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  1. kodlovag

    [MOC] The Floating City

    Wow, this is very cool. Really vibrant
  2. It would be so easy to solve this female knight "issue". Lego should produce 2-3 heads with one side male and other side female print. So it would be your choice to make a full male or full female or a mixed army. Not need to buy extra heads, just turn them to the other side
  3. Anyway, I'm thinking on this set since yesterday. And I feel this is just a big parts pack. The best castle ever, that is true, but much better would be possible. After 3 years, when the castle retires, the minifigs will cover the price of the set. Because I'm pretty much sure, they will not be available through the new B&P. The black falcons also disappeared. Still, I like the sophisticated angles and the play features of the set. But not sure to buy it or not on this price. If I buy, I will customize the castle to be more colorful.
  4. I just noticed the same And there are 5x dark green small pine trees!
  5. There were 3 different shields in the dining room. Are those printed or stickered?
  6. kodlovag

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #14 - House with Shop

    My MOCs consume too much space, so I would like to sell them. See the dedicated topic here
  7. kodlovag

    Modular MOCs for sale

    My MOCs consume too much space, so I would like to sell them. I would like to sell them in two packs, and not to split the packs. Furthermore, because the packs are large, I prefer to personally meet the buyer, and not to ship them (I have no idea how to ship, it would require a pallet). Location is Budapest, Hungary. You can find more high resolution images https://flickr.com/photos/138715943@N07/albums on my Flickr page, and also in this topic https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/187471-moc-weekly-modulars-14-house-with-shop/ Pack 1Approx 16500 pieces and 36 minifigs. Price: EUR 1400The train has Power Functions electronics. The pack also contains a standard round track with 16 curved and 4 straight rails, which is not on the images.There are some vehicles too, see images. Pack 2Approx 17000 pieces and 29 minifigs. Price: EUR 1400 All the nuildings have waterfront. They fit seamlessly to each other and also to the normal modular series. The train engine has no electronics. The factory has a short extra rail section with a road crossing, which is not on the images. The Market Street is bricklinked, and few bricks are replaced.
  8. Do you think 10305 will be compatible to the 3 in 1 Creator castle in look and/or attechment points?
  9. kodlovag

    [MOC][IDEAS 5k] Zoo

    Thank you for suggesting to submit the zoo on Lego Ideas. It just recently reached 5000 supporters, and hopefully will not stop until 10k! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7d8cf441-1cf2-4517-ba35-07fec8b137b2
  10. kodlovag

    [MOC] Rat Rod SB35

    This is very cool! But I think this would have a better place at the Technic, Model Team part of the forum.
  11. kodlovag

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #14 - House with Shop

    Thank you, and welcome at Eurobricks!
  12. Thank you for all the comments Well, I have to say I really hate making videos. I don't have the right tools, nor the video editing skills. Up to now I made few videos only, each for TC competitions, because it was compulsory. But I consider making one. Until that happens, here is this extra image about the internals. I already heard about this competition, it is a good idea to submit the sweeper. I have to check the rules again.
  13. Hmm... I expected something more. I'm not really happy with the Tumbler's tires, they only work with that big covering disc. I expected the Defender's tires. Still seams to be a good part pack, especially with all the new frames and panels. But I will wait for a big discount.
  14. I just wanted to create something, which has never been done in Technic. Features All the brushes are spinning Brushes are operated by either the PF motor or the rear wheels. There is a gearbox inside, and the trans green lever on the side selects the driving method, or turns off the brushes Side brushes can be turned out, and locked by a two state spring system Front brush can be tilted, also can be removed Rear differential and 2 cylinders engine HoG steering Tilting driver's cab Opening doors, auto closing by rubber bands The blue brushes has a pin hole, and a rubber string was pulled through them together with an axle, that's provide the friction to spin. See more high res images on my Flickr page.