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  1. Hello. This forum is about classic car MOC builds and custom classic car MOC builds. Basically any car from the 90's and below can be on this forum. You can put your classic or custom classic car MOCs here on this forum too. And you can talk about classic cars. This forum is made to inspire classic car fans all around the LEGO space. And here are the things I would like to ask you to do. Do not bully or use profanity. And please do not be hesitant to report profanity. Please be nice to beginner builders who put there builds here. This is my first time creating a forum so if I mess something up or if you have any suggestions on what can improve this forum just let me know.
  2. BuzzBrix0nEuroBrix

    That idiot that keeps posting ...

    Lol! Alright I will keep note of that. Thanks for letting know! 👍
  3. BuzzBrix0nEuroBrix

    That idiot that keeps posting ...

    Who is this "kong" fellow? Is he dangerous?!?!
  4. BuzzBrix0nEuroBrix

    Ford Mustangs (Fox Body thru SN-95)

    These are great! Can you make instructions for these?
  5. BuzzBrix0nEuroBrix

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Maybe it wont happen for that specific set buy maybe it will come out on another Bad Batch set. I really hope that they do add helmets though. It wouldn't be the first time LEGO starwars as disappointed us though lol.