eric - and MANY THANKS for Technicopedia Also have a Tamiya Konghead waiting for this weekend. I love Tamiya, but I (and the wifey) says only ten cars, buy one, sell one ... such is (my) life ..
  19. 1974

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Have you tried lifting anything, or actally play with it? It can't lift anything heavier than a City car, outriggers can't support the vehicle and all functions are VERY slow .. very boring! It's a functional (or not) toy you know, not a display model
  20. 1974

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Actually, flex axles, rigid pneumatic tubing and ribbed 7mm hoses comes on huge spools and are cut to length as needed I know this as I have all three types in +3 meters (yes, threehundred centimers!), however my long flex axles lacks the pin connection so I guess they're hot pressed after cutting None of those come in chrome anyway, so I'm guessing flat/boring/swirl/pearl silver (or whatever TLG calls that colour now) and my bet is on flex axles. This part will only come in this set and will be the new 10179 boat rigging/radar and command silly prices on BL until the fakes show up and TLG puts them in another sub hundred dollar set in eight years .. I would not be surprised if this set has some new curvy panels These modern smooth looking "supercars" mostly look like a turd blown with a hairdryer anyway it's pretty hard to do them justice with Technic parts and/OR system parts. Now an old Countach, angular as that 80's colombian taxi is, that would be a good choice. i'd also like to see some proper Group-B cars from 80's (Lancias, Peugeots, Audis .. all boxy and not that hard to do - also interesting mechanics that would not be that hard to with modern Technic parts) Heck, a 959 Rothmann makeover might me even want to buy the Porsche
  21. 1974

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Yeah, 42009 is crap .. 127 gears and one tiny motor does not compute. Yes, it's got a three-stage boom and dual-stage outriggers, but they don't actually work. It's useless for play and many older mobilecranes (like 8460) work MUCH better. Too bad soo many modern Technic sets are all about DISplay and not PLAY. I really loved my 855 as a kid, I would be rather annoyed with 42009 back then (as I am now) And if you want structural integrity you need to use (Technic) bricks and plates. Liftarms are useless for large scale models ('cept perhaps large properly braced booms on cranes)
  22. 1974

    Lack of original themes

    They certainly don't and mess up heavily from time to time. Chima was supossed to be the biggest bang TLG ever launched with the most expensive ad campaign TLG had done up to that point. Well, that line was trash, did not sell very well and what freakin' genius at TLG thought it was a good idea to launch a theme DIRECTLY aimed at the same endusers as Ninjago? A theme that was and is extremely popular. Granted Ninjago was supposed to be fazed out with the introduction of Chima (hey, it's that marketing genius at TLG again) but retailers liked Ninjago too much so they had to huddle up yet another year of of that theme in a hurry .. Hence Chima and Ninjago on the same shelf that year That was bloody stupid TLG also had a much more fleshed out second year of The Simpsons (many more sets) but nobody (the retailers) wanted that so it got canned I have an nine year old son and in his school I'm known for as "LEGO Ole" and while my son has a rather large SW collection it really is my classic stuff that's interesting the boys (and gals) in his class I've done my own inquiries into this "focus group" and NONE of them find that stuff (classic space, castle and pirates from the eighties/early ninties), "simple", "boring builds", do not complain about lack of details on the minifigs etc They do like that "everything fits together" and it's "big". By this I think they mean worldbuilding and a coherence in a theme They like that it LOOKS LIKE LEGO and do seem botherd by the fact there are no classic space/castle/pirate cartoons to go with it Also, when I had a 12V train setup it proved to be very popular, especially with all the automated switches, electric cranes etc And lastly, neither the boys nor girls seem to have ANY BLOODY INTEREST IN HELICOPTORS! I'm positive I wouldn't be numba one cool daddy if I had the entire Chima theme lined up ready to play with (The other parents would probably label me a weirdo and limit their childrens access to my man-cave) Cheers, Ole
  23. 1974


    It's clearly a Lepin outlet which is a no go in the EU Both screwing with TLG, Disney/Lucasfilm and the EU in one swoop is pretty impressive Cheers, Ole
  24. 1974

    2018 Lego Trains

    Might be. There has to be something new, eh? The passenger coaches looks like a three minute job; bogies, baseplate, brick, two plates, trans panels, another brick, a plate with cheese and you're done! 7815/20 was a wee bit more fun to build