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    Black ladder pieces

    You can't. Some of those 4175s are made from a softer plastic (poly whatever) like the 4085 clips. Those tend to fray at the edges, hence the white look I very much dislike them! So far it seems it's mostly the non-black versions though. I have a hard time getting proper ones in white Just ask a seller on BL with a decent stock to pick the hard ones (regular ABS) for you Cheers, Ole
  2. 1974

    2024 Space sets

    I think there's a generational gap here. Folks at my age do not call Futuron, Blacktron, M-tron, SP1/2 etc CS. Those newfangled factions/themes have a clear-cut design, look and minifigs. CS (sets) is all over the place Futuron had a very clear design philosophy, uniform colours and NEW figs. Sure, the golden planet was still there but that theme did actually have it's own logo allthough sadly only used in one set (and the worst Futuron set to boot) So, yeah, that certainly is a new faction Sure, if one grew up with SP3 all that stuff from the 70/80/90's is "CS" What Tim Johnson thinks is CS is not something I've ever read anywhere in my diggings on LUGnet, USEnet, EB etc. Heck back then it wasn't even Classic Space, just Space! Here's a bunch of interesting reviews going back +25 years : https://adequate.com/lego/reviews/Space/ Cheers, Ole
  3. 1974

    2024 Space sets

    I've never heard that CS ended in 1987 when Futuron and Blacktron was introduced. From then on it was clearcut factions/themes until this very day That the figs had smiley faces got nothing to with it. That head is still used today Anyway, this CMF series is weak sauce. Looks like a bunch of dress-up kids in circus
  4. This is way convoluted and wrong The Tech fig was introduced in 1986 with the Arctic theme It's 9cm high, an average male is about 180cm, 9/180 = 20, therefor the scale is roughly 1:20 Nothing in the LEGO world is really perfectly scaled, there are other hobbies that does that much better A hundred years ago not even Hillary Page was thinking of "LEGO" ...
  5. Any 9V/12V LEGO motor run at lower voltage will be much more quiet and have lower RPM (and torque). A train controller is perfect for this job (the one with the yellow knob) Cheers, Ole
  6. The new "LEGO Space 1978-1992" book by Tim Johnson (of New Elementary fame) has several VERY cool pictures of unreleased sets that we haven't seen before! He got +1500 pics from TLG, including some of the most military looking vehicles I've ever seen come from TLG, some amazing mechas and .. much more! No, I will not post pics (but I'm sure they will be online anyway). Buy the book! https://brickset.com/article/101609/exclusive-interview-with-tim-johnson-author-of-lego-space-1978-1992 Cheers, Ole
  7. The silly low-weight slab of ABS that do not conform to studs, pins, axles or bars is back on the menu boys : https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=80428&C=86#T=C&C=86
  8. There have been "leftover" parts since day one in the Technic theme. My first set was the 850, that had a few pins and bushings extra (No, I don't remember but I bought a MISB one years ago) Better for TLG to put a few extra bits in than to have the builder call CS to complain I too never had any parts missing (+3000 sets) , but I did get a shortshot arch in the 6067 and that made me go when I was a wee lad
  9. Part is gone as I reported the sale to BL. There's still heaps of motors and the grey triangle parts though ...
  10. Someone parted out +50 of these so there are loads of "counterweights" for sale on BL for 5.30EUR/each (The idiot is screwing up the priceguide and are most likely in violation of TLG's terms but that's another story) Interestingly enough, the thousand trusses are NOT for sale ... Cheers, Ole
  11. 1974

    Are these LEGO Gold coins a copy or legit?

    While there are plenty of LEGO knock-offs around, it's very rare that those parts actually features the word "LEGO" For me it looks like a defect mould and it's not out of the question they could be rejects that unfortunally ended up in a LEGOland store However, parts like that are normally melted/destroyed by TLG For decades there have been massive amounts of LEGO parts available to and from german BL sellers not really seen in other parts of the world TLG works in mysterious ways
  12. 1974

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    EVERY colour, 'cept perhaps black, have rather large variations post the pellet apocalypse, it's a disgrace But it does mean that TLG could potentially bring back any discontinued "new" colour in the future
  13. 1974

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    There's a higher chance that TLG will be bought by Playmobil than them bringing back the greys and brown
  14. 1974

    [MOC] Knudsholm Country House

    The building is red, no?
  15. 1974

    man utd kits

    Manchester United I guess?
  16. 1974

    Search about this train

    Are you trolling? 7720 has nothing to do with your two first pictures, mon ami
  17. 1974

    Search about this train

    The windup thing is actually from 1981. The yellow 4,5V motor is from 1976 (but was never used in any train sets only in the awesome BASIC sets) Blue rails were most certainly used with 12V also. Please do a minimum of research There are a blue and a grey rail era. Both used 4,5V and 12V Then 9V powered rails in dark gray and dark bluish grey Today it's all dark bluish grey tracks with a silly number of different ways to power the trains with batteries
  18. 1974

    Search about this train

    That's the 744/404 4,5V motor with unrelated blue rails and unrelated batterybox Next pic is the 7824 Train Station The only thing they have in common are that they're made by TLG There were no yellow motors used in the light grey/blue rail era (or any traqin era actually)
  19. Yes, I thought most people on this forum would know
  20. Both type of cranes, IRL and in LEGO form, only works with proper counterweights. Something that TLG actually have never used, Hence the weak lifting capacity and booms It's not that hard or expensive to build a decent lattice boom with LEGO parts, it's been done by MOC'ers for decades. I only see the need for new parts to either cut down the price or for the looks Interestingly, the 2x6 55gram boat weight is still in use but only in DACTA sets by now. LAst proper set was in 2006 Twenty of those plus a brickbuild lattice boom and it's doable to make a decent set
  21. They won't. But it's interesting to see that TLG have thought about making those sets for 15-20 years
  22. Years ago TLG did dabble in both a Yavin base and Geonosian animals .. Cheers, Ole