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  1. kodlovag

    [MOC] Spring melodies

    Very colorful, I really like it
  2. I just checked the price of this set at webshops, and it's available at 80 EUR. It is interesting, that this price range literally empty. There is the Kawasaki and the new Eart-Moon model in this price range, but both are much smaller in piece count. Sometimes the FordGT is available at 80 EUR, but during January it was 120. Sets with comparable piece count are 50% to 100% more expensive. All licenced cars. This set looks actually cheap. I have never in my life said that any Lego set is cheap. I always feel they are just a bit (or much) too expensive. How is this possible? Is the licence so expensive? Are the tires so expensive :) ?
  3. OK, I found out that these are the Denmark codes, which differs from both US and EU codes. One more number to learn, and I can use my good old scanner, and don't need the app
  4. Yesterday I went to the local Lego store, which recently switched store operator company, and finally the PaB bricks, BaM minifigs and the Series 25 minifigs all arrived. There were about 100 Series 25 boxes, and I felt lucky to finally collect a goatherd. There must be at least one in such a pile, right? Well, no. No goatherd, no vampire knight and only one single barbarian, which I already have. Maybe the triceratops guy was somewhat underrepresented in the pile, but the rest 8 minifigs seem to care noone. Other interesting thing I faced, that the QR codes have changed, and does not match the list presented on Jay's blog, and also here few pages earlier. The codes look like ****901 350S3 ******* ****** ****903 250S3 ******* ****** and so on. It seems codes changed at week 50. Others used Brick Search app to identify minifigs, which could recognize these new codes too. So I tried it too. It works, however I don't like it, because it was slow. It does not display the numbers, but downloads an image, which requires internet connectiion, and I has a limited one on my phone. However others weren't faster than me, so maybe the app or the serves was slow. So the question is: do someone know where to find the new codes? Because using the simple scanner on my mobile, and identifying the numbers myself was faster, than the app. (And does not consumes my limited net)
  5. kodlovag

    Cross Creek Market

    I have built this market about a year ago, but I was too lazy to take photos. This is a marketplace between two villages, at the border creek. Villagers are free to cross the creek through the hundred years old living root bridge, and can look for the best goods all around. Fried fish, not yet fried chicken, flowers, wine, cloths. Really everything one may need.
  6. This F1 car definitely looks better, than the original rally car
  7. Connecting calendar pieces! Very nice! It was very hard for me to identify that skeleton leg, I was not sure ,if it is a lego piece...
  8. Hmmm, I'm tuning for this with the previous season. Can't wait
  9. Can you remember this survey? We asked for a lot of things... got almost nothing significantly new. Like micromotors, sensors, GBC, animals... ... Hm... I reread the first page of answers, and there are ideas we are getting just now: NASA, NASCAR, John Deere. I'm not sure, if they were selected from this survey, or just random matches.
  10. Would it be possible to add the 983 minifigure hand, as a standalone part? I mean I dont want to separate the torso assemblies (like the shock absorber), or remove the hand from the arm. Just to use the hand as part of a MOC.
  11. kodlovag

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    I ordered bestseller at Sunday, and received it today (Friday). 5 days only, absolute record for me. Standard parts are much slower tough, last time it was 1 full month.
  12. kodlovag

    The Winter Village Winter Festival Contest- Cat C Voting

    01 = 2 points 02 = 1 point