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  1. JulianH

    [MOC] Axellion - Sky Tracer 2000

    Fantastic cyberpunk build. Love the mix of dark greys and the lime stripes on the base too!
  2. JulianH

    [MOC] Ice Planet Recon Craft

    This is excellent. Love the details on the wings and the nose… and the fuselage and well, everything!
  3. JulianH

    M-95 Particle Incinerator

    Awesome! I love seeing remakes of old space sets and this really hits the spot. Recognisable, but also very original. I like how beefed up it is, great work and thanks for sharing!
  4. JulianH

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Thanks all for organising, participating and voting. Congrats everyone! This contest was a blast and I’m absolutely thrilled to have won the Cat A, with so many impressive contenders. This was my first time customising minifigs and I thought it would be hard to compete as I do not have a large minifig collection. Just in time for the contest I stumbled on a Lego lot with some nice pirate and space parts that gave me more to work with and that seems to have payed off
  5. JulianH

    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Thanks again for organizing @Bob De Quatre. Contests like these - and seeing all the results from other participants - really motivate me to create something. I like how accessible the categories were, with both room for big and small projects.
  6. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat A - MetalBeard 9000's Crew

    Thanks, much appreciated both! The captain took me a lot of iterations till I was satisfied with it. The mix of trans-orange and trans-neon green started because of a parts limitation, but probably for the better!
  7. Category A - Pirate Crew  The "prospect hope" crew by Anbi64 The Misfits by Yatkuu Gold, Glory and Girls! by jansued Category B - Sailing the river of time Renegade's R.A.F.T. by Oky  Renegade Voidrunner by The Librarian Krakkin Attackin' by BenSpector42 Category C - Rum for everybody! The Rusty Sailor by n8walker Pirates of sector 56 Ship interior + rest of the crew by Danny_Boy4  Space Station 41c -piratified! by jansued 
  8. JulianH

    [SPC] CAT C - The Rusty Sailor

    Cool to see a Technic approach to this contest (and to see something Technic that is not an existing vehicle). I like the visual looks of the space ship, but seeing it in action with all the functions is something else. Well done!
  9. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat C Space Station 41c -piratified!

    Absolutely love this. I was curious after your first post of the space station, but this transformation is way beyond my expectations! A complete rework, full of amazing details.
  10. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat A - The "prospect hope" crew

    Great crew with original accessories and details. I did not know a Lego Koala bear exists, and it is fabulous!
  11. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat A Gold, Glory and Girls!

    These are great! I like the presentation with & without headgear (it would be nice to see a group photo with all helmets on as well). Absolutely love the worn space helmet.
  12. What a great tribute, thanks for sharing Milan. As a kid, these big space sets were out of my reach, but I certainly was drooling over them in catalogues. Fantastic to see them in action in this video. I did not realise they had so many moving functions, probably seeing that for the first time in action now. Also great to see these classics in such good condition in good hands!
  13. Metalbeard 9000 - Advanced AI, loaded with mechanical weapons, laser rockets and proton blasters. Absolutely unbeatable, as long as it does not run out of fuel... Fury - Chemist and fuel-master, always cooking up new formulas to improve the efficiency of the highly radioactive fuel that is needed to keep MetalBeard 9000 running. Sozeb - Treasurer extraordinaire, permanently tied to the loot. Turned into gold himself and shoots diamonds from a modified hand cannon. Ablabius - Assassin, android that's stuck in the past and only uses a crossbow and sword. Surprisingly silent and effective, even with its wooden leg. Donar - Warrior, specialized in medieval weapons and retro space guns. Hanzo - Watched too many ninja movies
  14. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat B - Sandy Rock

    Space Pirate version of 6254 Rocky Reef. The seas dried out centuries ago. Blue ocean crystals are the last reminder of what once was. Pirates never left the surroundings of this secret hiding place. Two members of MetalBeard 9000's fearsome crew arrive in a sandspeeder and are seen storing a mysterious liquid in the fortified underground safe...
  15. JulianH

    [SPC] Cat B - Krakkin Attackin'

    Wow, impressive! Love how you supersized everything and added tons of details. That brick-built dish on the 'space raft station' and the tentacles are my favorites.