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  1. The Librarian

    A whole lot of Transformers

    I have been building Lego Transformers for well over twenty years at this point. It's something I keep coming back to over and over, trying to perfect the look and design, the mechanics and the posability. Have to say, I'm fairly happy with my current crop, all of which are aiming for minifigure scale. A lot of them aren't preexisting characters but it would be silly not to start with the most recognisable one of all . . . Optimus Prime Autobot leader, big red truck, all round good guy. Most of this model was an exercise in getting a really tall robot mode out of a fairly compact cab. Comes with trailer that folds out into a repair bay/battle-deck and both ion blaster and energy axe. Wheeljack Autobot engineer, mad scientist and daredevil driver. The second model I built, taking some liberties with the alt-mode to accommodate the robot. Quickstep A skilled Autobot interceptor, based on the Datsun Transformers from 1984, which is to say the Diaclone car robos previously released in Japan. This uses a colour scheme from that pre-TF range. Dazzle Autobot stage magician and diversionary tactician. Another Datsun version, this one based on a Mexican variant of Prowl. Echo Ninja-esque Autobot warrior, who turns from a very lanky robot into a very compact car. Still not entirely sure how I pulled that off! Swelter I decided on an animal-like form for this next one, a hot-headed lizard-like Autobot car in intentionally eye-searing colours. Fathom Another non-humanoid, this Autobot salvager was an experiment in unexpected alt-modes. Hope to come back and streamline this someday. Airshow Probably the Autobot model I'm most proud of, this daring aerial ace was pretty much built to see if I could get a decent robot out of a prop plane. Hardpan My experiments in unusual alt-modes continued with this guy, a put-upon geologist who turns into that most ubiquitous of vehicles, a tractor. Moving on to the Decepticons, I eskewed Megatron in favour of . . . Soundwave Decepticon communictor and all-round powerhouse. No longer a cassette player, now an armoured military comms truck. Meltdown I envisioned this 'con as an evil scientist who'd blown up his original form and rebuilt himself around his detached head. Switchback Very proud of this one - a relentless Decepticon resource scout in the form of a Germanesque steam locomotive. Boomtown A cultured gunsmith and all-round cad disguised as a stretch limo. Jacknife Brutish lorry and bully, based on a prototype of the toy that became Optimus Prime. Miasma High-flying poison expert and the latest in my long string of attempts to get a decent jet transformer to work. Flashpoint Another Seeker, this one an explosively-tempered bombardier.
  2. The Librarian

    Witch's Windship remake

    Thanks for commenting everyone! Cheers - I don't tend to do brick-built creatures very often myself, since I generally focus on mechanical stuff. But I've had the idea for the head design in mind for a while and it all came together quite well. Absolutely no idea, I'm afraid. I don't design ahead of time and I don't keep track of parts, of have any real clue how to tell without dismantling everything! You're not wrong - part of it is a stability thing, but it is mainly just because I couldn't think how to make it look good another way. I think given the way the build works, the piece you highlight would be about the only option.
  3. The Librarian

    Witch's Windship remake

    I'm not generally much of a castle builder, but there's one set that lodged in my imagination for years despite - or more likely because - never owning it myself. 6037-1, Witch's Windship from the Fright Knights line, always looked so cool in the catalogues. I mean, come on - dragon-powered airship? What's not to love? But while I did end up with some FK stuff, that one proved ever-elusive. Fast-forward a couple of decades and I decided to indulge younger me's yearning and build my own version, super-sizing it into the bargain. And here we are: There's a fairly cramped interior, centred on the cauldron piece (what else?) . . . . . . and of course the dragon can stand on its own! A few more pics here. Enjoy!
  4. The Librarian

    A bijou Batcave

    Following on from my batmobile style experiment, I fell into building a batcave to go with one of them. I decided to try and give the impression of it being hidden in the foundations for Wayne Manor, rather than occupying a entirely separate strata of gothic cavern that sits inexplicably on the Gotham coast. Don't get me wrong, I love giant, elaborate superhero lairs as much as the next person, but for this model I stuck to the essentials: computer, car, equipment. I did intend to build a more elaborate system of passageways behind the facade, even toying with the idea of incorporating a piece of the manor itself. But I kind of ran out of steam with the idea, so this is all there is. Hopefully it is diverting enough as it stands.
  5. The Librarian

    Batmobile style experiment

    I put these together over the past few weeks, mostly to alleviate the boredom of staying indoors all the time! Trying to evoke different styles of Batmobile rather than recreate existing designs. A 'classic' car, trying to evoke the original designs, with a dash of the 1989 take. The 'car of the future' style that ran through the 66 show into the Super Powers cartoon. Mostly an exercise in getting the canopies to work! The militaristic version, patterned after the Tumbler and the dune-buggy from Dawn of Justice. Not especially pleased with how it came out, but hey, steering. A stylised look, more taking after some of the comic interpretations than the film versions. I started with this and the idea of the horns for wheel arches. Enjoy!
  6. The Librarian

    The Raging Comet

    Thanks everyone! Ack - keep for getting to acknowledge the GotG influence: the Milano is definitely an influence here! Basically, the ramp is in three pieces, the two lower ones which fold back to back into a single block and then go at right angles to the top piece, which then slides back into the body. Something like: __ __ __ /\__ ||__ -> It's got a tendency to get caught on the deck plates when I slide it back, but mostly it's worked quite well.
  7. The Librarian

    MOC - The Lair of the Green Goblin

    Fantastic! I really love how you've incorporated so many facets of ol' Norm's story! The sewing machine is delightful! As is the truly hideous number of pumpkins . . .
  8. The Librarian

    X-Men: Blackbird and Sentinel

    I've had this sitting around for a while and it was high time I photographed it. Sorry for the somewhat ropy background - it's the only spare sheet I own and a global pandemic is not a good time to go iron shopping. This is basically a large-scale remake of set 76022-1 - and I do mean large, the jet ended up over two foot long. It worked out fairly nicely though. The underside is pretty ugly, since I had to leave it bare studs. Everything else is surprisingly sold though. It seats six minifigs comfortably. My last version had properly wheeled landing gear but this time around, I opted for the stability of landing pads (the X-Men's Blackbird has always been improbably VTOL capable anyway). The Sentinel is nothing special, but I was quite happy with how the head turned out. The X-Men involved all use the Racer-X torso - I went on a bit of a collection binge a year or so back! There are more pictures on my flickr, if you're interested. :)
  9. The Librarian

    The Raging Comet

    This is a ship I've been playing with for the past year or so, trying to get it right. The idea was to build something influences by the Resistance bombers - the T shape is something I've wanted to implement in a big ship for a while now. Eventually, I settled on this - a small transport/freighter. I used the UCS Falcon's airlocks and dish for scale and built out from there. I'd have liked to do a bit more with the interior but ultimately, the structure didn't allow me to open up as much as I wanted. Still, the overall shape was really pleasing to get right. And now after a few months of it sitting around the house, I've finally taken some photographs! I've been imagining it as a Resistance-era pirate radio station, but really it's more an exercise in Star Wars style and shape-engineering. A few more photos and an annotated floor-plan can be found in this gallery. :)
  10. The Librarian

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    Thanks everyone! I don't know the piece count off the top of my head, unfortunately - my MLCad version, based on a slightly older design, stands at around 700, so I imagine this version is a little over that. I did a series of video instructions for an older version of the design - I need to update them to account for the new wing design, but they should give you an idea of how it goes.
  11. The Librarian

    A selection of starfighters, A-Z

    Hi - just a few builds I've put together over the last year. Not quite a full alphabet, but quite satisfying to have them photographed at last. Racing A-wing Corsair A-wing First Order TIE Razor (built before the Whisper was revealed; inspired by reverse engineering this) Resistance Vulture Droids T-70 X-wings Y-wing gunship thingy Z-95 Headhunter
  12. The Librarian

    A sinister day at Oscorp

    Thanks guys - though the bonus points would have been for working 'Spider-man Loves Mary-Jane' into your posts! Thanks! That scene is the Steel Spider chasing the Molten Man chasing Hammerhead chasing the Looter. I'm going to post something below to let you see the figs better. I'll see what I can do - I think LDraw has all the parts . . . :) Give its prominence in recent years, it seemed a shame not to include it! Here are some minifg-only pics to show off the different designs: Madam Webb, Steel-spider, Spider-woman, Spidey, Gears, Miles, Cloak and Dagger, Spider-man 2099 Black Cat, Man-Wolf, Prowler, Molten Man, Rocket Racer, Beetle, Chameleon, Hammerhead JJJ, Spider-Slayer, Spencer Smyth, The Living Brain, Tinkerer, Jackal, Morbius, The Looter, The Shocker Vulture, Electro, Rhino, Doc Ock, Scoprion, Mysterio Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Jack O'Lantern, Roderick Kingsley, Hobgoblin, Goblin 2099 (didn't make it into the build) I used Hobgoblin in an earlier piece that I think I posted here already, but just in case:
  13. The Librarian

    A sinister day at Oscorp

    Long time, no post . . . chiefly because I've not been able to photograph anything for at least a year. Luckily, I got some lights for Christmas so . . . here we go again. I wanted to build a Spider-man diorama in the vein of my previous Doctor Who piece, encompassing various bits and pieces of the character's history. The obvious choice is the Daily Bugle, but I don't have quite the resources to do that justice, so instead I ran with some lettering inspiration and built a down-town branch of everyone's favourite shady industrial conglomerate, Oscorp. The results are as follows. I tried to cram in as many references as I could - outside of a few specific arcs, my Spidey love is largely focused on the adaptations, but I tend to soak up trivia like a sponge, so I hope I did things justice. Front: Side: Back: There's lots more bits and pieces in the full gallery. I'll also try and get some pictures of the various minifgs taken to show off the designs a bit more. Hope you enjoy!
  14. The Librarian

    Build Technique Opinions

    Thanks! I was actually pretty surprised about how well it works. The ball joint, once you have it on, fits snuggly within the horizontal axle hole and pushes the eyepiece back juuust to the edge of its naturally wobble within the sockets. It's not really under stress that I've noticed, though it does take a little stress to snap it in (if you use the newer open-ended ball joint and push the axle up through that, that won't even be an issue). Holds in place solidly, though there's no room to rotate side-to-side around that joint, so it becomes just an x/y axis rotator, with the z-axis covered by the hero-factory arm.
  15. The Librarian

    Build Technique Opinions

    I've actually found that I prefer using the original Mata heads with a technic ball joint and a hero-factory short arm: Gali by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr It gives a pretty decent range of motion and it can hold on the older masks, which are the ones I prefer. Plus, I find the long light skull on the Metru version gets in the way a lot.