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  1. Tri-Jet Arctic Aerial Vehicle TJAAV Functions: HOG-Steering in a more or less realistic way Pneumatically retractable skids Winch to transport equipment Alternative model for 42128 Images:
  2. Hi, this is the concept of my Tri-Jet-Arctic-Aerial-Vehicle, or short TJAAV. This time I decided for a smaller build, because the last two contests I could not finish my model, which was unfortunate. I know there are some illegal connections and it is not very stable yet. So far the TJAAV has only one function, which is pneumatic retraction of the skids. Maybe I will add a mechanism to adjust the angle of the two front jets. I will restrict myself to use only parts from 42128.
  3. I am going to build a telehandler and this is my first concept design: I restrict myself to make it a B-Model for 42128. The current design has: - articulated steering (via steering wheel and hand-of-god), - a brick-build Inline-3-cylinder engine - 4WD. I want to use pneumatics and the current challenge is to make the fork stay level as the teleskop-thingy moves up and extents. Furthermore, I need to fit the valves and pump into the limited space...
  4. That's a great idea for a technic-theme
  5. Great idea and even better story-telling ... and the division by zero is just to fascinating If we only had more space for the user-interface, then one could use multiple dials to introduce multiple digit numbers into the next version.
  6. Hi, nice transformation I'm a big fan of Although it is admittedly slightly more difficult to learn, as compared to, for example. However, you are rewarded with a much better functionality.
  7. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC21] Quadcopter-Car

    Finally some progress... I finished the central gearbox and the transformation is basically working: Car mode: The first step is to lift the car: then extend the rotors I still have two major problems: - the ground clearance is technically 1/2 stud, but basically 0 because of the weight of the central gearbox - the gearing ratio for the steering need to be adjusted and improved to make sure the gears are not "jumping" And the chassis need to be designed as well... I am happy the contest is prolonged. I guess these problems can be addressed until end of January.
  8. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC21] Quadcopter-Car

    Yes, it could work (max size is 10 studs diameter) and that one has 9... however I don't own them and also I am not a big fan of these Propellers, because they don't have axle hole :( Currently I am working to finish the central gearbox with motors... its quite tough to fit everything
  9. Dear fellow competitors, first of all, Happy New Year! Second, how are you feeling about the deadline of this contest? For me it will be quite tight to meet the deadline, although I will work hard over the upcoming (long) weekend to finish my entry.
  10. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC21] Quadcopter-Car

    Finally I have a prototype of the full axle in front. I will build a similar one for the back. I only need to do some minor improvements to increase the statics of the frame and reduce friction in the drive train. However, the friction of the rubber tires make it very inconvenient to turn them 90° (as shown in my previous GIF above). I will build some kind of scissors lift to lift the car in the beginning, and then extend the rotors. To follow the rules of the contest (1 motor for transformation) I designed this 2-stage gearbox: Wish you happy holidays!
  11. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC21] Quadcopter-Car

    Thanks :) Good Idea, I will keep it in mind So, now I build the next prototype, which works quite well. However, I still need to add the Wheel... Do you suggest to build a Tracked-Quadrocopter or use the chain to drive the rotor (as I used for this prototype)?
  12. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC21] Quadcopter-Car

    I agree, that it looks weird... originally I wanted to build it like this because of simplicity. Indeed this would be harder and I never designed some complicated lever mechanism... but lets try: I know this looks ugly but I just want to build some concept how it may be able to work: It is really difficult to find the right ratio of wheel and rotor size such that the vehicle will have reasonable proportions.... It will be even more difficult to connect the rotors to a motor This is really a tough contest! I will keep trying...