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  1. eliot the brick

    Faction: The Triumvirate

    Thank you, it is with honor and pleasure that I will serve the Triumvirate. For the Empire !!!
  2. eliot the brick

    Faction: The Triumvirate

    Son of an imperial pilot, Captain Jacen Opins devotes, like his father, a real cult to the empire, but unlike his father he is a fine strategist, a leader and a fierce fighter and suddenly he is very quickly noticed. of his superiors and is appreciated by his troops. In 4 BY, during the Battle of Endor, he fought in his star destroyer until the end, refusing to retreat. He is respected within the imperial navy, he is also respected in the army. Being versatile and suitable for any type of mission, Moff Barthol called on his services very early on. Captain Opins being faithful to the emperor's heritage and a fervent supporter of the restoration of the empire he could not refuse. The security and stability of the imperial remains being for him the key to a safe and secure society; he recognizes and supports the triumvirs and considers them as the descendants of the emperor because for him it is his family.