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  1. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    Update: Mower ready, but it is quite heavy and the lever mechanism need to be much stronger to work smoothly. I also designed a small plow, but I am running out of red parts
  2. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    Interesting choice... I wasn't even aware this part exists
  3. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    Cool, I can see the similarity to the original... Can you open the hood? Do you use this part or some other mechanism?
  4. BrickBuildingFox

    [MOC] Chain-Making Machine

    Amazing work!!! I am wondering the same thing.
  5. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    Thanks! Just discovered the 8888 Idea book. Didn't know there are even more accessories for 851. In the original 851 instructions there are 5 different ones and I planned to build all of them.
  6. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 886 space Technic - buggy build

    wow, amazing work with the leg mechanics and a very clever use of the clutch gear
  7. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    Thanks for the advice, I am happy with the new look. Rear light is there and now I also put the exhaust stack back. There is even space for 6L engine and the hood can be opened now... maybe I will move the gray 15 and red 13 beams from the hood to the chassis. Previously I choose the gear as steering wheel, because it is a very iconic design element of the original... after comparison I agree it need to be replaced. I am happy with the design. For the next iteration I need to improve the statics of the chassis a little bit. Somehow, I can only focus on either design or statics when I build but not both And then, there are still 5 different accessories left to be designed.
  8. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    I modeled the front and try out different lights... not sure which looks better. This one is closer to original 851: This use modern parts, and I use the same for the red light in the back... What's your opinion on the lights?
  9. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 8462 Redux

    Cool, I am happy to see this model enter the contest. Really wanted to get it as a kid, but never did... It was on my list too, but I have neither pneumatic parts nor many blue parts in my collection, so I choose a different one.
  10. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    New functions implemented: Got it I know, the distance of seat and steering wheel is too far... something I need to change... Next step will be to design the front hood and add a fake engine...
  11. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    Yes, you are right, I already reduced it by 2 studs and looks much better now. Hm..., I didn't think of it but I like the idea! Also, I want the turning radius to be as small as possible.
  12. BrickBuildingFox

    [TC20] 851's big brother

    for more details see here 851 on Bricklink Last weekend was a long one, and I got some precious time to build. Since the contest was already in the air, I used it to find a model and start a little bit... I hope that's not against the rules Unfortunately, I own neither the model nor the antique tires. Therefore I decided to use new (current) ones. They are slightly bigger, so that my model has to be a little bit larger. My personal goal for this build is to have a modern interpretation of the classic 851, rather than stay extremely close to the original (even if it costs a few points). Here are some impressions:
  13. Wow, I like the idea to add the sawblade mechanism... to be honest, in the beginning, I couldn't believe that the wheel works properly... so I had to build it by myself and I am very impressed by the result.
  14. BrickBuildingFox

    [WIP] Lissajous Curve Generator

    Yes that's what I did and it was absolutely necessary for it to work. @pdwdo you have a topic with more details about your spirograph. I'm very interested in it. Thanks, this is a good Idea. Maybe I will change the design later. For now, I like the challenge to build a smooth sliding cross. Regarding this, I played around with small wheels to reduce the friction. I found the size of these wheels ({"iconly":0}) seems not good to use with liftarms. Currently, I am experimenting with the "round pin joiner" and it works quite smooth. Fortunately their diameter is slightly larger than the thickness of a liftarm.
  15. BrickBuildingFox

    [WIP] Lissajous Curve Generator

    Yeah, thanks for the advice, the current tan 20 tooth gears are really annoying... however, currently I don't want to buy more technic parts so I have to go with it. Splitting the gearbox in two, one part for each axis helped quite a lot. So I got a somewhat working prototype, as you can see in the video: These are 8 of 10 possible figures: The 1:4 somehow messed up but the others are okayish. As you can see in the video the main problem is that the sliding mechans gets stuck sometimes... next I have to work on improving it.