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  1. kodlovag

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Cool car, I like it. Lot of functions, and the only thing I would change is the wheel arches to use flex axles. It seems several 1:12 scaled moc revealed recently, and I'm also working on one.
  2. kodlovag

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    The link does not work
  3. I prefer smaller sets, ~200pcs. They are in my display, and never disassembled. I have only two 300+ sets, for parts. And bulk Technic parts. Then I bricklink the missing parts for a new build. Big sets contain a lot of common parts, does not worth to pay for hundreds of unnecessary pins and axles.
  4. kodlovag

    [MOC] Disco 2000 Vinyl Store

    My favorite is the yellow-white part on the left, but the wave-like corner glass wall is also original. I'm just trying to imagine this building in my city, but I would have to change almost all the colors to fit. Your buildings are so colorful, and I immediately identified your style, before actually checking who was the builder. Nice work.
  5. kodlovag

    [MOC] Modular: Metropolitan Courthouse

    I like it, looks fine. The faces completely fit to the characters. However I think the building is a bit small compared to other modulars, and should be scaled up.
  6. kodlovag

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    For me the extra prize was animals. Leopard, black panther, tiger, pink pig and a seagull.
  7. kodlovag

    [MOC] The Hungarian Parliament in 1:650 Scale

    That will be a huge scene. But so far the Parliament looks fantastic.
  8. kodlovag

    [MOC] Road Repair Truck with custom electronics

    Thank you for commenting. I had that set, when I was a child, and really liked it. Yes, the truck was inspired by the 60035, and also by the 60083 Snow Plow, but not much left from it in the final version.
  9. This truck was inspired by @AllanSmith's traffic control trailer. I really wanted this flashing arrow for the roadworks in my city, so I decided to recreate it. However I preferred to have it on a truck instead on a trailer. And this is the result. The solution is based on the good old 9V battery box. The truck is built around it. The lights are powered by a 9V - PF converter cable cut to half and soldered to the custom PCB. The cable can be attached at any orientation to the battery box, which means both polarities are accepted by the electronics. Changing the polarity is changing the arrow direction. The blinking frequency is about 1.5 sec. See more in the Flickr album. Some more pictures And a short video
  10. kodlovag

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    I just received my prize E. It seems, that the package traveled to Australia, arrived in bad condition, has been rewrapped by Australia Post at Sydney, and posted back to Hungary. My figures traveled around the world! I'm so jealous! They are in good condition. I hope they all arrived, and non of them decided to stay in Australia. I especially love the extra figures for day 24 winning. It would by a pity to lost any of them. Well, we are a little bit after XMas, but just before my birthday. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks CopMike
  11. kodlovag

    Modular Convenience Store [My First MOC]

    Really missing an extra middle level, but otherwise I like it pretty much.
  12. 10: 10 3: 6 24: 4 16: 3 9: 2 12: 1
  13. kodlovag

    [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    This is exactly that type of yacht, which I would like to add to my marina
  14. kodlovag

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I still dislike the car. But these official images about the building shows some interesting details. With its half corner / end-of-the-row design could fit fine at the edge of my town. For me, this is definitely not a downtown building. I like it better now. If I buy it, I will definitely not build the car.